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100 thoughts on “Homemade Projectile Toys You Can Easily Make

  1. Hey guys, what did you think of the new narrator Richy? The other narrators will continue, but Richy will be narrating these Life hack style videos. Let me know here in the comments and take part of the poll at the end please!

  2. Homemade weapons? Ya a kitchen knife will be more effective than anything your dumbass makes. Lmao stupid white boy.

  3. best one i ever built was a 15 cm long plastic pipe with a balloon strapped over one end of the pipe then i put some corn in the barrel and grabbed it with the backend of the ballon pulled the balloon back and had a cheap airgun that shoots harder than the average airsoft if combined with a strong enough balloon

  4. The pvc bow was amazing it was so simple i also liked the grenade that was pretty cool you realy a very creative way of thinking and i love people like that your video is so unique your very impressive i look forward to seeing what outher stuff you can come up with

  5. 4:05 jesus christ why is hes voice suddenly scary sounding? it doesnt help that hes talking about creating flammable substances. and then at 4:13 his voice just back to normal…

  6. I ended up making the hanger crossbow and PVC bow. Both make pretty good bottle rocket fireworks launchers lmao

  7. My parents would have had a full on seizure if they caught me watching this back in 5th grade ( Period of time when i'd build stuff out of pen parts)

  8. Friendly reminder, even with little toys like these, practice safety and wear hearing and eye protection, folks!

  9. Someone: makes a tutorial how to make a working bomb

    Someone:EdUcAtIoNaL pUrPoSeS oNlY

    Youtube: ok looks good

  10. Welp. You just caused a war in some high school. Not mine. In mine we don’t shoot each other. We just show them off. One time someone used a pen, a hard eraser and a rubber band to make a damn near lethal device. He shot a toothpick into the marble cafeteria floor.

  11. if you have a small glass bottle you can fill it with acetone, and close the bottle, then tie a fuse on and light it and throw the bottle.

  12. If you're patient you can drink half a bottle of apple juice and plant it somewhere. 3-5 days it should have fermented enough. The fermentation makes the gas expand and the bottle explode. After 3-5 days it sould go off on its own or when disturbed. Try the small apple juice bottles from vending machines or something. Like a six pack.

    Warning: will give you the shits.

    And probably arrested.

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