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How I Killed My Intestinal Parasites (warning: gross)

Hey YouTube, this video is going to be about
my experience with parasites and how I eventually beat them. Just a heads up though,
this video is kind of gross. First off, let me just say that it’s estimated that about
one billion people in the world have parasites. That’s one in every seven
person, which means there’s even a chance that you might have some of these
or these crawling inside you right now But don’t worry! Most parasites are
completely harmless and are also asymptomatic meaning they don’t even
produce symptoms. Sometimes they will produce symptoms though and those will
generally be weight loss or weight gain cravings for carbohydrates, pain in your
stomach, nausea, gas, bloating or feeling tired. My story starts on the subtropical
island Malta. While I was there my stool suddenly changed. It became very
yellow and extremely buuyant. I actually had to use an empty toilet paper roll and
push it under because it was so buoyant, that it just wouldn’t go down no matter how many
times I flushed. I thought this was pretty weird but I figured it was just from eating so much junk food. So I basically
just dismissed it. After coming home my stool was normal again up until around two months later when
all of a sudden my stool was changing again. First it was like I was
constipated. While I would typically go to the bathroom every day just like
clockwork, suddenly it had been three days and I hadn’t gone to the bathroom yet. Then when it finally came out there
was a long streak of blood on it. This of course freaked me out so I went to the
doctor’s office. They took a blood sample and also tested my feces for blood. Both
results came back looking just fine and the doctor prescribed me laxatives which
was completely unnecessary because what started happening next was that my stool was
becoming more and more loose. Since my visit to the doctor didn’t help me at all I turned to Dr. Google to try and do my own
research. I considered things like IBS or Crohn’s disease but they didn’t really
match what I was experiencing but then I stumbled upon parasites and I read that
sushi was notorious for containing parasites eggs, and lo and behold I had sushi
while I was on Malta when my stool started becoming so weird. I immediately ordered a
product from iherb which was an herb tincture with a combination of wormwood, black walnut,
and cloves, which allegedly was very effective against intestinal parasites.
That turned out to be true because the very first day that I took it I went to
the bathroom and my stool came out as a pile of diarrhea mess and
it contained tiny little string objects and creatures I continue taking the herb tincture daily but
it was never as effective as that very first day that I took it. If you suspect
having intestinal parasites, this is a great cheap way to test whether you have any yourself I then tried some home remedies. The first one was a pineapple fast. I ate exclusively pineapple for two and a half
days and this allegedly works because of an enzyme in pineapple which is supposed
to break down the parasites This did absolutely nothing for me though and the only thing it gave me was some serious acne The second home remedy I tried was eating a bunch of raw pumpkin seeds, but again this didn’t do a single thing
for me and actually this might only be effective against tapeworms which are really
long and it seems that I didn’t have any of these. After that I tried a
pharmaceutical drug a so called it and Antihelminthic which is the class of
drugs which are made to kill and expel parasites the product was vermox and the active
ingredient was mebendazole. When I took this, this had the exact same effect as the herb tincture. The
very first day I took it, my stool became a messy pile of diarrhea and there were again a bunch of small stringy
little creatures in there. I then tried eating a bunch of raw garlic and massive amounts of cayenne pepper powder. I would even put cayenne pepper powder in a glass of water and drink it, just to get more in. I didn’t really expect this to
work much better than the other home remedies that I tried, but this really
worked. What happened was that I become unbelievably irratible for
about five days, I’ve never been such a ahole in my life before. And then out came
the worms. These slimy bastards were about eight centimeters long and they were
clear and translucent in appearance except for a few which looked as if they had
been filled with the stool. It was extremely weird. Apparently as these parasites were dying
inside me they were releasing toxins into my body which was what caused the irritability that I experienced earlier. I read about different parasite species online and figured out that
what came out of me must have been the ascaris roundworm. I
also read that the most effective drug against these was the antihelminthic albendazole. So I went to the doctor and
got a prescription for this. The doctor only let me get one single tablet of
this because she was afraid of the side effects and then when I finally got it
took it and was really disappointed to find out that nothing happened until two
days later. Two days later i again had three more of those exact same worms come out in my stool. At this point I had done all
that I could do against these parasites and decided not to try more treatments. My
stool has since become way more normal but it’s still not a hundred percent. It
seems that I do have something like IBS Crohn’s, or a gut motility disorder and what specifically seems to be
happening is my intestinal tract is overactive. And that is how my story ends.
As a summary the treatments that seem to work for me was the herb tincture, the vermox or mebendazole, raw garlic and cayenne pepper powder, and the albendazole that was it for this video. I hope this
helps you out if you suspect that you’re dealing with intestinal parasites, and if not I
hope it was an interesting video. Bye

