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How to Crack My Lower Back and Pop Tailbone Pain Away Stretch Guide ( No Chiropractor Needed )

Hello Rico the wedding singer here. And I’m here to teach you how to CRACK YOUR LOWER BACK and CRACK your TAIL BONE at the same time. I call it the double triangle effect. It’s pretty advanced so… oh! It’s gonna be very complicated. I don’t know how to explain this. So let’s get to it. Let me show you how it’s done. First of all, you sit like this. And you grab your ankle. Put this other ankle across your knee. ok. And then you pull this up to your butt here. You lay down. And then you use this hand to grab your knee. And you pull it towards your chest. And bring it down. And then here’s the CRACK. The Crack should be right here, and right here. It gives off some stretch on both sides. So pull your ankle right here. And then push this down. So pull and push, at the same time. 1 2 3 oh. alright, to do other side, you put the ankle across your thigh, right here. This ankle on this side. Hold it with your hand. Pull. Lay down. Grab your knee. Pull it down. And pull up to your butt. Alright please consult your doctor physician chiropractor. I’m just a wedding singer. Peace out.

81 thoughts on “How to Crack My Lower Back and Pop Tailbone Pain Away Stretch Guide ( No Chiropractor Needed )

  1. Ooo never seen that one before. I have tried everything to crack my tailbone, never been able to do it. Definitely trying this

  2. Fuck… I love you man… my ass (tail bone) has been hurting bad for the last week. The chiropractor couldn't even get it. I did the first part and it popped immediately.


  3. Omg thank you! I’m a little flexible but I heard the popping which I though was making something else and as soon as I got out of the position I felt instant relief! Thank you so much. I’ve been in misery for months and now I feel semi normal.

  4. I did managed to get a pop, but I think Iam not doing it the right way because when I push and pull and I cant reach the floor. :/

  5. I live on these cracks…when you crack and strech your hips between the tailbone and scrum (between L5-S1 harbors the most tension for me) it feels euphoric! you might even fall asleep because the ligaments and muscle in the hips relax and its awesome! It almost feels like a high…

  6. Hey Rico, I always to to crack my lower back but I cannot hear an audible crack. However the stretch did loosen up my back. Do you know why your back may not crack during stretches?

  7. No sciatica pain since I have starting utilizing truly takes pressure off the back. Surfing the net is an excellent approach to find out more about the “Kenzαnο αyb” (Google it) back pain guideline. This performs wonderful for side or back sleeping, for between or under the knees. Helps my hip pain and it`s comfortable.

  8. I've looked several videos up. My solution is sitting on the floor legs straight bring one up crossed over and bend towards one breathe completely out pops everytime.

  9. Oh God, I feel so high (pun intended).
    I did this and didnt feel any cracks except in my legs but holy shit! I had lower back pain for like 3 years now and half of this pain is gone for now.

    Fuck this IT shit Im studying, it only gives me spine problems. Im going to ne chiropractor from now.

  10. I done this and instead of my back popping my shoulder/arm popped & felt relief, the other one popped and got sore😂🤭

  11. Tried this and I’m so fucking confused I’ll just stick with my tailbone pain it’s whatever

  12. I could not crack my lower back but I knew it was there. Was so tight. Tried all your other stretches but this one got it!. Thank you so much!

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