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– “Hannah, you haven’t
made a video in ages,” said no one. Since we last spoke, I finished my degree. That’s it, it’s done, fun,
finito, fidib… (mumbles) So in case you’re wondering why I haven’t made a video in over two weeks, um, not that you noticed anyway, it’s because I finished
my exams on Tuesday, and then I went out Tuesday night, and Wednesday night, and Thursday night, and then, Friday night,
I did an all-nighter, but sober, but went to bed at 7am, and then last night I went to
my friend’s birthday party. So seeing as I’m clearly an
expert in this, having spent three years as a student
and now I’m celebrating the end of being a student,
in style, may I add, I thought I would teach you
guys how to cure a hangover, and I’ve done my research
properly because at the party last night I asked all my
friends how they get rid of their hangovers and
I found a Buzzfeed list. You’re hungover because you’re dehydrated. So, first things first, we
need to rehydrate ourselves. Is “rehydrate” a word? Rehydration. Water. (relaxed guitar music) That was actually painful. Oh my God, I’m going
to need to go for a wee like, halfway through this video. (exhales) Oh my God, that
was actually exhausting. (sighs) I’m going to go back to bed. Second thing, as we
just saw, I’m exhausted, so, caffeine… I’ll be right back. Oh, that’s good. (exhales deeply) I still want to go back to sleep, though. But, on with the list, because
the list is very important. In my extremely accurate research, I found the best type of food to eat when hung over is the bacon sandwich. So, be right back. I don’t… I’m a bit stuck
now, I don’t know what to do. Nope. So good. I’ve got ketchup on my face, haven’t I? Don’t care. If you’re super
hardcore, then a great cure… core cure, corkier… a great
cure is hair of the dog. And if you don’t know what that means, then it’s basically drinking
through your hangover. Just carry on drinking alcohol. It’ll solve all your problems, until the moment you sober up. (unrefined burp) That was disgusting. Finally, this is the one I’m
actually really scared about, my friend said that his
dad always drinks a raw egg in the mornings to cure a
hangover, and somebody else backed him up, saying
that that’s a legit thing. I’ve no idea if this is a
legit thing, so if it isn’t, then, well done, Billy, you
just… you idiot, thanks. Um. (laughs, then
sharply, audibly inhales) I should really be doing this in the kitchen and not in my bedroom. Am I supposed to, like, mix
it, or, can I…? (sighs) Right, I only have a pen,
and it just feels weird to… Am I an idiot? I’ve never done anything like this on the internet before, why now? Okay, it tastes of nothing,
but the texture is so weird. No, can’t, I can’t. Oh, it’s so weird. Try it at home, kids. Alright, back to the
coffee, back to the coffee. That’s much better. And that concludes my
list of hangover cures, there’s probably loads
more, so if I missed any out that you do and work for you,
leave them in the comments because I need them, seriously. Because I’m not drinking raw egg. No. Please like this video if you liked it. (relaxed guitar music)

100 thoughts on “HOW TO CURE A HANGOVER

  1. Sprite is good because it rehydrates you and lime helps break alcohol down. In order to avoid getting too drunk avoid fizzy drinks when out, you absorb alcohol quicker that way.

  2. I would suggest ideas but I'm only 15 and have never had the chance to get hung over! Though I have been concussed which is similar. (I think) I found playing strategy games helped (PvZ in my case (sigh))

  3. Three years at University (Biology) and a Gap Year have def led to this cure all!
    You need to solve several things: 1) Low body sugar caused by the metabolism of alcohol, causing fatigue 2) Dehydration and lower body salts caused by the diuretic nature of alcohol, causing headaches 3) Getting rid of the toxins from the breakdown of alcohol.

