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How to Stop Bleeding

How to Stop Bleeding. The human body contains
nine units of blood—but in matters of a traumatic cut or injury, it’s always better
to be safe than sorry. If you’re unsure whether you’re in an emergency situation, get to an
emergency room and let them decide. You will need Disposable gloves Sterile gauze pads
or cloth Bandages Adhesive tape Bandage clips or safety pins Soap and water. Call 911 immediately
if a victim:Has an obviously serious woundHas trouble breathing Continues to bleed after
15 minutes of applying direct pressureDisplays symptoms like lightheadedness, confusion,
rapid breathing, weakness, nausea, or a change in their consciousness Step 1. If they are
available, put on a pair of disposable gloves. Step 2. Help the victim lie down, and elevate
the body part that is bleeding. If it is possible to raise the part above the heart, this will
help slow the bleeding. Step 3. Remove or clean anything that’s in or near the wound
that you can remove or clean easily, including clothing or jewelry. Step 4. Cover the wound
with sterile gauze pads or cloth, and press firmly against the wound. Keep the pressure
steady and consistent. If a foreign object is causing the bleeding, such as a knife or
a piece of wood, do not remove it. It may be keeping the bleeding under control. Try
to keep the object and injured area still, placing the dressing around the object and
pressing lightly against wound. Step 5. Wrap a clean bandage around the wound and secure
it with adhesive tape, bandage clips, or safety pins. If blood soaks through the bandage,
apply another bandage over the first one. Step 6. Continue applying pressure, either
with your hand on the dressing or with the bandage, for at least 15 minutes. Do not check
to see if the bleeding has stopped before the time is up. Step 7. If the flow of blood
has not slowed or stopped after 15 minutes of steady pressure, call 911. Step 8. If the
bleeding does not stop, squeeze the artery that supplies blood to that limb or area against
the bone with the heel of your hand. Maintain direct pressure on the wound and direct pressure
on the pressure point until help arrives. To find the artery on an arm, press midway
between the shoulder and the elbow on the inside of the arm. To find the artery on a
leg, press against the crease where the inside of the thigh meets the groin. Step 9. Carefully
remove your gloves, being sure not to come into contact with the blood. Step 10. Wash
your hands thoroughly with soap and water once you’re done tending to the bleeding.
Did you know The arteries that supply your arms with blood are called the brachial arteries;
those in your legs are the femoral arteries.

100 thoughts on “How to Stop Bleeding

  1. Dont remove that knife or piece of wood, but continue to treat the wound. OKAY! Im not sure if these How To vids are trolls or not.

  2. How to stop bleeding.

    Medical attention.

    If you got the time to look up a video on youtube but are worried about the 30 second AD. Here's a hint. If you can't stop it yourself and resort to Youtube, you should not be looking this video up.
    There is most likely a hospital nearby, look up directions to that, when your conditions are stable… look up directions to the nearest mental institute, then check yourself in.
    Thank you.

  3. have cayenne and warm water or a cayenne tincture with you everywhere you go or easily accessible at home. It equalizes circulation and will stop a heart attack. Invaluable.

  4. step1 get a knife
    step 2 heat it
    step 3 put the hot knife on the wound
    step 4 screm
    step 5 do it again if its still bleeds

  5. I cut my thumb really deep on my jack knife so I have a clean sock because I couldn't find anything else immediately in my room with ice in it over my head.

  6. I cut my finger, and i've heard that putting tobacco on the wound would stop it from bleeding, i tried and it worked, but i wanted to check to be sure if it's a known tip or that it's a coincidence that my finger stopped bleeding.

  7. I am an EMT and I can tell you absolutely you would NEVER remove it. If you did, that would put you at an infinitely greater risk of death. Especially in the chest. You NEVER EVER remove an impaled object. EVER! The surgeon will do that, and not a second before he is immediately ready to stop any bleeding resulting from the trauma with medical or surgical intervention. You can not do that as you are not a surgeon, and even if you were you couldn't do it on your self. So, no. NEVER.

  8. What about this sounds like bad advice? What about pulling out an impaled object from your chest sounds like GOOD advice? I don't get it. And three people agreed? I hope you people hear me and realize your logic is absolutely flawed. Learning this could save your life. But I hope none of you are ever ever put in that position.

  9. I just took a razor blade to my upper thigh cuz I'm a cutter. But this feels serious. I just touched the blade on the skin and it's not bleeding ( it might in a second) and it swelled around. The cut. Help

  10. What about a stab wound, but the knife was already pulled out by the guy trying to kill me? Do I pack it with gauze?

  11. "call 911"
    shit man my friend is bleeding out and it didnt say i needed a phone in the "what you need" list.
    shame on you howcast

  12. I need help I lost a tooth and I've waited 5 hours and its still bleeding I'm worried if the blood will chocke me in my sleep reply NOW

  13. lol wut 15 minutes bleeding is bad?

    danm i was bleeding like 3 hours on my hand one time…i just used towley

  14. How to stop bleeding. Step one: Get your mommy to put a bandage over it. Step 2: Get your mommy to kiss it. Step 3: Eat a lollipop.

  15. I almost did as well – I don't mind blood and flesh wounds, but the music in the background and the presentation of the video made me feel nauseous…

  16. Exactly, unless you want to die of bleeding out. The paramedics will take the knife out once they're sure they can do it safely, if you do it yourself you can do more harm than the stabber

  17. I know your comment was posted a year ago but they're right. You can actually end up dying from bleeding out if removed incorrectly and the bleeding isnt stopped.

  18. Dirty hands will do, if your friend/mom/dad/sibling/cousin/anyone/comrade in arms is going to bleed till death. Antibiotics will come later. Bleeding in limb > lift the limb up, dress the wound, keep patient calm and warm.

  19. it is not good to put your finger on the arteries it can cause a high pressure than when you relieve it or will kill you (heart attack because of the pressure) or will make you lose your hand forever !

  20. Gets paper cut…. OH CRAPP OOOOHHHHH CRAPPPP THERE IS NO ONE HERE…. LOOKS LIKE I GOTTA CALL 911! 911 How may I help you… OH CRAP I AM BLEEDDINNGGGG HELP MEHHHH (paramedics) comes in WHO THE…. what the damn't I had to leave my tv show for a dang papper cut!

  21. one should always make note of things mentioned in this video to carry in first aid box in a car or bike, just witnessed an accident right in front of me tonight, the helplessness and shock was amazing nobody had a clue what to do. it sucks when you can't help ! thanks a lot for this video. god bless you.

  22. i wounded my leg but i already healed it but it keeps bleeding but now it wont thanks to the video ^_^

  23. I am sure you will find great workouts instructions on Unflexal workouts. That insane how it is good for sane 😀

  24. People need to stop making fun of self-injury. It's a serious problem that people struggle because they feel its the only coping mechanism they have. If people make fun of it, people struggling won't want to get help.

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