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How To Reduce Chronic Inflammation

Look, if you’ve watched any network news
channel over the last few years you know that scientists and researchers have
attributed chronic disease with chronic inflammation. If you value your life you
want to spend a happier healthier longer life with your friends with your loved
ones with your kids with your grandkids. Please, I encourage you to watch this video
to completion, chronic inflammation contributes to most of the modern-day
maladies or ailments including Alzheimer’s, mood disorders, cancer,
cardiovascular disease, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, the list goes on
and on. So we need to control chronic inflammation if you want to prevent, if
not reverse some of these chronic ailments. My name is Dr. Ryan Shelton and
I’m here to help you remove that, so simply put, chronic inflammation one of
the most contributing factors to chronic inflammation is a simple three-letter
word fad and I mean fad in two separate ways firstly the visible fat on your
body, and that which is accumulated in your abdomen, your buttocks, hips, and
thighs. That fat, what you see in the mirror, the reason that it’s important to
control that type of fat is research has shown that we used to think that fat
cells were just an inert benign reservoir. Just to store extra calories.
We now know that that is not true it’s an active organ that cells produce
pro-inflammatory chemicals. They encourage immune cells to gather around
fat cells which also produced pro-inflammatory chemicals, fat
cells produce pro-inflammatory hormones they produce over 80 different types of
proteins and other chemicals really active in the body
to promote inflammation, so step one is lose weight. Lose that visible fat that
you see in the mirror every day. We’ve actually created a program to help with
weight loss. A supplement to help with weight loss called trim 14. I encourage
you to check those out as well as other videos that I’ve made to help encourage
weight loss now the second reason that is important is every cell in your body
has a membrane and within that membrane is embedded a type of fatty acid called
arachidonic acid every cell in your body. Arachidonic acid is meant to protect us
but it can go overboard and promote inflammation arachidonic acid through
two separate pathways produce chemicals called acosta noids
through two enzymes cyclooxygenase and lightbox Janae’s they produce a series
of chemicals in the body called prostaglandins through cyclooxygenase
and leukotrienes through life oxygenase now there are some anti-inflammatory
prostaglandins there are some pro-inflammatory prostaglandins there
are some anti-inflammatory leukotrienes there are some pro-inflammatory petraeus.
They’re involved in nearly every system in the body’s central nervous system,
vision, skin, hair, health, cardiovascular system. They help with blood pressure,
vasodilation, with memory. They change platelet aggregation, they have a
profound infant impact on your overall health, and here’s the secret that if you
are consuming adequate in fact healthy amounts of omega-3 fatty acids then
the type of prostaglandins and leukotrienes that are produced are
anti-inflammatory rather than pro-inflammatory our body preferentially
uses omega-3 fatty acids it improves a babe rather improve fluidity and
permeability of cells and you can do something fantastic you can eat these
healthy fats with what’s called emulsifiers things such as eggs apples
yogurt corn lecithin oatmeal foods that are high in essential fatty acids
include avocados nuts like walnuts almonds pistachios seeds like chia seeds
and flax seeds olives fatty fish like salmon tuna mackerel anchovies including
these fatty foods healthy fatty foods in your daily routine can change the
pathway of how a rock Adamic acid is broken down and can change the
parameters of inflammation in your body now we’ve also developed an essential
fatty acid Omega 3 7 9 plus krill oil supplement that you have got to try it
contains high amounts of Omega 3 plus high amounts of Omega 7 important for
diabetes cholesterol cardiovascular disease high amounts of Omega 9 from
olives and olive oil helping with cholesterol insulin diabetes immune
health energy and mood plus we’ve included krill oil which helps all of
these vomega 3 7:9 oils to be absorbed more effectively so check that
supplement out I value overall optimal health and wellness and I hope you value
that too if you’re struggling with any chronic disease you have to get hold of
your fat the visible fat and that microscopic fat that’s embedded in every
cellular membrane badi I encourage you to ask questions
this is our journey together there are others subjects that you’re interested
in please let me know let me know where you’re from and what your favorite type
of fat is what your favorite type of healthy fat is we can also achieve
healthy fats omega-3 through grass-fed beef and sheep and goats so let me know
how you best incorporate omega-3 fatty acids in your diet and what has worked
for you in weight loss in the past so I encourage you to hit the bell for future
notification share this please with your friends and your loved ones so that we
together can get chronic inflammation under control thanks so much again. My
name is Dr. Ryan Shelton

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  1. Thanks doctor for your knowledge, and will really appreciate if can tell us something about inflamacion in our feet, I can see my vein it looks not really good, thanks again

  2. Did you know that fat cells produce pro-inflammatory hormones?

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