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How To Fix Rib Pain and Back Pain?

Greetings, Eric Bakker, thanks for tuning
in. I’ve got lots of questions today. These are questions from subscribers, well
hopefully they’re subscribers because if you’re not, subscribe, okay? If you subscribe, I’ll give you some attention,
and check it out and answer some of your questions. Here is a question from a guy called Kurt
Moz, that’s a funny name, Kurt Moz, or Kurt Moz. Let’s have a look here, “I’m having pains
in my right ribs and back. Doctors suspect gallstones but I haven’t had
a scan yet. I’m thinking of trying this for some relief
as painkillers don’t help.” Kurt’s talking about the Liver/Gallbladder
Flush. “Do you use Epson salts or just lemon and
olive oil, thanks?” Well Kurt, the first thing that I recommend
that you do is probably go on a liver cleanse, okay? So if you’ve got my book, please get my book
because if you haven’t got it because I talk about liver cleansing and then gallbladder
flushing. So a gallbladder flush is best attempted after
you’ve basically changed your diet for a few weeks, you got on a lighter kind of diet because
it’s not good to go from Coke and fries into a detox, okay? So, because I don’t know you, or know what
you’re eating or drinking, my recommendation is to follow the instructions in the Candida
Crusher book. It’s to clean up your act before you clean
up your gallbladder. The amount of people I see that will drink
two liters of Coca-Cola a day and have deep fried food regularly or crap like that. When they’re just eating far too much junky
food, often bad fats and sugars, the gallbladder doesn’t like a diet high in sweet foods or
high in the wrong kind of fats. You’re just going to clog it up. Now, many people say that the liver and gallbladder
flush is nonsense, that it’s actually soap stones you’re passing out but this is actually
untrue. This is false. I found some very good studies online that
support the fact that when you liver/gallbladder flush, you actually pass out real gallstones. I found an interesting study published in
The British Medical Journal from 1985 that showed basically a doctor reported that he
did flushing on patients, all had a flushing and then took the stones to a lab, cut them
open and found that there were actually stones and actually a hard symptom. So if you pass out stones, yourself, particularly
the first time you do the flush, if you’re game enough get a colander or a screen or
something and then collect the stools and then clean them up and then have a look at
stones that remain. I’ve actually seen some of these stones, myself,
so I know that this flush does actually, really work. So it’s not a lot of junk like people will
lead you to believe. My recommendation is to go onto a cleansing
kind of diet for two weeks first. When you’ve done that, that’s when you can
start, one or two days, you can prep your body even more by drinking apple juice and
eating two or three green apples per day. I find this really works quite well. Rolled oats is fine for breakfast but don’t
eat, don’t have burgers and fries or pizzas or stuff like that if you’re going to attempt
a flush. Then, basically, all you do is follow my instructions
on the Liver/Gallbladder Flush videos. They’ll tell you exactly what to do there,
I explain that in detail. You need about 300 milliliters, it’s about
a good cup, about a good cup full of olive oil and about a good cup full of lemon juice
and you’ll mix those together. Put them in a container, you know one of those
big, tall, those coffee containers and then pop a straw in there and just sip that in
drink that around about six o’clock at night, seven o’clock. Then, a nice thing to do is have a bath, a
warm bath, to relax your body and then go to bed. You’ll wake up early in the morning and then,
you’ll make a beeline for the bathroom. So give me some feedback on that one. Don’t be afraid to do the flush. Many people are afraid to do it but don’t
have fear, it should work well with you. You don’t need Epson salts. Epson salts is required if you’re constipated. If you are constipated, you should not attempt
this flush. You’ve got to be pooping every day if you
want to poop out gallstones, okay? I would never, ever recommend a gallbladder
flush if you’re pooping less than once per day, you’ve got to gat that working first
or you could end up with a lot of pain and discomfort. Give that a go and see how that goes for you,
Kurt, and then get back to me. Thanks for the question.

One thought on “How To Fix Rib Pain and Back Pain?

  1. I had the same issue but the ultrasound showed no gallstones. I'd noticed that the pain appeared every time I'd consume high fat foods like whole eggs, one full avocado or more than two tbsps of almond butter. I stopped doing this and i haven't had the pain in a bit.

    Do you still recommend I do the flush Dr Bakker?

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