    So! – Leave two bottles of water by your bed before you go out, drink one when you get back in and leave one for the morning! In the morning, paracetemol as required, with a cup of coffee, bacon sandwich and large smooth orange juice. Try getting fresh air and some exercise too, this will kick start your metabolism and your body will break down the toxins faster 🙂

    Just my two cents – Congrats on your degree! I'm sure you've been given loads of advice on this, but do take your time before rushing into a new graduate job, don't feel obliged you have to take one straight away, just because you've graduated. Now's the time to take time out and do things you've always wanted. Enjoy 🙂

  4. I don't drink that much anymore, but when I used during the first years of college, I would just make sure I stayed hydrated throughout the night, and made sure I ate a considerable amount of food, usually bread or chips. It seemed to help. 🙂

  5. When im hangover i allways feel warm and blæh so my way is to drink cold water, ice cream, ice coffee and other cold yummy things.
    Especially when its summer.

  6. water is really good to have, but alongside with water what is REALLY good for hangovers is drinking gatorade/powerade! it replenishes your electrolytes and is the BEST cure! 

  7. There is a very simple way to prevent a hangover. 

    When you're done drinking for the night, drink water.  That's it.  🙂 

  8. 1) Loads of water before you go to bed, and a painkiller of some sort. 2) Loads of water when you wake up. 3) Bland cereal (plain Cheerios or the equivalent of that). 4) A hot shower.

  9. Coffee is a diarrhetic. It will make you more dehydrated. Even if it wakes you up. Your hangover will last a few hours longer.
    My cure that I use is and food with large amounts of fatty acids such as fish and chips. Along with a sports drink to replenish the amino acids you loos from the alcohol aswell

  10. Congratulations on your degree!  I finished mine too!  I'm so glad it's over.
    Love your videos by the way!

  11. I always drinks coke and eat a bag of chips before I go to sleep after a party and I have never gotten a hangover 🙂

  12. i drink a lot of sparkly stuff usually kofola (our drink similar to coca-cola but less sweet and much better) even though i don't like sparkly stuff usually it seems to help

  13. Best hangover cure is a glass of orange juice, a bacon sarnie, a cup of black coffee and then a nice sauna…either that or go skiing

  14. As far as I know, plenty of water, greasy food (McDonalds is best according to my sister), but personally I like some water, some sprite, and a 5 hour nap wrapped in my blanket..

  15. Still at that I-don't-get-hungover stage waheyyy🙌 tho thanks for the tips for when it starts hitting me hard…I don't think I'm hardcore enough for the dog hair trick or the egg.

  16. I believe the best method is hair of the dog but instead of drinking more you sort of cut back bit by bit eg: I wake up six pack of rum is gone when the afternoon comes and I start to feel it I drink three next morning if there are any continuing effects I drink two and after a few hours I usually am fine

  17. Us Scots love our irn bru but besides the caffeine content it doesn't really do anything. Water before bed helps more than anything and plenty of protein, fat and carbs. Probably why most folk crave a chippy after a night out. Don't forget the painkillers for that headache too!

  18. Cactus juice works but I haven't tried it cause I don't get hung over cause I'm over wight well not anymore but idk try it

  19. A way to avoid even getting a Hangover in he first place:
    I tend to drink almost an entire litre of water when I get back home, it's definitely legit because the one time I didn't my hangover was excruciating and I'd never had a hangover before.

  20. V8 juice! I was late for work 4 hours when I was 18. One of my customers saw I was very pale and saw me puke in a sink. He said drink v8 and you'll be good after I keep drinking coffee and redbulls and it actually.worked!

  21. Things that I have noticed whilst drinking responsibly or not……

    Some alcohols are harsher then others. More likely to get a hangover drinking beer then spirits for example.
    You process / reject alcohol from your body quicker the more active you are. RBTs work because your body rejects alcohol when you breath.  Sleeping will slow things down a lot.
    Drinking non-alcoholic drinks before you go to sleep helps a lot.
    My worst hang-overs have always been when I've gotten sick. Only way to avoid this is to learn your limits but that rarely helps once you've gotten well and truly into the swing of things.

    As far as the cure,
    A fry-up : Bacon, sausages, eggs 🙂
    A lot of people have mentioned water but you also need sodium to help hydrate, that's why the bacon sandwich works really well. Protein and salt + water or juice.

