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HellermannTyton ACADEMY – Injection Moulding, brush – Markus Müller

My name is Markus Müller.
I have now been with the company for nearly 14 years. I am Head of Mould Management. When the ejector moves forwards, the parts
are supposed to just fall out. This has not happened, because we are dealing with a thermoplastic elastomer, a kind of rubber. The parts are sticking to the surface.
They are getting stuck and the machine is jerking. This might damage the mould. You have to stop, remove the form and repair it. With the brush, we can stop this from happening. We had the idea of tying a sprue-removal device to a brush. The brush moves along the machine
and wipes the products from the surface to ensure a reliable demoulding process. I thought to myself that a brush was the way forward. And the application technician pointed out that we already have the removal robot that goes in and out. An idea was born. Make one out of two.
We combined two people’s ideas. Time was of the essence. We went to the in-house workshop,
where they quickly built something for us. We tested it straight away and we came to
a successful solution together – one that is good for everyone and, at the end of the
day, good for the company. One that made the project a success. It was clear that this was the right approach. We used simple means to ensure that we have
a reliable demoulding process. And we cut cycle lengths in the process. We
have reduced the cycle by about 1.5 seconds. This doesn’t sound like much, but with 600,000
to 800,000 cycles a year over a ten-year period, we’re not talking about minutes, seconds,
days or weeks, but months of valuable resources that have been saved. That’s what makes this company so special. This company spirit is one reason why I’m
still here, why I’m still happy here and why I like working with the people here.
It’s what this company is all about.

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