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Hypersensitivity and Generalized Pain – Deanne H

(Music) Hi, my name is Deanne, and I became a patient of Dr. Jaudy’s
less than a month ago. Up to this point, I’ve been chronically ill for twenty
some years. I’ve seen at least 25 doctors, maybe more. Nobody could tell me what’s wrong
with me, other than I had some vague, autoimmune thing, without
a name, maybe, which never satisfied me at all, and
I’ve been looking for answers. I’d look on the Internet, and I’ve never
been able to find anybody that understands my
problem until I came to Dr. Jaudy here. Let’s see, it started… I had a lot
of urinary frequency. Then after that, I got like chronic
fatigue, exhausted. After that, all of a sudden,
the most frightening thing happened, that because it
was just totally unexplainable, is, I feel like I needed to have
a chiropractic adjustment,
my neck, my wrist, my elbow. An area, just maybe I’m putting something over my head,
and my elbow would hurt. I’d go
to the chiropractor, and he’d say, your elbow is out. He put my elbow back in. I would, the next day at
work, I would put something on the shelf again.
Feel pain in my elbow. I’d go back. Oh, the elbows out again. So, that was one of the most frightening
things. Nobody could explain why this was happening to me,
and it got worse and worse. It still, until I saw Dr. Jaudy, it was getting worse, for the
last, say sixteen years. I have trouble with subluxations, as
the chiropractor calls it, and maybe I have a rib go out
of place, and I would barely do anything, and the
rib would go out of place again. Just nothing would hold, and my visits to the chiropractor over the
last, say fourteen, fifteen years, been so frustrating because I keep
going to chiropractors about, you know, two to three
times a week for all these years, and it’s been very, very taxing, and I knew that it wasn’t
solving the problem, but it relieved the pain, temporarily, you know, so that was all I knew to do. I would get
on the computer, and nothing would come up there,
what to do about this problem, where you have to keep going to the
chiropractor, back and forth, and things just don’t hold. Even sounds would distort my TMJ joint, the jaw. When my wrist would go out,
it felt like the wrist… somebody broke my wrist, and put
it back together all wrong. It was such an odd, odd feeling of distortion, you know, just this… And come to find out, when I get to
Dr. Jaudy, here, it’s actually a brain problem, and I was just so relieved to find… that
somebody finally knew what it was, and also, two years ago, I
started suffering with digestive problems. A lot of irritable bowel symptoms, things that I could eat before: beans, and apples with peels, and nuts, just sit me, double
over in pain, and I had a colonoscopy. That was clear. Everything was fine. It took me forever
to recover from the colonoscopy. It took 11 months to get back to normal
after the colonoscopy, so anyway, it’s been a frustrating
road, but I’m definitely on the road to recovery now.
My… after three treatment with Dr. Jaudy, I noticed, that sounds didn’t sound
as loud as they used to anymore, which was a real
blessing. The sounds is been a big issue for lots of years, and then, I also noticed that after three
treatments, that I could eat nuts without pain, I
could eat apples with peels and potatoes with peels, and
nothing caused pain after his treatments, and that
was just three treatments, all
in one week there, so this was in three days. What a
blessing that was, because I really missed, missed
eating those foods, and so now, you know, things are just
progressing really nicely. I’m still being treated. It was after about, I think it was treatment eight. I noticed all the gas I had
been having had improved greatly, and I’m just more stable now. I don’t have that fear, whereas, most
people know, chiropractors don’t work weekends, and I would basically lock myself
in the house Friday night, and be afraid to go out into the world for any external stimuli, any
sounds going off, or, you know, if I hit a bump in
the road, or you know, you step in a little hole, and
then I would be in all this pain like I had a pinched nerve, and I’d have to wait till, like, Monday
morning, and then, over the weekend,
you know, I would be sleepless, and just agitated. Yeah, and
it’s really great because I’ve only been here for 15 treatments, and you know, I’d like to say, at least,
you know, I’m really 75 percent better, more stable, eating better. It’s just… it’s just wonderful, and you…
it’s only been a mere, maybe three weeks or so, and, you know, I feel better
than I have in many, many years, so, it’s just… I can’t
tell you how wonderful that is. One of the greatest things is the
freedom I have now. I don’t have to fear going places, that I’m going to get injured some how, and have
to just keep going to chiropractors,
and getting re-injured, re-injured. What’s really great is that I’ve had
just 15 treatments, and, you know, over the course of, maybe,
like, three weeks. It’s is very quick, and, you know, my life is changing for
the better now, and now I can go to the supermarket. Pick out
whatever… I don’t have to be afraid of things any more. I can eat apples, and raw carrots, and a lot of raw
things that, you know, just… I can eat anything
I want, anything, you know, whatever appeals to me
at that given moment, so it’s a lot more fun to shop, and, so now I have freedom at the
supermarket and have freedom to leave my house. I can… if I want to go to a
movie… I don’t have to worry that there’s going to be some sound going off. If a gunshot goes
off or something, you know, that’s not going to just leave me, just in in agony, so, it’s like I say, I’m getting my life back. With Dr. Jaudy
here, you know, everything he does is different. The adjustments
are different. It’s not anything like traditional
chiropractic work. He does the functional neurology. These
are brain-based treatments things going on, with how the brain
connects to the rest of the body. It’s just a
different feel, and I’ve… none of the doctors I’ve
ever seen have touched on this at all,
and I’m just so grateful to finally have the answers. I always said that I didn’t need a
doctor. I needed a detective because every time I go to the
doctor, I wanted go over all my symptoms and
have them sit down and figure
out with me what was wrong, and nobody wanted to or could do that. I don’t know, but Dr. Jaudy, he
takes a full history. He wants to know everything about you. What’s gone on in your entire
life, and then he puts all the puzzle pieces
together, and he solves it. So, this is a doctor
that wants all that information that you
want to tell, that, you know, the more information
he gets, the more help he can be. For people out there that have been
suffering without answers, you need to come and get a consult, because I think there are answers
out there. It’s been a frustrating road for me, and
many people I have come across, just people, you know, that I… they meet all the time, neighbors,
people at my church, just… lot of different people there,
just suffering from a lot of chronic things. There’s just so many terrible
things out there. If you just take the best care of
yourself you can, and you get lots of rest, and you
have a good diet, and you take really care of yourself,
but you’re still sick, there’s answers out there. This
functional neurology, you know, is very new, very cutting-edge, and there’s
a lot of solutions based on this field. (Music)

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