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How to replace leaking coolant thermostat housing bleeding screw in 1.6HDi engines

so my car has developed a leak so this
is this is my car Peugeot Partner 1.6 HDI and has
developed a coolant leak managed to trace it so it leaks from the the
thermostat housing here so generally these leak the from the gasket, there is a
gasket behind but this actually leaks from the, it’s not quite I can quite see
it I’ll take it off but it leaks from them here from the bleeding screw cap so
I decided to take a look so I’ll have to take all the pipes and stuff in order to
get access to the thermostat housing so in order to get
access first is lift the cover then is unscrewing the tube for
the turbo then it’s undoing that pipe then from there then that is off then
this has to be taken out for the, one doesn’t need to take out the air filter
but up to the maf sensor and then it will be access to underneath for the for
the housing so one has to be so one has to be really
careful with this plastic because this goes to the positive crankcase valve so
not to be broken this has to be probably with a slightly
underneath with a screwdriver to take to slide this one out otherwise it probably
wouldn’t create seal it won’t be pressure so gasses, so well you can check out how this
works but one has to be rather careful there is one there is one underneath it
there so one has to be rather careful with that one a slight oil from the crankcase but it’s not it’s not too bad
only slightly I normally put a bit of foil on the turbo so dirt or coolant will not
go inside, a bit on this valve as well This is the thermostat housing so this is
the probe thermometer and this is this this bleed this bleed valve so this is really there so it’s leaking
really from here so if I can see so if I can put my finger there is a bit of a
there is a bit of a fluid there so I mean it’s not really, probably there is a
there is an o-ring inside and so the o-ring may have well with age probably
this this does not really screw so you can’t really screw this, it’s not
unscrewed so it just leaks so probably the seal has slightly broken there so I’ll have to unscrew that will probably start leaking a bit of coolant so you
have to have a catch tank to get the the fluid and a bit of some
rags in order to to catch this, I’ll start doing it now and then I’ll probably just put a
new o-ring plug this in and hopefully it’ll make a good seal so that’s the next morning I’m trying to
undo the thing yesterday so I prepared the area with quite a lot of sheets
in order to capture any liquid that escapes only coolant that escape so I’ve
really tried to cover to everything um and I have this makeshift plastic bottle
that’s cut so I can put it like that underneath and capture any liquid,
hopefully there’ll be as little spilt as possible and the next is to undo the the
coolant cap, the engines is cold so nothing will escape so this is a kind of a bleeding or a radiator drain plug or bleeding screw and it is really almost at the top of the engine
so it’s on the same level as the top of the radiator so I suspect
not really much is gonna escape but still capture everything that escapes so
there I’ll try to undo the screw cap but I’m not too sure if I can undo it or
this could potentially snap but there is another possibility to just press it so
this is a metal kind of casing that caps on top so if one presses on that side
and then this could this could slide out so we’ll see which of the two but I can
unscrew the cap and then and undo altogether or I can just press and then and just
pull it out see how this goes it’s a bit oily so I’m having a bit of a
tissue to try to unscrew this and this plug here see oh yeah it’s rotating
actually really fairly easy, let me have the capture thing I hope this is really sufficient
but we’ll see, I have a spare one so I’ll put it on top and then I’ll unscrew this
cap, it’s capturing pretty good, let’s see how much will leak move the camera a bit, that is how is the flow hopefully my makeshift thing will be
enough otherwise I’ll have to screw it put another one empty it, put another one
but think the flow is kind of reducing not too sure what can be seen on the on
the camera but still it’s almost there almost stopped, so what’s this half a litre a
bit more maybe, it’s nearly there so I’ll wait until it kind of stops
completely so it has nearly stopped leaking from this from this plug, so
I’m really trying to just take it out although it’s not too easy and even if I
push here, it cannot slide out a bit of help with a screwdriver, it’s
fairly difficult this thing well that doesn’t really wanna budge at all, I’ll probably need two screwdrivers still leaking a bit, but maybe it’s moving a bit yep that’s
nearly come out There we go, that’s the culprit. The o-ring seems pretty good, but is somehow leaking from that piece so I have to put
a new o-ring and then fit it back on see if this will leak, clean it up and it should be probably okay I couldn’t really find anything that’s
wrong with it I mean the gasket is the o-ring
it’s pretty good I’ve ordered a new one so I’ll put this one in and see if it leaks
maybe it wasn’t seated well last time the the coolant was replaced so I’ve put a
really small o-ring inside and just to make a better seal for the cap
but I’ll just slide it in, I’ll probably put it that way so next time it will be
slightly easy to undo those so it was like that so I’ll put this probably like
that it’s just easier somebody suggested to put instant gasket instant gasket
sealant or silicone here but it’s pretty permanent solution so I’ve ordered a new screw, I’ll plug it in and I’ll see how it it makes a really good seal actually
as far as I can see that’s not too easy to put in ahh there is a position so and
you can put it that way and then potentially yeah you cannot slide it so you
can only put it that way and it makes very good seal actually as far as I
can see but we’ll see how it goes so I cannot really go there is a stop that you can only put there is a small
indentation a small cut in there and in the bolt here
so it can only go that way I don’t think it can go that way, it can only go this way,
so I’ll push it in so it’s supposed to be, so I’ll
undo this and the cap, fill it with coolant put my makeshift collection
point until it drips, it should be tighten it up. So the coolant
it’s just above, well, it’s well between the below the minimum so I’ll fill it up to
the maximum slightly below the maximum it should start to leak from the
screw I’m using Halfords OAT antifreeze
and coolant ready mixed so it’s a silicone free 50/50 ready mixed, red started leaking so it’s there actually, probably a bit of air
in the system, I need to put in the cap
stop it leaking and that should be enough I am trying to mop everything so just to see if it
leaks after I filled it in, should be tight enough okay, I’ll have to top it up to somewhere in between so the next is to put it back together, put start the engine put the heating on max
and the very very low setting of airflow run it until the the fan kicks in and this
should really clear air bubbles and I can also of course undo this one and if there are any air bubbles, I can probably do that now, catch any spills, because the levels is between min and max, so I’ll just
unscrew it slightly, it should start leaking so if there are any air bubbles, not too sure if you can see well come out trying to catch any, there
we go, this should probably have cleared the system and that’s it I’ll see if this leaks
again probably do another video if I don’t really say anything so it probably
wasn’t seated correctly but what the o-ring was quite good but if yours, the seal has broken so that’s how you can you can undo it otherwise all these pipes
here the gasket between the thermostat housing and the block of
the engine so these all have to be undone the coolant has to be drained
and and so on so thank you for watching hopefully we’ll be helpful to someone

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  1. Hi! I need help please, i bought 2007 berlingo Hdi and it takes too much fuel, 10 litres per 100km on highway. It should take twice less. And second thing is, engine temperature is not getting warmer than 70c. Do you know what the problem is?

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