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How does blood clot? | #aumsum

How does blood clot? With the help of glue. Not at all. Our blood consists of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, clotting factors, etc. Suspended in a liquid plasma. Hey. I too have a plasma, look. Please listen. Usually, when a blood vessel gets ruptured
and we bleed, our blood begins to form a clot. First, the platelets start sticking to the
broken vessel and each other. Thus forming a loose plug. But this plug is not enough to stop bleeding. Hence, The clotting factors take part in a complex chain of chemical reactions and create fibrin strands. These strands criss-cross one another and create a mesh that tightly holds the loose plug together. Makes it strong. Red blood cells and white blood cells also
get trapped in the mesh. Thus creating a blood clot that completely stops bleeding.

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  1. Did you like the Video??

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  2. Amazing and simple video to understand, keep it up bro but please make videos on voltage ⚡ and current differce between them

  3. Already knew that, and the clotting factor that you mentioned is mainly a protein called fibrogen. But as usual your work was awesome.

  4. I have a question.
    . why any men or women face image of poster , are always seems that they watching us from every angel?

  5. i am the thirteen year old grandson of sachchidananda das and i just ❤ this channel..can you make a video on why our body shakes when our nails scratch a blackboard or wall

  6. This is the best channel for all the questions that the children ask ? and u make it soo easy to understand…thank you soo much for this ?

  7. This Youtube channel is brilliant. It teaches many topics that you do not get to learn in school sooner, thus, you may forget otherwise. Here's why I like it. When a kid always ask such interesting question like how things work; where, why, when, etc., the kids would most like ask their dad's or mother's. And themselves won't know most of the time and they suggest you to learn or get the 'answer' from school when school actually don't tell you these cool stuff, or it's not in a lesson you're at yet. But whatever! However, In Aumsum Time, you get like 5-10 topics in one video, especially these awesome animations and this lovely character (not aware of its name that it has given :D), and some comedy! I feel like I've been inspired, and educated whenever I go to this channel.

    Thank you 🙂

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