100 thoughts on “How I Killed My Intestinal Parasites (warning: gross)

  1. Thank you so much for this video! Someone close to me just discovered a worm infestation and I suspect myself. We'll find out when nature calls…

  2. Also really need to wash your vegetables and fruit because of herbicides, that are a cause of crohn's ; they're Endocrine Disruptor's … If you want to research this any further have a look at Mark Purdeys youtube videos. RIP Mark Purdey.

  3. I hate that how in this modern day and age of medicine and technology, we have yet to find a remotely effective way to screen for parasites. There are SOOO many cases where stool samples come back negative when people obviously have worms in them. You literally have to make sure that the worm is “alive” and moving when they after your stool sample is shipped to the lab. That’s incredibly unlikely because healthy parasites usually don’t just come out wiggling (thank goodness). You really have to see a natural path doctor or take google your way through it.

  4. The one and only thing that ever worked on me, is starvation and snake juice for atleast 7 days in a row, and out they went

  5. My worms seem to be coming back again and again even after taking mebendazole on different occasions whenever I see them in my stool. This evening I was shocked to see a clump of these worms covered in stool when I washed up. There must've been around 10 of them!! Later this evening I used the toilet again and I could see a worm sticking out of my stool. I'm getting freaked out. I took mebendazole this evening and apple cider vinegar. My worms look like bean sprouts, about 5cm long, and with a thin body and the head looking like a small bean. Is this a tapeworm? It looks kinda like the one shown in this video.

  6. I used to work at the whole foods headquarters store in austin on lamar, and there was a guy theyd perodically have to remove from the store, because he would carry around a jar with giant worms that they removed from his intestines inside and he would show and spook random customers

  7. Hi, it is interesting video. I would also recommend exercises with vegetable diet. I had worms when I am about 8 or nine. I remembered I once had a dead long worm came out with the stool. Then later had a bunch alive small worm came out when I went to toilet. Actually I had to pull them out as they were only half way when I went to toilet. I remember that time I did is eating vegetable and exercises. I didn’t take any medicine, it just came out by itself. But ai assume exercises and vegetable diet helped

  8. This parasite is very rare since it has to be ingested. However its very common in Asia and some parts of Africa which makes up the majority of the 1 billion number.

  9. I've just looked at someone's diarrhea and intenstinal worms and gained nothing. He didn't even cure himself, what's the point of this, Youtube!?

  10. I'm strongly against home remedies and other simular bullshit, BUT my doctor was so useless and stupid that I solved my own anemia case because they couldn't put two and two together. (i had very heavy and frequent periods that my doctor had already known about and i had to figure out on my own that periods cause blood loss)

  11. Calm down, guys. He talks about billion people infectioned, but he doesn't know that their majority is concentrated in african and asian poor countries. In USA, Russia and UN countries the helminthiasis is a rare case.

  12. or you could just go to your doctor and tell him that you suspect worms , and he will give you albendazol instead of killing your liver

  13. I usually just pour bleach up my ass 😂 jokes I had threadworms/pinworms one week ago I got 1 pill and it went in 1 day

  14. Now im paranoid. I did got amoeba before. And i do have constipation. When everyone was having bowels everyday. Is either 2-3 days for me. I thought it was normal. Then now i poop. Their was a worm. I love sushi. But now im starting to hate it. Shittt. Going to start tomorrow and try the remedies.

