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Have You Ever Heard of Norovirus?

Have you ever heard
of norovirus? You’ve probably gotten
sick from it before. Some people call
norovirus “the stomach bug.” The virus infects your
stomach or intestines. It causes stomach cramps,
diarrhea, or vomiting. Millions of people get sick
with norovirus every year, and thousands end
up in the hospital. Norovirus can make you
very sick for a few days. You can spread norovirus to
other people while you’re sick, and even after symptoms go away. Norovirus spreads really fast. You can get infected with
norovirus if you get poop or vomit on your hands then
put your fingers in your mouth. This can happen if you
shake hands with a person with norovirus, take care
of them when they’re sick, or handle their soiled laundry. Norovirus can also stay
on surfaces and objects. So if you touch something
that has norovirus on it, you can get sick. Other ways you can get norovirus
are eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water. You can help protect
yourself from norovirus. 1. Wash your hands with
soap and water often, for at least 20 seconds
every time, and avoid touching your mouth. It is especially important to wash your hands
before handling food, or after using the bathroom
or changing a baby’s diaper. 2. Disinfect surfaces
and objects in your home. You can get rid of norovirus
on surfaces by wiping them down with a bleach-based
cleaner. 3. Wash clothes and linens
that might have poop or vomit on them and then machine dry. 4. Rinse fresh fruits and vegetables before you
serve them, and cook shellfish, such as oysters, thoroughly. If you’re sick with norovirus,
stay home and drink plenty of liquids so you
don’t get dehydrated. Remember, you can
spread norovirus even after your symptoms go away,
so avoid taking care of others or preparing food for
them until at least 2 days after you start feeling better. Staying healthy helps others in
your family stay healthy too. That’s especially important for young children
and elderly people. Norovirus is the number one
reason young children visit the doctor for diarrhea. Children in daycare or
schools are especially at risk for getting sick. Elderly people also
have a higher chance of getting norovirus and
suffering from complications, particularly those in
long-term care facilities, like nursing homes. You can help, Put
Prevention First and Squash the Stomach Bug.

54 thoughts on “Have You Ever Heard of Norovirus?

  1. my mom had norovirus 2 days ago, she tried making me breakfast this morning and i told her i didn't wanna eat it cause i didn't wanna get sick… and she got MAD

  2. I thought that was awesome education program. I was a laboratory technician assistant and it never to late to learn health awareness🔬🔬📚

  3. I have norovirus and its a lot of pain its been going on for weeks and it still hasn't gone I went to the doctors and they gave me medicine and it doesn't help I came Korea from australia and since from the next week I got it also my brother had it before me and after he got better in 3 days I got it and I'm going through pain I'm vomitting and having real bad diahhera

  4. How many time can you get norovirus?because I've really don't sick from it. 1. It has been 9 years since I've thrown up. 2. When other people in the family are vomiting, I don't get symptoms. 3. The last time I've really have stomach flu symptom when I was 11. Can someone give an explanation for this why I didn't get norovirus really at all.

  5. I got it last weekend. I thought I was going to die. To make matters worse, I started passing-out while I was vomiting. I woke up aspirating on my vomit. That was a very uncomfortable ten minutes trying to breathe and cough and blow the stomach goo out of my nose, all at the same time. A couple of times I had to choose which end of me got the toilet, and which end got the floor, as the stuff was spewing out of me both ways. This disease is 24 hours of hell. Given the choice between being shackled to a wall and beaten with a metal pipe, or contracting the norovirus, I'll take the metal pipe.

  6. No vaccine for norovirus. Therefore the CDC gives you USEFUL advice about necessary measures to prevent spread. LOL

  7. My school went on a trip to a camp. Turns out someone got sick with this and half the camp (me included) Got sick. The trip was cut a day short.

  8. Anyone else having audio problems? The music and sound effects drown out the voice-over almost completely. It would've been totally useless without subtitles.

  9. its almost thanks giving! and i have norovirus! my school is spreading around i think its because paige my friend has it and all i did on saturday is hang out with her

  10. Got Noro along with many other travelers in my group including my sister on Independence of the Seas Cruise December 11th -16th

  11. When I got this, I got very dehydrated because I have an ileostomy so I get dehydrated faster, my mom took me to the ER and because I was so dehydrated I quit breathing and had to get a breathing tube put in, luckily I only had to have it in for several hours, I was in the ICU for about 4 days, then in a regular hospital room for about 5 days

  12. one time my elementary school got wiped out by the stomach flu. 150 kids absent out of 349! idk why but i didnt get sick

  13. After taking a food handling safety course to open my own business, i am just sharing just what I learned. Take it or leave it! Don't use disinfectants on food services due to additional chemicals but rather use simple sanitizer products (vinegar and water rock it!) and also "rinsing your veggies" as implied in some videos is not enough, vegies must be scrubbed or even just rubbed with your fingers.

  14. I’ve actually only ever gotten the norovirus once in my life. I literally could not stop puking, but luckily it was gone by the time I woke up the next morning

  15. You said nothing about the need for friction, scrubbing, fresh fruits and veggies, only rinsing them under running water. Yet, according to my Food Safety Handling course use must also use friction or "it does very little" to get rid of germs.

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