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How to Groom a Dog : How to Treat a Dog’s Bleeding Nails

But if you make him bleed, which I still do
today all the time; accidentally never on purpose but it’s not a bad thing and there
is blood stopper that you can buy at the stores. If you don’t have any kitchen flour and
some dogs bleed a lot, some of your schnauzers and different breeds, so what you do is you
dip your finger in the flour or preferably the blood stopper and you push it in and hold
it for 60 seconds and while you are doing that that little vein will recede. You ant
to do this quick, real quick, because it crushes their nail and hurt them if you do it slow
like cracking a nut, you know, so you slant it and if they give trouble, you might have gotten
some faulty nail clippers. Every now and then that will happen; you should do real quick,
just like this.

12 thoughts on “How to Groom a Dog : How to Treat a Dog’s Bleeding Nails

  1. I have a question for you.
    Q: How do you groom a dog for the first time? I mean, how do you calm them or get them used to it? Thanks! Nice video series.

  2. introduce the tool without using it yet. Let the tool touch him first until he gets used to the presence of the tool.

  3. i read somewhere ur not suppost to clip the nails… something about breakage. or permanent, idk.

  4. @Suzetteinmiami yeah sometimes the nails are soo long that the nail grinder isnt effective until after you've gotten length off. otherwise you'd just be grinding away and the nail would get hot from all the friction.

  5. @iloveseattle123 yeah what ever you read was really wrong. not clipping a dogs nails can be dangerous. ive seen dogs with nails soo long that they've curled into the pads of their feet. causing them to not be able to walk.

  6. @hamigo yeah i am a professional groomer lol. and i groom dogs everyday. if i was just some random uneducated person i wouldn't have said anything.

    she's using guillotine nail clippers which are definitely not my favorite but she is using them properly. the guillotine nail clippers are to be held in that manner, the nail rests in the hole resting on an angled blade that comes up and cuts the nail.

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