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HOME REMEDY TO CURE NOSE BLEED II नकसीर फूटने का घरेलू उपचार II

Welcome to Health Care At Home One of our viewer from thane his name is Karan he has a problem of nose bleed He wants a solution to get rid of this problem Karanji firstly you should know how to stop this nose bleeding I will tell you some solutions Whenever you get nose bleeding just stand under the tap and open it it will stop your bleeding Keep a blackboard chalk with you Who ever gets nose bleeding put chalk in their nose and lye them on floor This will stop nose bleeding immediately As your problem is old you get this nose bleeding in every summer So I will tell you a remedy on this Take 20 gms of multani powder and put it in earthen vessel add 1/2 litre of water in it and leave When multani powder rises water will come up Filter this water Have a glass of this water daily 2-3 times This will cure your old nose bleeding problem Other remedy is take 3 gms of Sodium Borate add water and make a paste of it Apply this paste in your nostril this will also cure your nose bleeding Bleeding will stop immediately This multani powder water which I said is very effective in nose bleeding problem You will get rid of this problem completely So next time whenever you feel that your nose will bleed in summer try this multani powder water Your nose bleeding problem will be solved Isn’t it a easy home remedy We always wish our viewers happy and healthy life keep watching us Thank you

5 thoughts on “HOME REMEDY TO CURE NOSE BLEED II नकसीर फूटने का घरेलू उपचार II

  1. Sir I have a back pain for 5 year because of gym sometime it's pain free but when I carry some weight it's again started what can I do to reduce this pain permanently sir pls reply fast.

  2. hello sir….
    mere bache ka age 3years. ushku cold allergi hein.. ushko garmi mein bhi cold cough & tansilitis hojatahein… ushku stomach ka bhi problem hein… ishkeliye kuch home remedi bataye….plz.
    summer ke liye
    winter ke liye

  3. Sir g ye nakseer hy ya kia kuch pta nae mujhy ap meri guide krn. Naak sy khushuk khoon ata rhta hy. Sar mn shadid dard rhta hy baal jhar jaty hn ganja pan ho jata hy. Main takleef mn hon meri help krn plzzzzzzz. Buht tension hti hy baal utar jany ki …. Help me god bless u. M w8ng ur reply.

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