  22. When im hungover everything hurts. I cant eat for hours and can hardly get out of bed. Im always throwing up too. This happens EVERY hangover. All my friends just have headaches or feel tired and get on with work but i can hardly move. I know im dehydrated but everyday i drink about 2 litres of water without fail so i drink loads on a hangover. Why cant my body cope with them? 🙁 its weird!!! They never used to be this bad.

  23. While I have never had a hangover (due to incredibly high tolerance) I do have cure from experimenting on my friends when they try to get me drunk, which is a poached or sunny-side-up egg (whichever you rather) sandwich on smoked cheddar bacon bread. That seems to revive them the quickest.

  24. Congratz on your degree! Fighting to get mine at the moment. Done in three weeks. YAY. Anyways.
    Thanks for testing the raw egg for the rest of us. (^-^)=b

  25. I prefer to prevent hangovers. Take Advil and vitamins BEFORE you start drinking. Even just 3 Flintstones chewable will do. Then get your drank on…that alone should do it, maybe have some water, gatorade, coconut water or anything else with electrolytes in it somewhere along the line and rink a glass or 2 of water before you go to bed just for good measure and to feel extra super when you wake.
    I don't know why this is such a secret, but it works like a charm!! All of my friends and family do this now. I even keep emergency vitamins in my bag just in plans change and I end up out drinking or if I forget to take them before I leave the house. 🙂

  26. The best cure for hangover is to drink first of all an Electrolit, then you must go to your favorite seafood restarurante and ask for some Aguachile shrimps, (the more spicy, the best), accompanied with a very cold Corona beer. Then you will feel like new 

  27. My grandfather used to say that if you want a beautiful singing voice, you should have one raw egg a day.
    Still, my doctor, when I was a child and got the flu, especially when my throat would hurt, told my mom to prepare really hot milk with honey and a raw egg. And it didn't taste that bad. Except the honey. I don't really like honey. But other than that it tasted like a hot and sweet, really sweet and really hot dessert. xD

    Anyway, for hangovers I would suggest drinking water after alcohol, not the next day. If I drink still water the next day.. it makes me.. well.. drunk again! :)) Kind of.
    Anyway, congrats on your degree (I know, kind of late, but congrats are still in order) and good job on your vids! [I can't believe I'm actually commenting. I've been watching these kind of videos for a really long time and it's the first channel I'm commenting on.. ]

  28. I'm a big advocate for prevention is better than cure. So I got into the habit of a) having a glass over water whenI get every drink and b) taking an aspirin before I go to sleep. (aspirin itself can make you feel like you want to throw up but it won't be the cause unless you're alergic) 

  29. Do not break the yolk, add hot sauce, and I have heard oyster sauce.  But honestly if your hydrated before you go out drinking you should be fine, crash hydration tends to just run right through you.

  30. Best hang-over cure, my Nan passed this tit-bit of wisdom down to the ladies of our family.
    When she used to go out partying during the war (LOTS of gin apparently) she used to put a chair on her bed with two big ass glasses of water and two aspirin on it. That way when she came home, she had to deal with that so she drunk the water took the aspirin and went to bed. That may sound too complicated but i improvised: Big bottle of water on my pillow and i don't sleep until i have drunk at least half of it. Take an aspirin (or whatever painkiller you have) et voila, no hangover in the morning. You're welcome 😉

  31. NOnononononooo coffee and greasy foods really should be avoided! As you said, when having a hangover you're dehydrated, but coffee is a diuretic (i.e. pushes liquid out of your body, just like alcohol does), so you'll just end up even more dehydrated. And the greasy food will most likely just worsen an already upset stomach (it's better to eat the greasy food before drinking actually, to insulate your tummy).
    This I've learned from this page on Greatist: http://greatist.com/health/best-foods-hangover
    They explain with science why some foods are better than others.  My own favourite remedy that isn't listed on that page are those rehydrating fizzy tablets. They replenish all the essential minerals and things which you sweat and wee out when you drink. ^^

  32. I usually eat pizza, drink lots (fruity things usually work best, like in Sweden we have something called proviva), and chill the rest of the day.

