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How To Correctly Fill and Bleed the Power Steering System

Hey guys, today we’re gonna show you how to
correctly fill and bleed the power steering system. Lets go! When you’re replacing a steering
component it’s really important to make sure you bleed all the air out of the system. So
lets get started. First raise the wheels of the vehicle off the ground and support the
vehicle with jack stands. Fill the reservoir to the cold line with OE approved power steering
fluid. With the engine NOT running, turn the steering wheel lock to lock 10 to 15 times.
This will normally purge most of the air from the system. Check and refill fluid as necessary.
Then start the engine and again, turn the steering wheel lock to lock 10 to 15 times.
Check and refill the fluid as necessary. All air should now be bled out of the system.
Some vehicles are more difficult to bleed than others. If you can seem to get all the
air out of the system or you’re noticing the pump is still noisy or fluid spews out of
the reservoir when the engine is shut off, vacuuming bleeding should get the job done.
Be sure the fluid is filled to the cold line and take a vacuum pump such as this and apply
15 to 18 inches of vacuum to the reservoir. You can modify an old power steering cap by
drilling a hole and installing a fitting that will connect up to your vacuum pump. Some
guys just use a tapered rubber stopper with a fitting to do the job. Keeping the reservoir
under this vacuum and cycling the steering wheel left and right for 5 minutes with the
engine running should be enough to purge the remaining air out of the system. You’ll notice
the fluid level may have dropped as you displaced an air pocket. Recheck and top off the reservoir.
One other important thing to remember, never use engine vacuum as your source of vacuum! You can seriously
damage the engine! That’s all for now. I hope this information has been helpful. Thank you
for your time and I’ll see you on our next edition of ProTech.

13 thoughts on “How To Correctly Fill and Bleed the Power Steering System

  1. the vacuum pump can introduce more air if to much pressure is applied by sucking air into the rack or pump through the O-ring seals throughout the system.

  2. dont turn your wheels with the engine off and cap close! fluid will pop out of the top off the cap. always pop the cap if turning the wheels with engine off.

  3. I can't see a difference, but is there a difference in bleeding procedures between Ford, GM, Dodge,…etc? Filled `04 Mustang to "cold " level, turned wheel 20-30 times and fluid rose to top of pump,… thought it was supposed to go down, what gives? Should the cap be on and tight maybe?

  4. where can i find those vacuum tools? i changed pump for a used one and flushed the fluid and i bled most of the air out but when i turn i still hear the pump and feel vibrations , does it mean i still have an air pocket? or could it be a problem with the rack .

  5. Gracias señorazo me quedo claro, el vídeo tiene la información precisa para la purga, cuando se remuevo todo el liquido del sistema hidráulico, en mi caso, tengo una chevrolet Blazer modelo 94 con Hydroboost, y tenia el freno y la dirección muy dura ya que removí todo el liquido; ya se que toca hacer para ambos casos de la dirección y el freno.. Thank you, my dear friend, I am clear, the video has the correct information for the purge, when I removed all the fluid from the hydraulic system, in my case, I have a chevrolet Blazer model 94 with Hydroboost, and I had the brakes and very hard steering since I removed all the liquid; I already know what to do for both cases of steering and braking …

  6. These adapters have helped me, by speeding up the process. http://www.mityvac.com/pages/products_a.asp#MVA660I did notice you can by them separately too.

  7. I will use a rubber stopper so how i found the fitting? You know what fitting meassure or how i found the fitting because i see to many forms.. so its type fitting you can told me what it is?

  8. Absolutely a terrific video. direct to the point and the music is not that annoying drum slap that so many videos use

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