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How to Bleed a RockShox Reverb Hydraulic Dropper Post

Hi I’m Jerry, lead mechanic at evo, today
we’re gonna bleed a RockShox Reverb hydraulic dropper post. There’s only a few
things that we need to bleed a RockShox Reverb – two syringes, some RockShox Reverb
hydraulic fluid, a t10 Torx and some rubbing alcohol. First step in bleeding
RockShox Reverb is to fill one of the syringes with RockShox reverb hydraulic
fluid. Next step in our Reverb bleed process is
going to be removing the bleed fitting bolts using our t10 Torx. Set it aside and
thread in our hydraulic syringes. Once the full syringe is attached to the
Reverb line, push fluid from the full syringe towards the empty syringe,
flushing the line and all of the bubbles within it. Next step, remove the
empty syringe, replace the bleed fitting bolt, and clean the seatpost with rubbing
alcohol and clean rag. For the final step in the reverb bleed
process, turn the speed adjust all the way out. Next cycle the lever until
no more air bubbles remain. Next turn the speed adjust all the way in and
repeat the process. Turn the adjustment out once more and repeat
the process to make sure there’s no bubbles left in the lever. From here
remove the syringe and replace the bleed fittings. Clean the lever with
isopropyl alcohol and a clean rag. Then test the seatpost for function.
Once we have bled the line properly, test the seatpost
making sure it functions the way it’s supposed to. If you have any questions
regarding service, bleeding, or adjustment of any of your dropper seatposts feel
free to visit us at evo.com or any of our store locations.

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