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Help Baby with Their Colic and Reflux – Colic Causes Infographic ❤️

Hi, my name is Christian Bates and I’ve
been an Osteopath and a Naturopath for 22 years, and I have seen many, many
thousands of babies in that time – mums and babies, because you always look after the mum! And when we’re trying to help the baby with their colic and reflux, and
you’ve downloaded my Causes of Colic (infographic). So, if you haven’t downloaded it, download it
now, and have a look at it. This is a list of all the causes that your baby is
upset.There’s probably even a few more now to go on here. Now, don’t believe that all
babies cry and the baby will get better in 12 weeks, and this kind of stuff. Of course, all babies when they’re meant to be crying, or when they’re “asking” for
something, but you probably come here…you probably download this and you probably
done the survey because your baby is crying more, and you don’t know what to
do. In fact, thousands of mums have done the survey. Over 90 percent said their
baby is crying and they don’t know what to do! My eCourse is all about what to do
to help your baby. So, Step 1. Have a look at this, go down, tick the causes. Did
you have a c-section? Did you have antibiotics? They’re the reasons your baby is crying. They’ve only been around a few weeks, so they’ve had the delivery. So it
kind of comes from there. We’ve only got to look at a few weeks to try and fix
them, and there is multiple ways to help them. Some of those include us helping you and looking after you. Now that is usually
with relaxation, education (which is what the course does), it educates you on why your baby’s crying, so you can understand it better, and help them better. And of
course, looking after yourself with diet and food plans and things. And that’s all
in the eCourse as well. So, first of all have a look down, see what’s on here that
resonates with you that you had, and then just know that there is help to target
these things and help your baby. Thank you.

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  1. Not sure what's causing your baby to show colic or reflux symptoms? Download the infographic here: https://happybabyexpert.com/pdf and please leave a comment if you've found it helpful. Thank you.

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