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Horrifying Illegal Butt Injections Lead to Arrest

calvin edward butler has been arrested
yet again because of his legal but injection business that he’s been
running illegally drugs that are supposed to do
that he doesn’t have any sort of medical certification whatsoever i’m now he was
arrested again earlier this week is being held a hundred uh…
thousand-dollar not charged with practicing without a
license resulting in bodily injury out there you see a picture of calvin edward
butler vacate amigo butler um… the now another one of the uh…
the victims of this although they did go willingly and get the surgery done i has
come forward we’ve got some interesting information about the witnesses under
this was previously talked with young turks but i thought to be really
interesting uh… now this is in regard to one of the men who’d previously come
forward and is the quote once the injections their word on that
uh… buttons actions were complete butler would clean any blood or food
from the skin and use crazy glue on the incisions report said the woman that the woman at the at this
point was charged two hundred dollars per injection fashion not four people
have come forward there possibly others out there what’s wrong with people this is a apparently a huge issue in
miami i’m derek in a string of arrests related to elite gold plastic surgery
procedures i am not against plastic surgery uh… i
think that if you aren’t adult and you want to change something about yourself
and you do enough research and you make an educated decision then you should
have the ability to do so but one thing that you definitely should not be cheap
about is plastic surgery you know don’t look for someone who does plastic
surgery out of their homes in a safe medical environment with the
professional research the hell out of him or her uh… and as i said on the show before insecurity
is the most expensive thing because it leads you to do stupid things that cost
a lot of money yeah uh… and you know two hundred dollars
isn’t chump change uh… i would have no obviously preferred for these people to
go to uh… licensed professionals act to get this yet it’s easy to love the people i was
even laughing a little bit but we don’t know how this guy advertise the services
for all they knew maybe it was semi-retire uh… i mean obviously getting a very
good deal but look i got you please ask you know we can all get drawn in for
various ideals begat the injuries that they they
suffered are pretty serious that these people some of them still have chronic
pain as a result of bacterial infections one of the guys who’d been calling in to calvin ever butler like saying like
that i could live like this is a killing if in weeks later at the obviously
infected was given like just collect topical
antibiotics and things we are told to man up it is exactly the ac dot my doctors as
old as i thought that all the time to and but when the uh… at one point five
billion the infected but the products of this man and found cultures of mercer i know right now it’s it’s horrible and terrible and i i’m
glad that authorities are cracking down on this and a lot of people are coming forward of course this is an in embarrassing situation for these
people they caught up and so some people might feel embarrassed to go forward and
tell of the reasons happening but you know if you’re experiencing anything
like this or even if you come across someone you hear about someone doing something like this turn them in
immediately because they’re messing with people’s lives here this was sick
individual yeah okay i i don’t know what kind of pleasure you know he’s getting by injecting fix a
flack into people’s but thoughts yeah yeah i would i say i
consider bringing that up to you think that this is just about making the quick
easy two hundred dollars if you think that there’s something special about
this i wouldn’t be surprised if they’re
something set sexual about this idon’t know we need to have men and women yeah
i don’t know op but obviously the quick money is probably the priority here yet
it look if you wanna enhancer binds them all for that but but paid one thousand two thousand cost it’s
on legally at the jet i think we worked with him

100 thoughts on “Horrifying Illegal Butt Injections Lead to Arrest

  1. So a trans person who does illegal surgeries on partially trans people who are insecure about being misgendered. And TYT's respond, continue the misgendering and transphobia! So much for them being "progressive"

  2. should butt injections for transexual women who wants to look more female be "medical care" that they should be entitled to or have the right to get from the state?

  3. It was first used for medical purposes in Vietnam, but was original developed during WWII while looking for a way to make clear plastic gun sights

  4. THANK YOU. EXACTLY. this group needs anti-transphobia training to do this story intelligently. there are genuine considerations that were completely fumbled and glanced over. gross.

  5. The crux of the problem is that people wanted to save money so they went to a home made clinic. The face they they are transgender changes little, I'm sure 99% of real plastic surgeons wouldn't care if the person who's getting the butt injection is a transexual, so nothing is being denied and they have as many choices as anyone

  6. The customers are just as guilty… those cheap, desperate, idiots. If you don't have the money to get pro plastic surgery then don't get it. Have they not heard stories like this before? Evidently not

  7. I think anyone who looks at this person and allows them to do anything medical to them has serious problems to start with.