  33. I like the preventative approach and usually drink a lot of water while oot and aboot (whispers "No, don't do that")… but there's always that point where you just simply forget the game plan, who you drove with, how to get home, where your credit card is, and everything else under the sun haha. If I know it's going to be a liver-torturing night I stock a crap-ton of gatorade in the fridge and drink as much as I can, it works better than water… if possible try to set it up with an IV drip system!!!…. no, that's just a joke. Please don't attempt that, I will not pay any medical bills you accrue if it goes wrong lol. 

  34. prickly pear juice! you can get it at any whole food store. just drink it before you go out and you wont get a hangover. Or if you are  like me and my friends just start an iv on yourself and give yourself 500 cc's of normal saline and you will be fine.

  35. I used to run pubs, so I was a pretty well seasoned drinker.. A pint of orange juice with huge amounts of ice 2X anadin extra, Then cocacola, 3 pints of water.. plenty of carbs mostly in the form of bread and yorkshire puddings! Then Redbull. 
    Some hangovers you just can't cure though.

  36. after waking up i do pretty much the same thing. leads of food (preferably with bacon and eggs ect.), loads of water and 2 big mugs of black coffee… 
    but what helps me most of the time is having a glass of water inbetween drinks at night and then another liter of water before going to bed. if i manage to do that 9/10 i wake up tired but without a hangover…

  37. the same night ur drinking also drink twice as much water that same night before u good to sleep. then the next morning u should feel fine. either match ur water to boozes or twice as much water. this should help also the next morning drink a couple bottles of water before u go do anything. lastly food. 

  38. I think if I tried that egg thing, especially hungover, I would just immediately start vomiting. And I mean immediately. About the hangover cure, I personally still haven't found a good one because I usually don't feel like eating when hungover, just the idea of food kinda disgusts me. But drinking looooooots of water is always a good start, and then trying to eat a normal, carb heavy dish, pasta or potatoes or something like that

  39. When i drink too much, i go to toilet and puke.. Then i feel better LOL. But seriously its painful.. 🙁 thats y i dont drink too much

  40. Powerade/gatorade and a big breakfast (ie. eggs, bacon, toast, avocado, beans, maybe tomato, mushrooms, hash brown, etc.)

  41. I've never been hungover so I wouldn't know, but I would guess that high sugar drinks are better than caffeine drinks, since caffeine gives you energy but dehydrates you.

  42. Best hangover cure is to eat something before you go to bed the night before, down a small glass of soda water as soon as you wake up, shower, then either a chicken roll from the deli or a crisp sandwich. Cranberry juice is great too because it flushes your system of toxins. Spent 4 years looking for the cure, think I've almost found the perfect one.

  43. Milk is actually way better than water for hydration. Because the water in milk is locked in with proteins and fat, makes it stay in your body. Whereas plain water has nothing and will moistly just pee out. Believe.

  44. best hangover cute is preventive hydration. for every drink or two, drink a glass of water and you'll be fine the next day

  45. Rehydrate your body and give your liver a break.
    So: water and sugar (or honey to me) for the all day, until your liver is able to digest (/you're able to smell without vomiting) something else.
    I was able to rock a day in class while pretending not to be hangover (the liter of water on my desk did advice the teacher but anyway…)

  46. my dear honey, yes, one moe, lemon with honey and water. yes, a lot. first, add half teaspoon pepper to egg and again do drink water. OH, a lot, they like to be water. so they dehydrates us. smoking oh too does

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  48. My hangover cure is to sleep as soon as you can after drinking has ended (ie don't start cleaning up if there's been a party at yours! I've seen that happen, yes.). Set some alarms if needs be. When you wake up, drink a large amount of water, then shower. Clean your teeth IN THE SHOWER to prevent yourself falling back asleep or feeling sleepy. Then get dressed and go outside to somewhere averagely quiet (like a library).

  49. There is an expression in the US that in order to cure a hangover is to drink some more of the hair of the dog that bit you. aka if you got drunk on beer then you have a beer. Another thing USAians do is have a Bloody Mary the morning after. I don't like tomato juice so that's out for me.

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