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How to Bleed a Heating Radiator

How to Bleed a Heating Radiator. Does banging in the pipes sound like someone’s
running a sledge hammer? Try this easy do-it-yourself fix. You will need A radiator A towel and a bleed
key. Step 1. Turn off the heat and wait until the radiator
cools. Step 2. Locate the bleed valve. It is a circular valve with a square protrusion
from its center. Step 3. Hold the towel beneath the valve to catch
any water that leaks out. Step 4. Insert the bleed key and turn it one-quarter
turn counter-clockwise. When you hear the hissing of released air,
you have successfully opened the valve. Step 5. Turn the valve one-quarter turn clockwise
once the hissing has ceased and the first drop of water exits the valve. Step 6. Turn the heat back on and listen to hear if
the noise in the pipes has dissipated. Bleed your radiator every six months as preventative
maintenance. Step 7. Contact a professional heating expert if problems
persist. Did you know Did you know? Doris Day sang the song “Steam Heat” in the
1957 movie version of The Pajama Game.

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  1. did you know: the random fact at the end of the video had absofuckinglutely NOTHING to do with the content of the video?

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