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100 thoughts on “Horoscopes, Astrology & My Zodiac Sign | Hannah Witton

  1. I was born on September 22nd and fall on the dividing line between Summer and Fall and between Virgo and Libra. I am told sometimes I should be Virgo and other time my "correct" sign is Libra. My brother is an "Irish" twin and solidly Libra born a year and 4 days after me. To me the only thing certain is our birthdays all else is, as you say, BS.

  2. I'm a Pisces with my sun in Pisces, moon in aries and rising is Scorpio. Now tell me more! I love hearing about this but it can fit to everyone.

  3. I don't believe in horoscopes, but probably am rather stereotypically a Pisces. My birthday is 1st March, so I am right in the middle of Pisces. I looked up my other bits after this and I am:

    Moon in Capricorn
    Rising: Virgo

    I only skim-read what it all meant, but it all seems very opposing? But there's the thing – I often relate to a lot of things anything like this says, then there will be some bits that I think "That is not me whatsoever!" and I feel as though maybe it's just all written so anyone could read themself in it. I get that the moon/tide impact on our emotions and physical selves, but our actual character and nature? In a scientific sense, how would that work?! This said, I have a friend who was born on 6th March and we often buy the same things completely sepearately and discover we have yet more and more similarities in how we think and the things we love, unbeknownst to us that we had these things in common which is kind of weird…

  4. Something that I hate about Astrology is it lacks a clear historical creator or use. Most other personality tests have a known origin we can scrutinise to limit it to the experiences of the creator and the problem they wanted to solve. Astrology lacks this level of transparency and so is constantly moulded by different groups to fit what they are looking for.

  5. I never relate to the Cancer descriptions any time I hear them. Nor do they ever seem to describe my husband. (We are both Cancers.) No, I don't believe in it.

  6. i’m a libra
    my boyfriend is a virgo/libra cusp
    my mom’s a gemini/taurus cusp
    my dads an aries/pisces cusp
    my best friends an aquarius/pisces cusp
    😆😆😆so basically those closest to me are just as indecisive as i am

  7. I was born pretty much exactly three years after you (same date and roughly same time) and also think astrology is bullshit…but the description of Dan’s Astrology/Pisces cusp cat does deeply resonate with me 🤔🤔🤔

  8. I enjoyed this video but honestly I'm not really sure where Dan got their information from…a lot of it was not really accurate lol

  9. I'm a Capricorn and literally everything except my rising and something else is Capricorn. My rising is Aquarius and the other thing is Scorpio.

  10. Libra is an air sign not water. Saturn has to do with work and Aquarians can be as you put it "know it alls" so it could mean you're driven in your work, and likely an odd job because Aquarians are odd.
    I would say things correlate, but aren't caused by celestial goings on. If I need a metaphor; people can be angrier in hot weather. People can be very happy in hot weather but statistically more violence happens in the heat.
    I also disagree with some of the descriptions, but like 75% is decently described.
    Yes it may all be bs, but I spent 10yrs studying it for fun and there are some set definitions and some sketchier ones, and I've definitely had a couple of charts show up with very different info than how a person identifies.
    One thing on my chart said I'd suffer from a major sad event in childhood; I take as my dad passing, or having a particular couple of years of deeply traumatizing brain washing treatment. My friend's chart said likely to have schizophrenia (indicated at least in part correlation to a Pisces-Aries cusp) and have a mother addicted to drugs (in part related to Pluto's placement). All true and fairly specific.

  11. How did you manage to be so open minded and make all your guests feel welcome discussing things you really don't believe in? I couldn't get through this video because my bullshit tolerance isn't high enough.

  12. Loving this series! 😀 Which website did you use, and do you know what book it was that Dan was flipping through?

  13. Oh I lived on the libra/Scorpio cusp for so long. I actually wrote my college application essay about being a libra and always being in the middle.
    Now I know I’m a Scorpio because they did a time based chart.

  14. I'm pisces sun, libra moon, gemini rising uwu I think astrology is super fun, and I really don't know if I believe in it? Kind of? I don't take it too seriously, but I also don't call it bs so, who knows? Do we really know anything?? Stars are scientific celestial bodies but they're also weird and mystical so shrug emoji

  15. Zodiac bs is simultaneously vague and overly complicated so that it's easy to find whatever meaning you want. Our birthdays are within days of each other, we're both Pisces with Cancer rising and yet Dan's interpretation of you and my friend's interpretation of me based on the same concepts are completely different. Any person can relate to any sign in some way, especially since every sign is involved in some way. Oh you don't act like a classic Capricorn, oh it's because you have Pisces rising. There's a "because" to explain every deviation from the box Zodiac is trying to put you in and there's always something about you that does fit and then that one thing becomes the confirmation that it's all real even though the positioning of celestial bodies at the time of your birth in fact has no effect on who you are as a person. I'll still have fun looking at the random horoscope here and there but when someone sits down and tries to talk to me seriously I can't help but roll my eyes. It's as mind numbing as listening to someone explain why the Earth is flat or how the moon landing was faked.

