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How to Stop Bleeding from a Shaving Cut | The Perfect Styptic Balm

Shoot STOP Um, this bathroom’s currently occupied? I’m sorry, but I’m from the future and in the future we use toilet for the one thing it was designed to do. Wipe the [censor] off your [censor]. [strained effort noises] Hey, my toilet paper! You’d have to be bat-[censor] crazy to put dookie paper like that anywhere near a perfect ten like this. Did you just call me bat-[censor] crazy? In the future, we use a thing called Glyder and this [censor] just [censor] works. Introducing Glyder, the smart way of dealing with nicks and cuts. [wiping noises] Wow! This Glyder really works! Obviously. That’s what products from the future do. They just [censor] work. Boy, people from the future sure do swear a lot. [censor] yeah they do. [censor] yeah they do. Oh [censor].

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