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Hiccups | How To Get Rid Of Hiccups (2018)

So why do we get hiccups? And how do you stop them? well that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you in this week’s video hiccups are an involuntary contraction of the diaphragm now we’ve all had hiccups and they affect women and men equally however persistent hiccups are
more common in men than women sorry chaps so there’s actually two types of hiccups short hiccups that last less than 48 hours and persistent hiccups that last more than 48 hours now persistent hiccups are usually linked to an underlying illness so you’ll need to see a doctor so they can investigate short hiccups are really nothing to worry about they can happen due to various
different reasons so sudden excitement is one of them I mean I’m sure everyone
is suddenly excited when they’re notified that Abraham the pharmacist has
released a new video (LAUGHTER) but on a more serious note I’ll leave the reason for both types of hiccups in the description below for you background done now let’s get to the part that you actually want to see how do you stop the hiccups by the
way before we go to the next bit there are loads of remedies that are said to
stop short bout hiccups but these are all on individual experiences so there’s
no research trials on them to show exactly how effective they are but I’m
gonna give you all of them so now let’s actually get to it remedy number one the
good old valsalva maneuver which basically means taking a deep breath in
and then trying to push the breath out whilst holding your throat and voice box
closed it’s like pushing in childbirth or straining when you’re on the toilet
slightly off-topic but please don’t strain whilst you’re on the toilet
because it’s not very good for you remedy number two is from Dr Eric
Voigt and apparently it’s got a very high success rate so his tip is to drink
water from the opposite side that you usually do so you’re gonna have to tilt
your head down and drink like so it’s probably gonna make a massive mess so I wouldn’t wear my best clothes when I’m doing it but the theory behind it is
because of the way your abdomens going to contract it’ll stop the hiccups
remedy number three swallow a teaspoon full of granulated sugar now the theory
behind this one is it’s going to stimulate your vagus nerve and make your
body forget about the hiccups so try it I guess if remedy one and two don’t work
try remedy three remedy four is again trying to stimulate
our vagus nerve to make our body forget about the hiccups so the other
options include sipping on iced water biting a lemon or tasting vinegar I know
delicious right remedy five pull your tongue I know it sounds like I’m making
this one up it’s actually on the NICE guidelines so I guess it could be
interesting remedy six is all about breathing so either hold your breath for a
short time, breathe fast or breathe into a paper bag and see if it cures your
hiccups it might work remedy seven is to compress the diaphragm by either pulling the knees up to the chest or leaning forward remedy eight swallow water whilst holding the nose closed and remedy nine ask someone to scare you this one used to work really well for me when I was younger and that is the end
of the video tomorrow is Christmas so if you’re
celebrating it have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
see you in 2019 oh and by the way maybe we could do our own little science
experiment so try these remedies if any of them work for you if they stop the
hiccups leave a comment below and let me know I will tally up the results and
leave a comment there as well I think people might find that quite useful see
you in 2019! hey guys thanks for watching this week’s video make sure to click that like follow or subscribe button now to stay up to date with new weekly
videos (LAUGHTER) this is a terrible joke I actually have a really bad cold right now but I’m fighting through it staying hydrated with this big bottle thing

100 thoughts on “Hiccups | How To Get Rid Of Hiccups (2018)

  1. I had hiccups today and the first video that I clicked on was this one. The one that made my hiccups go away was remedy 2 it really helped a lot thanks for making this video

  2. I always used this trick so I thought I’d share it drink water really slow and swallowing really slow and repeat it always worked for me

  3. My hiccups stoped as soon as I got to the part when u show me how to stop them

    (Edit ) as soon as I finished writing this they came back lmao

  4. the sugar thing actually helped!!! I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and my antibiotics have been giving me the hiccups, so i appreciate this a lot!

  5. Wow wtf I'm a little bit older now 20 CD and pulling my tongue really hard LITERALLY STOPPED MY HICCUPS IN LIKE 10 SECOCNDS WTFFFFF what is the explanation

  6. I had hipcups I used sugar it worked I got hipcups again sugar did nothing I found out drinking water cold water and ice in it it got my hicups away

  7. I searched scary videos to get rid of hiccups and your video came up! Your video cured my hiccups despite not doing not doing any of the techniques presented. Thanks!!!

  8. Just sipped from the opposite side and I almost choked a bit and it was horrible buttttt it went away lollll only advisable unset traumatic circumstances.

  9. Was just now suffering from an explosive attack of the hiccups, thought I was gonna die when I heard u say about the knees to chest, went into instant Child's pose. fixed 🧘. Also I had a lolly. Just in case.

  10. My mom would say that’d she’d give us a quarter for every hiccup, and that would always stop my sister’s because she would be trying to hiccup.

  11. The cure

     Home remedies:

    Sneezing or coughing

    Stop breathing as long as possible

     Hit the back

    Inhale in a paper bag

    Bend your knees on your chest

  12. What worked for me was rapid short breathing. Make sure your abdomen muscles are contracted so that your diaphragm is working too. It really helped!

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