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  1. Te admiro sam,eres un gran ser humano,exitos en todo lo que hagas,soy colombiano mi nombre es Dario Vergara ,vivo en florida usa,exitos,salud y prosperidad en toda tu vida.

  2. eso justamente lo que yo tengo !!! gracias mil gracias !!!! por este magnifico video muchas eserui muchcas gracias yo tambien sabia qye algo estaba mal pero etab intentato con antibioticos y nada y ahora este video me aclara todas la cosaa mus¿chisimas gras!!!!!!

  3. Spot on Brudda, I’m in Colombia for the Winter, amazing country, I’ve learned a lot from your videos, Gracias Mi Amigo. 😎✌️

  4. where the atention goes energy flows, an we have 2 lives the second life begins when we realize we only have one life. thats right👍🏼, and don't forget laguna de la cocha nariño

  5. Very enlightening Sam … Congratulations on getting to make this video finally. You obviously had to go through a long struggle to get to the where you are now . I'm guessing you'd do it all over again because you couldn't have become the person you are now without it. Not to mention the potential you now have to help others . Perhaps that's the greatest gift from all of this. It's certainly going to help me. Thanks for sharing Mate…Cheers !

  6. Sam, thanks for sharing! I have watched your transformation over the last year and it was very evident that something was wrong. You look great in this video. Keep listening to your body!

  7. Hello Sam. I just wanted to thank you for sharing this experience in YouTube. The information was really Interesting for me. I also wanted to thank you for showing the good side of Colombia. Wish you a great year 2020.

  8. Buen video y para agregar ,Colombia tiene uno de los mejores sistemas de Salud en el mundo mejor que USA,Suiza,Australia,Alemania,Dinamarca, y el mejor de Latino America mira este link http://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/best-healthcare-in-the-world/, Sam un video very inspirational,

  9. Te recomiendo pedirle a Dios antes de salir a cualquier lugar a donde vayas.Con el buen corazón que tienes Dios te escuchará.Saludos. 😳

  10. Hola Sam, espero que te hayas mejorado. Ten cuidado al cabalgar y procura hacer calentamiento previamente. Esa posición por largos periodos afecta la articulación de la cadera y la pelvis. Generalmente el síndrome del psoas lo padecen deportistas … También siempre puedes pedir más opiniones, los médicos no lo sabemos todo y si no estás satisfecho con un diagnóstico puedes consultar a más profesionales y llegar al diagnóstico adecuado, creo que 8 meses padeciendo eso es demasiado y te afectó emocionalmente… El tratamiento generalmente es suficiente con terapia física; aunque hay casos que pueden requerir tratamiento farmacológico. Dejo un enlace en inglés para quien esté interesado https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK551701/ … Gracias por tu trabajo🤗

  11. Gracias Sam por compartir tanta experiencia con verdadero entusiasmo y sin egoismos..ni prejuicios. Mi patria te sabra agradecer con mas exitos en los negocios…

  12. I guess Easy Come Easy Go.
    You sure it wasn't psychosomatic I'm getting that feeling.

    The mind is incredibly powerful and it can make you sick and it can also heal you so you have to know which side of the coin you're on.

    take care and well done on getting better….

    now u know how powerful the mind is

  13. Omg, tienes razón, buscando sólo el síntoma y no la raíz del problema. Mil gracias por compartir, aveces tienes un dolor y lo que quiere decirte tu cuerpo, es que debes buscar más a fondo. Mil gracias, best video ever 😎👍👍👍

  14. Hi Sam , I am qualified Holistic Nutritionist you are right about diet , stress and unhealthy habits may lead to system imbalances in our body. All your recommendations are quite accurate ,However I want to add the following:
    *GMO free foods especially those which contain cotton, canola, corn, and wheat .GMO disrupts the endocrine system function causing too many health problems such as killing the good bacteria in your gut or hormonal imbalances.
    *cook your own meals and avoiding packages foods which contain nasty additives and preservatives.
    *Forgive and forget , our organs repressed negative emotions that can alter our health .For instance, in Chinese medicine anger is linked to liver problems as well as kidneys to fear. Holding back those emotions can cause too many health problems.
    *If you use too many electronic devices practice grounding that involves barefoot in the grass daily not only you reconnect your body with the earth but also helps to reduce stress.

    There is enough for now thanks for the amaising video. 🙏💜

  15. Sam, not taking antibiotics isn’t a good idea. You were in dirty water so it could be ugly bacteria or parasites that affected you. I had a case of really bad acne. I refused antibiotics and spent thousands on natural cures. My acne got so bad to the point that pimples were the size of a quarter. People were afraid to sit with me in the same room, that’s how bad it was. Then I took antibiotics. Acne was gone within 3 days.

  16. Very interesting vid. I have coeliac disase and have to take medication for it as well as eat gluten free, but I've started mindfulness (I call it "focus training" lol) to at least have better mood to help me accept/deal with it.
    So glad to hear of your improvement.

  17. Man so happy that you were able to discover this, looking great brother. Hope everything is going amazing and to connect soon 🙏🏼🌞

  18. Crazy Sam.. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis not long ago ( inflammation of colon ) and it’s really impeded my life. I’ve been scrambling around trying everything and anything under the sun to get better..
    I’m glad you’re on the mend and it’s nice to see someone who has overcome a similar illness!

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