  8. Proper medical care? So, this medical care should be provided by the tax payers? This is cosmetic surgery. If they choose to do so, I have no issue w/ them or her but don't attempt to make this a burden the tax payers have to carry. Freedom of choice isn't free nor is cosmetic surgery.

  9. I wasn't actually talking about this issue when I meant proper health care, however, I could argue that "cosmetic" surgery and hormone treatments can be psychologically necessary for trans* people. Perhaps they would not be if our society did not have such strict definitions of manhood and womanhood. As well, often legit places will deny them even if they have the money…money they are less likely to have because of pervasive employment discrimination.

  10. wow after they put the picture up of that man, I lost my appetite. Maybe he should go into the weight loss industry instead, all he has to do is show his face.

  11. Do you choose to ignore science? Science has repeatedly demonstrated that transsexuality, ESPECIALLY in the case of trans women (due to fewer studies on trans men, it is a real problem), is a real phenomenon with significant brain differences. If a person considers themselves a woman, I will consider them a woman and treat them as such. It is simply about respect. What do you respect more, a persons right to self-sovereignty or your own right to feel justified in imposing things on them.

  12. I assumed you were. These cosmetic issues stem from a desire to be accepted as well as a lack of self worth. Which I don't believe can be bought. However, I do agree that most employers will shy away from transsexuals do to the taboo & for the very reason of the added cost they perceive will be associated w/ them. Unfortunately, this is the reality we currently live in. Which I imagine will slowly change. However w/ that said I see no reason why tax payers need to foot the bill, for now.

  13. If you are stupid enough to have random crap inserted into your body by a person obviously not a medical proffesional, it is your own damn fault.

  14. Well, probably not for certain surgeries, but if we had better access (which includes some footing the bill) to psychological care for transgender people (and quite frankly everyone) it might help with the whole self worth thing. I'm not suggesting a simple "throw money at it" conclusion. I'm trying to point out the depths and complexities of the problem that most people are treating simply.

  15. The idea & concept of "throw money at it" is so pervasive & honestly hasn't worked w/ social issues. Forethought is def. lacking in our gov. & culture. Which could possibly help these people struggling for an identity. I do see the benefits slightly out weighing the cost in terms of mental health care. However, this is a such a complex issue many are unwilling to tackle, unless it effects them & I'm not only speaking of gender issues but mental health as a whole. Since it appears to be linked.

  16. I'm guessing that this purely motivated by money, because that would be a very weird fetish. Now having said that I will probably get complaints from back alley plastic surgery fetishists. Damn you rule 34!

  17. Hmmm…I guess people forgot krazy glue (Cyanoacrylate) used to be used medically on a regular basis. Granted what that guy did was illegal and disgusting, but to mention krazy glue was pointless.

  18. Being Trans myself I've had a number of friends that have done this sort of thing, and had bad things happen. Most have silicone injected into the hips and buttock area. It sometimes leads to life threatening infections. They actually use crazy glue in hospitals nowadays for closing wounds and such, but to go some trans person and have this kinda thing done is just not wise at all.

  19. Research the neurotoxins in the "vaccines", Formaldehyde, Mercury, Aluminum Hydroxide, Polysorbate 80 ……ALL ADMINISTERED BY TRAINED PHYSICIANS. They are poisoning the children, administering what's known to cause neurological impairment into children when they are most vulnerable, adversely affecting them for a lifetime of diminished living. Not conspiracy theory, FACT.

  20. super glue is regularly used in medicine, and is a hell of a lot more efficient at keeping a wound sealed than a piece of plastic and cotton.

  21. Seeing the thumbnail of this video with the title appearing as "Horrifying Illegal Butt Injections…" was by far the most hilarious things I've seen this night.

  22. you make it sound like im trying to smear her. there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a nose job. there is proof she had a nose job, it is no big deal. good for her. don't be ignorant, look in to it, i am not trolling, she has had a nose job.

  23. K you cite Penn and Teller (hehehe :))) ), I cite Dr. Blaylock (on YT), a neurosurgeon, someone familiar with the underlying chemistry of the matter.

    From a purely commonsense standpoint why are known neurotoxins being administered to babies/children? Why is Aluminum Hydroxide, Mercury, Formaldehyde, MSG ….all contained in "vaccines".


  25. Hmm people getting butt injections from some dude in his house, dying. Natural selection works. I say let them continue.

  26. may i say, it looks like that she man put those butt injections in his/her face.

    ok may i also say

    if you're dumb enough to put some random ass substance in your body,please dont wonder why youre suffering like a rat in a lab.

