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How to Stop Bleeding Quick 2017

WoundSeal. A Product that has been around for over 17 years. It’s a powder that helps the body heal cuts and wounds naturally Minimizing scar tissue by 70%. It’s as simple as pour and press until the bleeding stops The powder reacts with the blood. The more blood, the better! The powder coagulates the blood, disinfects the wound and creates a natural scab to protect the area. After three hours, WoundSeal is water proof. Used by professional athletes around the country. and was originally designed to help people with thin blood. Prices on everything continue to rise. Today, one stitch costs an average of $250, and you can never just have one WoundSeal saves you thousands and it’s a non-recordable injury with osha Many people have alternative methods cayenne or superglue, which are not FDA approved and are toxic or aren’t proven to seal a wound properly to allow the body to heal naturally When your skin is pulled together by stitches It is forced to heal outside in leaving scar tissue behind WoundSeal is proven to heal 70% better than stitches and other methods because it allows the body to heal naturally from the inside out. WoundSeal is also sold with applicators that are used to place the powder in your nose for nose bleeds or sensitive areas such as around your eyes. For a nose bleed just dip the applicator into the WoundSeal grains and place inside the upper part of the nose. This is Shield-Safety. We bring you

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