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How to Bleed and Grease a Jack – Harbor Freight 3 Ton Low Profile

Hi, DIY Jeff here. I recently did an unboxing
and short product review of my three ton, Harbor Freight low profile floor
jack, and there were a few comments from viewers about bleeding the jack and how
you do that. It’s easy to do and the jack will perform better when it’s under load
as well. I’ll also show you how to grease the jack – so let’s get started.
The first step is to remove the cover plate which is held on by four Phillips
head screws two on each side. Next, back out the Phillips head screw
for the hydraulic fluid reservoir a few turns but not all the way. You may see a
few air bubbles come out and a little hydraulic fluid leak out. Don’t panic,
this is normal. The whole purpose of bleeding is to remove air that’s sealed
in the reservoir. Now turn the pump handle counterclockwise a few turns. Then quickly pump the handle a few times. There may be some hydraulic fluid that
leaks out, if so wipe it off with a rag, then close the reservoir by tightening
the screw down. Before putting the cover plate on, give
the jack a quick test first. Turn the handle clockwise until it stops, then
start pumping. If you watch my first video it took seven pumps. With this same
test, bleeding the Jack made a little difference because it only took six and
a half here. I’ll test the Jack under load too but
first I’ll chok the back wheels. In my first video it took 16 pumps to lock out
all the way. Unfortunately I no longer own the car I
used in that test, so I’m testing it on my Honda Odyssey here. My Odyssey weighs
about 1200 pounds more than the CRV I used in the first video. Surprisingly it
only took one more pump at 17 versus the 16 it took for the CRV. I’m no physics
specialist but I’d say that’s a definite improvement after bleeding it. To see an unboxing an assembly video I
made, check out the link in the description below.
To top off the pivot point with grease, put your grease gun on the fitting and
pump it in until grease comes out, then just wipe off the excess. Lastly, install the cover plate. Hand
tighten the four screws to hold the plate in place, then tighten them down
with your screwdriver. I hope you found this video helpful, if
you did, click like and subscribe to my youtube channel for more DIY projects
and Honest Reviews. And don’t forget to click the bell icon so you’ll get
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12 thoughts on “How to Bleed and Grease a Jack – Harbor Freight 3 Ton Low Profile

  1. That's the wrong filler screw!!!!! The fill screw is on the cylinder shaped hydraulic unit directly between the springs!!!!!

  2. I think the reason it took 16 pumps is because you loosen the wrong bolt or screw. It took me five pumps to get it all the way high with mine

  3. I have the Pittsburgh 2.5 ton low profile with rapid pump. My jack will raise and lower, but it will not work under load, any suggestions? I've tried bleeding it etc.

  4. you did totally wrong on bleeding ,that's not oil filler plug ,…the oil filler plug is ruuber below !!!!

  5. I think I messed up and did it wrong, I just bought mines today, I followed your steps as you showed and ALOT of fluid went all over the floor, now im not even sure if I want to use it or it it will work properly and I don’t want to try using it because I don’t want to damage it, I’ll look around for a friend to see if they know or help me about this, I’ll probably have to go buy fluid for it, idk

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