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How to fill and bleed the system using the Alde service pump

Locate the expansion tank (usually found a wardrobe or cupboard) Remove the cap, and 12 V pump if present Insert the nozzles into the expansion tank Note the nozzle locks into the offset port, below the air vent tube This is the suction hose Place it securely in the drum of ethylene glycol antifreeze Connect the crocodile clips from the pump to the 12 V battery Via the black negative and red positive
terminals The lever is used to control the filling and
bleeding function of the pump For filling the system the lever should
be in the Down/Fill position This will draw antifreeze from the drum For bleeding air from the system the
lever should be in the Up/Cycle position In the Side position, fluid can be siphoned off So you can adjust the level when finished To fill the system we start by pulling the handle into the Down/Fill position Begin filling by switching on one motor Switch on the second motor to speed up the process After a minute you should see the
glycol fluid rise in the expansion tank Once the fluid is at the Max mark, turn off the pump Next, bleed the air from the heating system To do this turn the lever to the Up/Cycle position Switch on one motor and leave it running for at least 10 mins Monitor the fluid level in the expansion tank As air escapes, the fluid level will fall Don’t let the level fall below the Min mark Note that air bubbles eventually disappear from the fluid in the clear hoses Switch off the motors and bleed any high points in the system Include any towel rails or panel radiators Now continue the process If the fluid level drops, flip the lever
180 to the Down/Fill position until the fluid is back above the Max mark on the tank To displace stubborn air locks, the second motor can be used Use short, controlled bursts to ensure the fluid level does not drop too quickly When satisfied that air has been bled from the system the fluid level should be left halfway
between the Min and Max mark Top up if needed or turn the lever to the Side/Siphon position to lower the level

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