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How to Create a Bentonite Clay Shake for Crohns and Colitis

Crohn’sColitisLifestyle it’s not just
health its living the life we want. Hey what’s going on guys Dane Johnson with
Crohn’sColitisLifestyle here today I want to talk to you about creating a
Bentonite and Psyllium husk shake this is one of the most dominant effective
healing shakes for your GI tract all the way from the mouth all the way down that
I’ve ever seen it was very helpful for me in my healing process and it really
gave me an ability to stop the bleeding start healing ulcerations reducing
inflammation and if I was eating something bad that maybe I couldn’t
digest or I was having a sensitivity to this could help grab it up and get it
out so when you’re looking at something like bentonite clay I use Great Plains
because it’s most available around the United States really the world but walk
into any whole food stores natural food stores even at CVS they usually have
this so this allows you to travel more it gives me more freedom and I think
it’s a highly effective product it’s made with water and so it’s already
mixed up into a clay that you can put in some more water if you want
and then keep going but you can use the powdered forms just a matter of
preference then when you’re looking at a bulking agent I use psyllium husk powder
it’s what works for me this might be too harsh for some people might affect them
especially people with Crohn’s disease and inflammation in the small intestine
you might want to look at something like grounded flaxseed or grounded chia seed
sprouted if you can can get it but mold up and easier on the stomach is
definitely the route we want to go so when you have a bulking agent and you
have a adsorber here which basically binds to things like Candida parasites
or any kind of things are stuck in there they’re not being digested correctly you
you really get the ultimate vacuum right we can clean it out and then we can put
in new stuff and it’s going to increase your ability to digest so highly
effective so I also have organic lemon juice here and I use this with the water
to mix just to give it a little bit of tart taste to help it go down but you
don’t want to use much if you’re taking the shake you want to make sure you’re not
taking any supplements you’re not eating any food ninety minutes before you take
it and 90 minutes after so the usually the most effective way to take it is at
night right before you go to bed or right when you wake up in the morning
let’s say that you wake up at 7:00 but you don’t have to get going until 8:00
you know go in there drink the shake go back to bed it’s also really great at
night because it’ll give you kind of that full feeling.
Cillian husk is so high in that fiber that bulking fiber that it’ll kind of
it’ll make you feel full so if you’re on a specific diet and you’re getting
really hungry that’s another benefit as well so when you’re taking this I’m
going to mix it in some water show you how to do it here and I use a glass jar
yeah glass has less stuff it’s going to bind to and that’s all that’s all well
and good I just wanted to show you exactly how much water I use and the
process to do it so the water you you want to be drinking anywhere between
10 to 20 ounces of water when you’re doing this now maybe not all at
once maybe you’re only using 8 or 10 ounces which I have here it take to
drink it but then after a few minutes go drink some more water the when you mix a
bulking agent and you mix a absorber together it tends to bind in the stomach
okay it can get stuck there a lot of people think oh this is going to
increase everything yeah it can get stuck so we want to drink more water
maybe increase vitamins like vitamin C to up to 3,000 milligrams or maybe even a
little bit more to help promote regularity so what you want to do is you
start with your base water and then you want to put one or two teaspoons of this
I would start with one teaspoon and then kind of go from there more depending on
how you react to it but always start with less and build your way up it’s
just a healthy habit so instead of using a teaspoon right now I’m just going to
show you how I do it I usually come in here and I know what a teaspoon looks
like sure you do too and I just put there’s about two teaspoons okay
then with the psyllium husk grounded psyllium husk I’m going to go in here
and grab about a teaspoon of that throw it in now if you’re not putting the
water first and let’s say you’re just putting in the clay and then that and
then you’re adding the the water so clay psyllium husk then water make sure you
put the clay on first or it all gets stuck on the bottom.
Okay then I’m going to add about one ounce of lemon just to give it a nice
little tartness all right I’m going to lid that up shake up okay so this right
here is going to create a lot of bulk really quickly so you have to drink it
immediately. Down we go! That’s all she wrote!

23 thoughts on “How to Create a Bentonite Clay Shake for Crohns and Colitis

  1. Are you using a teaspoon? It looks like a table spoon 😁 I checked out the Great Plains Bentonite Clay and it also says tablespoon.

  2. Hi Dane! Been doing lots of research based on my own issue and everything I've found has been matched perfectly by you! Could have saved myself some time 😁 great vid and well done!

  3. European green clay is amazing for Crohns!!! I know that this drink definitely helps me and reduced my inflammation from my crohns. I usually just drink it straight, but this shake looks good too!

  4. Hi sir. From where I can buy bentonite clay and absorb plus. I am suffering from ulcerative colitis from 7years. Iiving in India. Here not easily available these products

  5. Aye Dane! I use the Sonne Clay and Psyllium that I take. Last year December my 15 year old son was diagnosed with Chrons. Is it okay to give him the clay only or should he always do the clay and husk combined?

  6. I saw this video a couple of times wondering if any mention of how often we can do this? Right now I seem to have a lot of inflammation, so if this can help me I want to take it as much as I can, but don't want to "over-dose".. So can I do it at least once a day and then maybe less often once (not if) I get better??

  7. Dane – Thank you so much!!! This little simple step has turned my life around in an amazing way. So kind of you to share this with us. I just can’t thank you enough. So grateful!

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