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How Ketamine Works for Chronic Pain

How does ketamine work for chronic pain? First off, when we say the words “chronic
pain,” that can refer to many different types of pain. What happens, studies have shown, is that
patients with chronic pain have decreased neurons and synaptic connections. In particular, in the prefrontal cortex and
the hippocampus. Ketamine seems to go in there and increase
the activity of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, allowing for neurogenesis and synaptogenesis
in those areas that have become diminished over time from chronic pain. The other factor is, the pain receptors in
some forms of chronic pain, have seemed to have gotten over-sensitized or hypersensitized,
meaning they’re much more reactive to receptors or stimuli than the normal receptor. Ketamine actually goes in there, in particular,
in the NMDA receptor, and stops the activity of those hypersensitized or wound up pain
receptors. So, those are 2 mechanisms of how ketamine
may be working from a biological/biochemical level on pain. What do you think about this? And if you have any questions, leave me a
message or comment below.

One thought on “How Ketamine Works for Chronic Pain

  1. I've used Ketamine for the first time and my chronic back pain was gone for a whole 24 hours and i finally got painfree good sleep I just worry when the pain comes back will it be worse could i have hurt my back while the katamine was effective…i guess time will tell.

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