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How to Flush Brake Fluid on Dodge Ram | Bleeding or Flushing Your Brake Fluid DOT 4 | Van B250

hello everyone welcome to easy steps today I’m gonna be showing you how to flush your brake fluid on your 1994 Dodge Ram b250 you’re gonna be needing is dot 4 brake fluid so first what I’m gonna do is I’m going to take out all the old fluid I have bottle and syringe I’m gonna take all the old fluid out see it is pretty dirty so after I remove all the brake fluid you’re gonna want to add new brake fluid into the master cylinder so next we’re going to remove each wheel one by one and first I’m going to start on the passenger side I’m going to loosen the nuts jack up the car and remove the wheel after removing the wheel right behind the brake caliper you can see bleeder valve you’re gonna be needing a 3/8 this what I’m gonna do I have a pipe put it right over it just like that and I’m gonna put one end into the bottle make sure you have fluid in it so it doesn’t suck air into the system crank the bolt open like that you’re gonna need another person so he can step on the brake a couple times until the fluid starts running clear and after a few pumps you’re gonna want to make sure you see clear fluid you’re gonna make sure you keep adding brake fluid you’re not gonna want the cylinder to run dry it’s getting clear do this until you see it it’s fully clear okay and it’s done so after draining you’re gonna want to tight and remove the pipe I’m going to repeat the same procedures on the other three wheels and the second wheel is also clear the bleeder valve is going to be behind the drum and this liquid is flowing clear also and the third wheel is flowing clear so this is the last brake I’m gonna do you see it’s running dirty I’m just gonna wait until it turns clear we have a lot of brake fluid or I’m trying to run it clear all the way all right there we go and this is how it should be fully clear liquid and I’m done with the last one so the last step I did was I filled up the master cylinder with brake fluid so that’s how you change and flush your brake fluid on your 1994 Dodge Ram V 250 this video has helped you don’t forget hit the like and subscribe button thank you

9 thoughts on “How to Flush Brake Fluid on Dodge Ram | Bleeding or Flushing Your Brake Fluid DOT 4 | Van B250

  1. Bet you had to do this cos you bodged up bleeding the side you replaced the caliper on. Spongy brakes huh? Plus you should keep the bleed pipe in the fluid bottle so you can check for air bubbles and don't take the pipe out until you close the bleed nipple.

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