  27. oh sure. go buy a sweater and get charged with murder because the slave that died in the asian sweatshop died making your sweater.

  28. lol wtf why were u flagged as spam? this comment is dead on 100% accurate. you should never pretend to be a doctor and that "guy" is a huge fag.

  29. thank god for a variety of woman in all types of sizes.all natural and beautiful.a womans body is a work of art.not just for sex but companion in life my best friend and lover.

  30. The thing you people dont understand is this has come from the Transgendered community of people getting silicone injected into their body to look like females with curves. And these people doing this are not using medical grade silicone they are using industrial grade silicone bought at a hardware store which unlike the medical grade costs 200 bucks for a small vile is about 50 cents for 2 liters of the industrial grade. Im not condoning this practice in anyway but that is who is getting alot of the work done and who is getting this bogus stuff done not to mention the real girls who these transexuals who have had this done talk into doing it. That is why the person who was arrested has a huge cheeks, silicone injections aka bodywork in the TS community. Now superglue has been used in medical community for sealing up cuts before this is nothing new. But when this silicone is injected it does move and can become infected. It is stupid to do this any puncture with a needle in the body is a medical procedure to most people in the medical community. These non doctors dont know anatomy,  are injecting silicone into veins to which takes this substance straight to the lungs which blocks a vein and becomes a embolism bloodclot that deprives the brain of blood and oxygen!

  31. This has been goin on for years in the gay community. Not talked about but ten years ago I knew people who were getting work done. You go for the all natural female look of curves and a natural cheek. Or breast. Many things are illegal but we still do it

  32. "God makes no mistakes… except when he gave me this embarrassing flat ass" I feel no remorse for either side. The insecurity business is extremely lucrative & is increasing exponentially everyday. People don't like themselves.

  33.  the wonderful medical community failed to do for many years. Silicon injection was a common procedure back in the early 70's. Mostly at the time were transsexual (transgender) getting this procedure. Just a few years back the public started to be aware of this procedure because genetic women were have complication and even death.
     What upsets me is over 40 years went by and the medical community still has no adequate solution. Just this 21st century we have fat injection where a low percentage stays in your body. Then they are the hip implants that is actually butt implants that only give you a small projection to the hips ($5000 to $8000 and you only get small projection..please !!!!). Its the medical community fault and still nothing has been done. What is it going to take?  We need someone super famous that has passed away from silicon injections for them to wakeup? And yet they wonder why women seek other means. Then they have the nerves to label us as body dysphonic syndrome. I have known a few TG women that were totally depress about their body until they went for injection and they were on top of the world. Better than what hormones could ever do.
    MEDICAL COMMUNITY WAKE UP !!!!!!!! AND DO SOMETHING BEFORE MORE WOMEN DIED. 40 years is too long. Since you are all in the money in making money could you imagine the long line you would have to make a genetic or  transgender women with hips of 38 to increase to 45
    Also this stupid reporter could at least use the correct pro-noun. The media loves to throw around the wrong pro-nouns when a person is TG .

  34. If the person doing this is a transgender woman (which it appears is true, since they are going by Tamika and appear to be presenting as feminine), they should be referred to as 'she' no matter how shitty what they have done is. TYT claim to be progressive but can't even do the minimum to respect transgender people? Disappointing.

  35. David B…..commenting just below – sorry man but that's a he not a she no matter which cheap ragedy female clothing store "he" shops at ! Millions of us here in this country will never acknowledge these sick minded men…so how's that buddy !!??

  36. @bibata sankara oh please grow up nothings wrong with being gay,a gay man and a transgender person are two different things,if a trannie wants work so what that's there business not yours,and I see your not saying nothing about the black women getting there asses done,its dangerous but thats there lives and they are grown so whatever,your hate is a disgrace.

  37. I can't take this seriously. This guy is talking with a smirk on his face. Some people can't afford plastic surgery, so they find cheaper ways around it. And they end up suffering at it. It's not funny. People end up dying because they don't what they are truly signing up for. And this Asshole admitting to laughing at this and the fact that people are getting infections. What an Asshole. Being a news reporter there should no biased. People die from botched plastic surgerys.

  38. Aww I miss Tamika and they are wrong for referring to her as “he” SHE is transgender and it’s easy to talk shit when they don’t know how that person is living!! I know her personally and she is a great person!! These people chose to go to her knowing the possible outcome!!

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