  16. I just can't believe in astrology, it doesn't help me that I'm supposedly to be Sagittarius and don't identify with anything at all. Am I supposed to be extrovert, adventurous, spontaneous, laid back? Literally, the complete opposite. That's why I argue a lot with my friend who is obsessed with astrology. But we're cool! Hahaha

  17. I'm 100% sure that astrology is utter bullshit but I subscribed a astrology channel and feel happy if I read "today is your best day" 😂 don't tell around ( Cancer)

  18. I get that for most people astrology is just a bit of fun but I think anything that is not based in fact has the potential to harm people who genuinely believe it. There is a great episode of the Modern Mann podcast (no, not the one that Hannah is on, though that one is great too ;p) about people being taken advantage of by 'psychics' and I think when people take astrology seriously it is a stepping stone towards ignorance. That being said, I'm a cancer so I would think that, right?

  19. Astrology is real !! Science has proven that the moon changes the tide, but if you don’t believe that it effects you too then you crazy🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. It's so fucking fascinating how so many seemingly intelligent people believe in astrology??? Its meaningless! Like it's fun to go haha I'm a Leo or whatever but. It's not reaaal

  21. Is your mercury also in Pisces?I'm also a Pisces Sun and Mercury as well as an Aquarius Mars, Venus, and Saturn….. Saturn is generational though so that makes sense. But wow!

  22. Also, the explanation about the moon and tides etc is shaky on its own – but even if that were the explanation, that the movement of the moon and other planets affects you by shifting the water in your body… why would it have anything to do with when you were born? Wouldn't everyone just go through the same mood shifts throughout the year as things move around? Or do astrology people believe that the water in your brain is like… pulled by the planets when you're born, altering you permanently? Its very hard to see how that would really provide an explanation, even if the "the moon affects humans the same way it affects the tide" thing were proven scientifically… (which it isn't, neither is the "fact" that people and animals act differently during a full moon)

  23. I've only paid attention to astrology in the last year or two, while previously thinking it didn't hold much credence. But some of the things that I've come across from my chart and others' + random readings is stuff that just seems very true, but more like deep set things that only you know about. I find it interesting! I think it's use is very interesting too, I don't believe in horoscopes and using it predict things in the future etc. But I think it can be a helpful tool in self reflection sometimes, and knowing yourself and others better, that can't really hurt.. Plus it's a bit fun to uncover and discuss truths about each other in this way! I'm blabbing on..but yea. Love this series! And I have to say I love a bit of a astrology myself!

  24. More embarrassing that my parents walked in on me watching this than Hannah's video in a sex shop the other week…

  25. I’m a Taurus sun, Gemini moon and Virgo ascendant. I only have one water sign in my entire birth chart lol. I love astrology and I don’t really care whether it’s real or not, I just think it’s fun

  26. Like you, Hannah, I was born on a cusp, so I'm Libra / Scorpio. I've never put any faith in astrology, but I am a very balanced person (like absurdly so at times), so it's a great fit for me sign-wise.

    I found a website that will tell you your sun / moon / rising sign: https://www.astrology.com.tr/birth-chart.asp

    It said mine are:
    • Sun: Libra

    • Moon: Leo

    • Ascendant: Libra

    If it helps, it also said my Medium Coeli is:
    • MC: Cancer

    I was born in 1970, so astrology was quite the fad back then, and my mom had my astrology chart done. She's always told me I had Scorpio rising, but this site said it didn't rise until 14 minutes after I was born, so my rising sign is Libra according to it. Who knows? Lol. I am very familiar with what Libra and Scorpio are supposed to be, and I had a friend in high school who was a Leo so I know what that sign should be, but I'm not too sure what it means for me to have Cancer be my MC. Any ideas?

    This was fun to hear! It's funny that you are so very much your sign, Hannah! Lol. I loved that you summed this video up with everything is true. haha 🙂

  27. So it kinda means that thousands of people that were born the same time/day are basically the same types, identical personalities etc? I can't get behind that.

  28. Can you do a video on the importance of (as a female) having female friends, I'm female, but I have literally no female friends and I feel like I'm missing out on…something.

  29. Question – Do you think personality tests are accurate when representing the entirety of a person? Do you think certain tests are more helpful than others?

  30. Sag rising and pisces moon… so that deadline thing is a bit of a struggle 😀 (also stellium Scorpio, in four planets…. But sag in three, soooo)

  31. Okay so dan is fucking peng but we would not get along about astrology because that moon explanation thing was hilarious as a science person I just can't deal with how wrong it was 😂

  32. I'm so glad you're doing these kinds of vids again! It Bingz back memories of the first time you did this at 2011 O' Clock!