  15. I was scared I think I have the same thing but I think I expelled them from my body?
    This may be nasty but I pulled these string like thing out my :/ yup I figured they were that I hope they burn in the sewers

  16. I hope we can work as a species to eliminate every parasite in the world including one for animals I’d like them to be at peace as well parasites never give they destroy

  17. I'm crying as i'm watching this, i got infected and 5 days ago i started my treatment with zentel 400mg (albendazole) 1 tablet for 3 days. i didn't expirience the symptoms you have after taking those tablets.. i finished my course 2 days ago and today i saw the same thing you're showing on your pictures. I'm not sure if this is working…I don't want to scare people but i'm the biggest sushi lover ever, and a new sushi bar opened in my neighbourghood 4 months ago. I've eaten there few times and that was the only suhi i ate this year, and now i found out they've been shut down…. i don't know what to think, can i report them?

  18. If you are still having issues with this you can look up organicolivia.com she created the perfect product for this! She went through the exact thing and figured it out herself!

  19. Thank you so much🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼. You saved my life.
    I got the idea from your video.
    I eat garlic which is blended together with ginger and black peppers +a little bit of water.These are the ingredients that I could only find in my area. It really really burns my stomach!!! but later I found out that to eat yogurt before taking 2 tablespoons of garlic blended, can help to reduce burning or drink some milk after could also help.
    I drink this two times a day , morning and evening for about 5days now and I could see the results. They die and come out with my poop.
    No more sushi…!!!

  20. You should try to blend aloë Vera with water and bitter melon. Parasites hate bitterness. Don't give up trying. They also lay eggs. Wish you all the best

  21. I have some problems going on.and I saw something like this come out of me and while I was in the hospital they said I looked all good hmmmm

  22. 90% of our health problems originated in our guts or intestines. Unhealthy intestines equals an unhealthy body

  23. Very informative. Thank you for doing this video. I know your not a Doctor but I do have a question. What do you mean when you say you have an over active GI tract?

  24. Get tested for other parasites like gardia etc too mate Cos that can cause your symptoms. Also don’t stop worming ya self u prob still have them if you pooped them out last treatment. I think you didn’t take enough mebendazole etc

  25. Cloves and garlic are very effective for worms.
    Mix 2 cloves and 3 cloves of garlic into some milk.(crush them or blend them up too you) Don't eat or drink anything before or after Eat a late lunch as well. If you dont want to do that ypu can also just plainly eat garlic as well as skipping breakfast adding more garlic in your lunch.

  26. I've only had sushi three times in my life but each time I had it they were from other people you know them giving me little pieces but I want sushi of my own

  27. Pineapple fast.. that's very detoxifying- excellent for the liver. Acne was likely a detox symptom and may have done more than you realise.

  28. Why don't you also try some diatomaceous earth? You should try it going tablespoon in about 4oz of blackberry or apple cider as their flavor helps. With the taste and texture. Mix well it is not soluble bit it is a helpful remedy.giid luck!

  29. One. The yellow is CANDIDA. The strings are CANDIDA. You need a combined therapy to even begin addressing it. Pineapple is mainly SUGAR. It FEEDS candida. Garlic works. you also had ROPE WORMS. They’re completely undiagnosed by medical “doctors” as is CANDIDA brother. Grab three bottles of CCWS a bottle of CANXIDA. And then when you’re ready and have the cash MLIS CLEANSE. I hope ANYBODY reading this hears me. Peace and blessings to you all.

  30. for intestinal parasitic infection it is very important to avoid of eating oily things,meat chilly etc.and use spacRid and debdrate for ten days i will grantee u will get healthy.dont use things in which oil is used even after recovering of One month.ppl dont care what to eat and they are chan doctors and medicine it wrong and many doctors will not tell us abou what things should be avoided and what to eat..

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