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Husband Mistreats Pregnant Wife [Experiment]

(upbeat instrumental music) – Hey everybody, Jack Vale here and I’m with my wife, Sherry. I got her pregnant just for this prank. We thought it’d be funny
to go out in public and find out who would be
willing to give her a hand with something difficult or give me a hand with something difficult. I got my truck, it’s right there
on the corner, black truck. Honey, this end. (playful music) – She’s lifting, not you? – I’m sorry?
– She’s lifting and not you? – Oh, I have a, kind of a back
thing in my lower back here. – [Sherry] Yeah, but I have a baby in me. – She don’t, she don’t need to lift it. – Thanks man, oh, wow. Hey man, hey thanks, that’s nice of you. – It’s better than her lifting it. – Where are you going with that? – Oh, just my truck. – No!
Not even close. – Honey, you can grab this end here. – You grab that end! – He already grabbed, has
that end now you can get– – But you’re, I’m pregnant!
– I’m gonna say no, she ain’t picking nothin’ up. – What’s that?
– Not in my world, she ain’t picking nothin’ up. (playful music) – Just grab the other end.
– No. – Stop complaining about it. Come on, please? Come on.
(playful music) Oh, sheesh. (upbeat instrumental music) Here, what you’ll want
to do is put your hands around it like this. – You’re packing your end,
or you’ll do it by yourself. (sighs)
She ain’t doing it. – Well, it’s good for her legs. – No, it’s not. – Right down to that truck right there. – She’s got it.
– No, I got it. – He’s got it, he’s got it.
– Oh, okay. – You can grab this end. (grunts)
(sighs) – Well, I was helping her not you. – What’s that?
– I was helping her, she’s the pregnant one. – [Sherry] I know, that’s
what I keep telling him. – To be honest with you, I don’t even, I don’t think it’s mine. I don’t think it really
makes a difference. – You, step back slowly.
– Okay. (laughing) – What’s happening? – We’ll take care of that. Where do you need it to go?
– Oh, nice of ya’, thank you. – You gotta slow down though. – What are you doing? Put it down. – I don’t have to do it?
– No! Put it down, he’s got it. (banging) – He said you’d do it.
– Oh, no, I didn’t have it. – She’s pregnant. She shouldn’t be lifting this. – Here, honey, grab this for me. Hang on one second, yeah I just– – Look what he made her do! – Oh, my gosh.
– What’s a matter? You gotta be kidding me.
– Got it? He thinks I’m fat and needs the exercise. (playful music) – [Woman In Black Shirt]
Well, you need to dump him. – [Woman In Blue Shirt]
Why is he making you do it? – He thinks I’m fat. – What?
– You’re pregnant, aren’t you? – Yeah.
– Why is he doing that? – He just thinks I’m fat and he likes me to be really skinny. – This is not good.
– I know. – Honey, there’s a bag of
rocks I need help with. Come on.
– What? – [Jack] Rocks, like decorative rocks for the yard. Thanks man, you’re a nice guy.
– Okay. – Appreciate that very much.
– You’re not, but I’ll help you.
(laughing) – What was that?
– You’re not. – Why, what do you mean?
– You get a pregnant woman to carry the rocks?
– Oh, it’s a good thing this is all a TV show. (cymbals clang)
(laughing) There’s video cameras
everywhere right now. (playful music)
(loud laughing) – I thought you were just a jerk! And, then I was like, this guy.
(laughing) – I’m like, who is your man? You need to get rid of him. – I know, that was funny! (playful music)

100 thoughts on “Husband Mistreats Pregnant Wife [Experiment]

  1. Could you imagine finding out the only reason you were born was just for a fucking prank video that lasted 3:13 minutes.

  2. Omg soon as I clicked on this video I lost it 0:03 I was like if they don’t keep the baby I am going to freak cause it’s oh I just got. Her pregnant for a prank so after the baby is born we will give it up for adoption I will find you if you don’t keep that baby I will fly all the way to where you live and find you house adopt your baby and give straight to you

    Sorry lost my temper😐😐😑😶😶

  3. I SO LOVE these OTHER men. ☺👍 Even though it's not real, the guy's a douchebag. No offense, guy! 😋 I didn't think the video was funny. 😒

  4. Watch out with this kind of pranks you can loose your wife by her falling inlove with the real gentlemen standing by her 😂😂😂

  5. Even though this is a prank, a hell deep down in my soul was urging to come out and beat you.

    IDK, I just can't stand for people treating women like that, even though it was a planned prank. Stuff like that happens all of the time, and I just can't stand it!

  6. One lady says you need to dump him and all the comments are about how great she is and ignoring the good deeds of the men one of which decides to carry it himself… This is why men are killing themselves it's all I'm saying

  7. @ 2:26 The lady in the far right of the frame…. she's flabbergasted! I can vividly imagine what's going through her mind at the time.

  8. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😁🤭

  9. Husband's shouldn't be mistreating their pregnant wife whatsoever let the men carry the merchandise like wood to the vehicle btw congrats on your expectant parents Jack and his wife hope its a baby boy or girl what's your first name Mrs.Vale? Text god bless all three of you.

  10. What a bunch of limp wristed feminist pu,ss,ies. Also ignorant because many women work and lift things all day long and still have healthy babies. It's usually not until the last trimester that they need to quit their job or go on leave. Feminism is a disease in this country.

  11. This makes me sad as I am due in two weeks and my husband treats me like this man in the prank. Says if I want something done Its my problem; I shouldfix it myself. So making space foe new baby moving old furniture and my first borns bed upstairs; I had to do it myself. My whole back was on fire afterwards. Im about to leave him now as I cannot take it anymore.

  12. Am pregnant for 8 months and I do everything by my self the man don't want to help even lifting like this 😭😭😭😭 hmm my story, am 24 years my first time and am far away from my mum

  13. I no this is a video but I would
    Never do that if I was a boy it I just rude
    But I no you would no do that because you are kind and sweet

  14. Hahaha…HAHAHhahah…uuuhahahahahahH…HAHAHhahah..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhh..haha..HAHAHhahah

  15. Scrolling through YouTube on the recommended and it says a YouTube video about 4 years ago at the not even together anymore they're divorced divorced

  16. Well now that shes pregnant you have to pay for clothes and food for the baby and a crib and furniture and toys and change it and change its diapers. You made the wrong choice. Having a baby has LOTS of responsibilities.

  17. use a pillow to pretend to be pregnant from Meme Sprei for your social experiment. https://youtu.be/-WNslYvz8kA
    That pillow make yours real pregnant prank

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