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Hoa lan tiêu chữa đau xương

Health Network, For Public Health Hi, you are listening to audio on mangyte.vn website Orchids for bone pain Orchid hypersensitivity to heat, heat thalassemia, thrombocytopenia. Leaves and branches have the effect of blood gas, muscle, and almost all of the heat. Roots and branches are used except for blood vessels, detoxification detoxification. Orchids are also known as lavender flowers, flower flowers, flower flowers, and so on. It is a tree with double leaves of feathers, blooms from the summer to early fall, large flowers, bell-shaped flowers, funnel-shaped quill, top slice into five slabs. In the winter, deciduous trees, only the body as bare as the branches of dry wood. At the end of spring, the new plant begins to sprout, the roots grow out of the roots, not clinging to the soil. Which attracts water vapor and nutrients from the air, to feed the plants. In order to make medicine, people gather the flowers in sun shade, or star dry with small fire, to accumulate gradually. Roots and shoots are harvested in the fall, washed off with slices of star anise. Orchid flower. Some specific remedies: Arthritis pain due to weather:fresh sprout 30g, fresh shell 30g, 9g sprout, cinnamon 9g. All poured into 550ml water, 250ml color, divided into 2 times a day, 10 days a course. Treatment of dysmenorrhea:orchid flowers washed, dried, small, drink 4g, 2 times a day, drink with 30ml of white wine. Drink 15 days before your period, 10 days. Red caviar:9g pepper, 9g, small, mixed, put into the bottle gradually. Daily, after each meal, drink 6g, with warm water, 10 days a course. Cure irregular menstruation:9g, 9g rose, 9g, 15g, 15g, 6g. All for warm, pour 700ml, 250ml color, divided into 2 drinks a day. Drink at the drug is warm, use immediately 15 days. Or:two-part orchid, one part black, one part black. All dried, smooth, mixed, twice a day, 6g each powder. Note:People who are physically depressed, have poor blood pressure and are pregnant, are not allowed to use bowel movements. Medical doctor:Nguyen Huu. The content of this post is ending, you have questions, questions please share the comments below this article. Please subscribe to the Health Network channel, share this article with your friends and follow up with the next audio. Hope this article will bring you many useful things. Wish you always healthy.

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  1. Hoa lan tiêu chữa đau xương. Hoa lan tiêu chủ trị các chứng phong nhiệt, tả huyết nhiệt, phá huyết ứ. Lá và cành có tác dụng ích khí lương huyết, sinh cơ, trị hầu tí do phong nhiệt. Rễ và cành có công dụng trừ phong hoạt huyết, tiêu thũng giải độc.

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