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  1. I love your Vlog, your explanations are very clear and it's easy to understand even if I'm a French subscriber. Thumb up !

  2. Hi Rok, since the duke came out 390 2017, my obcecion has become, and I wonder if it is possible to do a tutorial of the installation of the parts that you sell in your page as front freestyle / crash pegs, the stunt sprocket or the subcage and please and this if I ask you of all heart as it installs the rear brake and the parts that are needed.
    thank you very much

  3. yo idol. is it possible for you to visit here again in the Philippines?? I missed a chance to see you in person. 😧

  4. Hi Rok, I liked so much this tutorial, is very instructive. I also have a duke, but the 690 R of 2010. Anyway, this tutorial is very useful for my 690. Please, continue uploading more tutorials. Would be possible that the next time tell us what tools did you use and some advices of how to don't do ( the typical errors of novice) ?

  5. Hey
    I would like to see how you guys are changing front rotor disk front and rear wheel for duke 390 full procedure.
    How to fix 6 piston brake caliper for front and which will good for rear wheel.
    And do u use prowertornic ECU for duke.

  6. wait what? I'm kinda lost… you have a handle brake for rear tire? is it expensive to do that mod to a bike? sorry I'm a noob… does it has BOTH rear brakes handle and pedal?

    edit: I had no idea this even existed.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JKVCjpinFQ tho I wonder if would be smart to install that on a bike after having muscle memory put entirely on traditional back brake…..

  7. I am thinking to upgrade my rc200. I feel difficulty in burnouts. What is the particular breaking chamber in handle called

  8. I tried to bleed my handbrake yesterday for almost two hours with no luck. I still had a ton of air coming from the back caliper with absolutely no feel from the lever. Any tips anyone

  9. Wanted to know about the brake fluid but for some reason you let dude say that in a different language. Guess you have to know both to watch this video..

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