  33. 9:12 by sitting next to her, Hannah's body mass is having a greater gravitational pull on Dan than the moon is. The moon's gravity is functionally irrelevant to an individual compared to all the other things you interact with, which in any case are utterly overwhelmed by the effect of earths gravity. (which itself if fundamentally a strangely weak force – you counteract it every time you stand upright)

  34. I am a Virgo libra cusp and idk what one I relate too. If I read them I just read both and decide which one I like better

  35. Its interesting to me that folks who like astrology are usually chill and use it as a reflection tool and people who dont like astrology/know nothing about it love to INSIST it has no value or importance

  36. I relate to everything Hannah says in this video, including thinking it's all bullshit but wanting to hear everything. So I looked up my chart and Hannah and I have the same sun/moon/rising signs, so ~astrology is real~~ And as a bonus I fulfilled my wish of wanting Dan to explain my horoscope to me by rewatching the video lol

  37. hannah: he would be like ten times more "it's absolute bullshit"

    me: bet he has a ton of capricorn in his chart
    dan: so he's got a lot of capricorn in him

  38. I really fit in with my zodiac sign's characteristics and Zodiac sign stuff are true most of the time based on my experience too.

    I'm a virgo ♍

  39. My astrology has always been SO not me so I find it very difficult to believe in. Likewise same with my mum. And neither of us are a cusp.

  40. Libra is not a water sign 😆😆😆
    Figured you should know its an air sign. Lol😂 I am concerned that I know this but whatever.

  41. The moon doesn’t have some special relationship with water. Gravity is proportional to the square of distance, so when the moon is closest to the earth, the effect of its gravitational pull on everything on the surface of the earth facing the moon is significantly increased. That said, it’s still so small we can’t feel this increase. But if you spread this small effect over three hundred trillion gallons of water, a cumulative effect emerges, noticeably impacting how all that water sloshes around on the planet—i.e., the tides. While I don’t believe in astrology, I think videos like this are a lot of fun, and Dan seems like a really cool person. But the moon-water argument is pretty arbitrary.

  42. this video wasn't done very well, astrology knowledge was quite basic and was treated a bit like a joke, it was hard to watch as someone who has studied it for years! for example, 'cusp signs' do not exist at all, and that says a lot about the research that went into this

  43. Some charts say I'm a Taurus, others say I'm a Gemini. Usually Gemini is the one that I claim, I act more like a Gemini than a Taurus.

  44. My family is one from each element too! We all fit our elements really well, so I'm never sure about how much to believe!

  45. OMG Hannah’s mom is a Libra, my dad’s a Libra, her dad’s an Aries and my mom’s an Aries, her sister is a Taurus and my brother’s a Taurus!! What!

  46. Astrology is massively misunderstood. It is a complex science based on numbers when you actually drill down into it. I believe that your birth chart is as unique as your fingerprint and can reveal your true self and highest potential. Looking at the sign alone won't tell you much – you need to understand the house it sits in along with the position of the other planets in relation to it. It constantly amazes me how accurate readings can be when working with complete strangers.

    Also, for anyone who has a natural cycle, free from artificial hormones, and is connected with mother nature they will notice the link with the moon cycles. You do not need science to prove it, just real life experience.

    That's my opinion – anyone with me?

  47. I'm an Aries sun, Aries moon, Gemini rising. I've always thought that Aries didn't fit me (I feel like more of a water sign) but now that I'm reading into all the details (the other planets that align at that time) it's starting to fit a bit more.

  48. I know very little about astrology and I don't know if I believe in it, but I do think the reason the for Hannah's sign changing is that they changed the astrology chart and added an extra sign bc of some planet and/or star positioning that has happened since the original astrology chart was created centuries ago. They added a thirteenth sign to adjust the understanding of it.
    Some websites and papers use scraps of information from the new chart, like the new dates, without including the thirteenth sign.
    Im sure some people can explain further.

  49. If you know it's bull crap why would you learn more about it That's like saying "I know objectivism is a crock, but let me hear their side of why the poor are leechers"

  50. I'm a scorpio sun, taurus moon, scorpio rising and scorpio mars so that's like A Whole Thing (also sag mercury, libra venus and the rest of it is like mostly capricorn lmao)

  51. The moon affects the sea because of its gravitational pull. The moon moves and litterally atracts water towards it, which causes tides. Nothing to do with the percentage of water that bodies have nor people's personality or future.

  52. People who don’t like astrology are always so passive aggressive about it for no reason…Just let people enjoy things?

  53. Wow fun fact for Dan, but I have the exact same astrology as them! (well, at least the planets that they listed). I am also a libra sun, capricorn moon, and pisces rising, as well as a scorpio mercury. I think I remember from their video with Alayna Joy that they were also a scorpio mercury? Wow I wonder what the rest of their astrology is. Lol maybe I should become a YouTuber and see if they would do a reading of me. I've never known of someone with that many planets in common with me
    Edit: They were also born the day before me. That's just spooky

  54. i despise Astrology, because it implies a pretty fatalistic worldview

    "you can't change your fate and you can do nothing about turning out this way. just submit to what will happen to you."

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