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How to Wash Colored Laundry : What to Do if Laundry Colors Bleed

Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world
of washing clothes. Today we’ve been talking about washing your colored clothes. And so
far, we’ve talked about washing them in the washing machine, but I want to give you a
couple of alternatives to keep those colors bright to actually washing them in a machine.
Well, I have found a solution. There’s many different brands, but they’re called dry cleaning
sheets, and there’s actually a whole kit that you can get. There’s a couple of different
brands, so just go to the store and pick them out, and what you can do is you can dry clean
at home. It’s really cool, and it keeps those colors looking really bright and vibrant.
And instead of paying a lot of money to take your clothes to the dry cleaner, you can buy
these and actually save so much money doing it at home. You can take those colors that
you want to keep really bright, put them in there, and it’s just like you took them to
the dry cleaner, I swear it works really great. Another option is, of course, doing things
by hand. I do a lot of my clothes by hand. My delicates, the fabrics like silks–things
that I just don’t want the washing machine getting its teeth into. And what I do, is
I usually take my detergent that I have, or maybe a softer detergent, and I put some water
halfway with it, so it’s halfway detergent and halfway water. That makes it a little
bit easier on your delicates, and I just wash them right there in the sink, and I swear
that it’s helped preserve that color on my clothes. It’s always good to have a couple
of alternatives to washing in the washing machine. If you’re away, if you’re in a hotel
room, just remember you can always do it yourself, in a sink. So there you have a couple ways
to keep those colors bright.

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