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35 thoughts on “How To Eliminate Chronic Viral Infections Naturally | Herpes, EBV, HIV, CMV, etc!

  1. This woman is a wealthy book of pertinent next level information ya'll….her videos alone are worth their digital weight in gold. Since I stumbled upon her videos and started following her advice/routines a couple of months or so ago I feel like a King. Go, Marla Go!

  2. Great information! Yes please I have EBV and had a parasite that was consuming all my iron. It's been a long battle.

  3. What would you advise for a 2,5 year old with herpes lip? My son had this last year 4 times. And i’m pregnant with our second. Don’t want him to infect the baby once he’s here. Hope you have some advise! Love Laura

  4. 🤗 thanks again for the insightful video. Feeling a little overwhelmed though. Sometime I don’t know where to start. Liver cleanse, detox to fight candida and parasites 🦠 and also combat viral infections. I know it’s all about baby steps but I do get overwhelmed with the cost and different products and supplements. I know I need to keep it simple and add one thing at a time.

  5. Great info Is oil of oregano good to kill of Candida yeast and other than oil of oregano which else r good and powerful?

  6. What do you think of Solgar brand vitamins & supplements? They carry these at the natural & organic “health food” store near me. Do you have a preferred brand?

  7. I have chronic cmv and have been on iv vitamin c for a couple of months and can’t get rid of it. I’m due for another blood test, but symptoms have recently come back very strong since. What do you recommend to try?

  8. hello my brother is 17 years old . he got viral meaningoencephalitis 1 year back know he get recurrent meaningoencephalitis .. will it persist for life long or can it go away ? .. whole family is soo worried..please tell something about that .

  9. I am hooked on your videos! I love learning so much from you so I can help my family most importantly my children! I was raised on the typical American diet and now suffer from the consequences, teaching my kids different is so rewarding because I know I am doing the best for them and I love all the information you share! It has nothing to do with this video I know lol but I just wanted to share how much I appreciate your videos.

  10. This doesn’t sound like people can actually get rib of this viruses forever more like suppress symptoms

  11. Question about the hydrosol silver did u say 4 ounces a day? Bc the bottle you recommended is $31.00 for 4 ounces .

  12. An 8oz bottle of collidal silver typically costs about 30 bucks.
    How does one afford to take that once a day?
    Did you make your own? I make my own colloidal silver using those silver rods/distilled water, but I'm not sure if its right.

  13. I went through a period where I was very sick. Lots of pain and inflimation throughout my whole body. I dont know if it was an EBV relapse or candida. Cutting complex sugars out changed my life. I reduced sodium and cut out milk, soda, fast food and caffeine. Only eat proteins, greens and fruit. For milk I drink unsweet almond/coconut. Only water besides that. Drink lots of herbal teas and supplements like monolauren, lemon balm, astragalus root, curcumin, berberine, ginger, zinc, fish oil and others. Teas I drink are licorice root, astragalus, thyme, green tea, cats claw, moringa, sage leaf, elderberry, echinacea, milk thistle and others. I feel 100 times better. Fucoidan which is found in brown seaweed, is good for retroviruses. Lysine is good for herpesviruses. The problem is lysine is that it can increase the viral load in people with retroviruses. Blueberries are great for EBV. Garlic is good for everything. I literally feel 10 years younger and lost 15 lbs in the process. I can move around and breathe better. More energy. Most peoples health problems could be solved with a change in diet. I've never had any doctor talk to me about nutrition. It's always been about giving out pills. I used to live my life however, but once I went through serious health issues, it opened my eyes. I'll never go back to eating like I did. I feel so good. It's so true when people say you are what you eat.

  14. Question.. if someone is already using ARVs for hiv. Is any of this still applicable? Is there a way The person can clear the system entirely of hiv while still on these medications?

  15. This video is exactly what I was looking for. Did you do that separate video on just EBV?
    To kill EBV, what's the number one antiviral to start with? There were so many supplements mentioned in this video I don't even know where to start., lol.

    And btw, I can't talk to my doctor about these products…he doesn't have a clue and will dismiss it completely. Guaranteed.

  16. What if I've had EBV for 41 years? I had a tonsillectomy when I was 4 yrs old because of EBV. I think the EBV has really made a home for itself in my body and evolved so much. Can I still get rid of it?

  17. u did not mention one of the best natural antiviral supplement Monolaurin obtained from cocconut oil 🙂 I personally use Lauricidin brand, helps a lot because it binds to a viral protein envelope and eradicates it thus killing virus itself.

  18. Great video, but you cannot eat ANY animal protein if you're trying to fight off a virus like the ones mentioned in this video. Raw vegan organic fruits and vegetables only. Make sure you're also taking herbs for the lymphatic system. Intermittent and dry fasting are also key. If you want to speed things up do a 90 day juice fast with the herbs. Also, the human body doesn't recognize laboratory made single nutrients like "zinc pills"- these are already abundant in the fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Please don't take "copper pills", etc.
    Keep it simple- Raw vegan diet made up of at least 80% of fruit (this is the most detoxifying food on the planet, and out species-specific diet), and herbs with some fasting. Dr. Robert Morse has a lot of great youtube videos here on youtube as well so look him up.

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