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Guess That Candle Scent Challenge ft. Chris Sullivan

Today, twice
the hot wax. And none of
the shirts. Let’s talk
about that. ( light, enchanted music ) Good Mythical
Morning. We have packed a
lot into today’s show. Yes, we’re gonna be
trying not to cry with one of stars
of the weepiest show
on television. Plus, our personal puppies
will join us for some dog
shaming. And we’re gonna
try to figure out exactly what Mike
and Alex destroyed. But first, let’s
sniff some scented
candles, shall we? All right, for this
game, we’ve asked
for some help from Chris Sullivan
from “Guardians of
the Galaxy Two” and “This is Us.” Yeah! Thanks for
joining us, Chris! Aw, it’s my
pleasure. – Nice shirt!
– Why, thank you. Yeah, you decided
to wear a shirt today. Yes, I came
fully clothed. And it’s very
spa-ish, which is
very appropriate for what we’re
gonna be doing. Here the thing,
Chris’s character
on “This is Us” is so romantic,
it has inspired us to come up with
a scented candle
challenge. And we were trying
to figure out the
most romantic way we could come
up with to test
scented candles and what we came
up with was to drip their melted wax
on our chests and then sniff it
off of the chest. Now Link, I knew that
this was happening today so last night
I got a little– – Yeah, where’s your hair?
– I got a little aggressive and got rid of
all the hair on my… this region.
Still got hair
under here. I didn’t wanna
get rid of my hair – because without it,
I look so boyish.
– ( laughs ) At least with the hair,
it gives the illusion that there’s a
top-heavyness to
my scrawny figure. ( laughs )
A shadowing of sorts. Yeah, you know. It’s gonna be
a big mistake. ( laughs )
Oh no, Chris. Yes, it is. So
here’s how we’re
doing this. Link and I are playing
together as a team
against Chris. We’ll alternate
who gets the wax poured on us
every single round, but you’re just
smelling the wax and then trying to
guess what it is. And the winner, either
the two of us or you, gets a special mashup
of all the scents as
a prize. – Okay, Chris. ( laughing )
– Here I am goin’ first. All right, so do you have
a preferred location that you would like
the first drip? – Yeah, not the hair.
– So like just right
here, then. – ( Rhett laughs )
– Like, maybe here or here. – If you will just
lay back and relax.
– ( laughs ) – We’ll just have–
– Oh goodness. Oh– – How hot is it gonna be?
– It’s gonna be very hot. ( laughs ) ( gentle scream )
Ooh. It’s– – Oh, I can– there is– – Have
a sniff, please. – Look at it. Look at it.
– You know what, Chris? – There is a little
pleasure involved.
– ( laughs ) Oh gosh, it’s really
seeping into your– – Oh gosh!
– Oh man! You totally– you hit
the thickest part, Chris! That was not
by accident. – It’s not gonna be
thick very long.
– Have a whiff. – What do you smell?
– Mmm. Now, don’t tell him too
much ’cause we’re teammates. It’s really nice,
but it’s perfumey.
It’s perfumey. – Yeah, floral.
– I’m a little
lightheaded actually. Yeah, floral scents. I feel a heartburn
sensation in my
heart area. A little sickeningly sweet,
too. You know what I’m sayin’? – Yeah.
– Almost like a
rotted fruit. – Yeah, like a
teenagers coffee.
– ( laughs ) Yeah, you know what
those teenagers.. Yeah, that’s just my skin
you’re smellin’. Producer:Okay, guys,
you ready for your choices?
– Yeah.
– Yes. Producer:Is this Fresh
Cut Grass or Pine Forest?
Three, two, one…– Pine Forest.
– Fresh Cut Grass. Ooh, they
differentiate. Producer:It is…
Fresh Cut Grass.
– Ugh.
– Pow! – Yes!
– Ugh. – Round one goes to him.
– Oh gosh. I keep this. My chest hair
is so hard. – I can’t believe
that you…
– I know. you aimed–
Whatever. ( laugh )s I don’t know what
you’re gonna do to him,
but maybe go for a nipple. – Oh, come on.
– ( laughter ) We should go
camera side. – Yeah, right.
– No, no nipple. Ohh…
( grunts ) – Do you think
the anticipation–
– ( laughs ) – Aghh!
– Do you think that
the anticipation is… – The worst part? Yes.
– …the worst part? It’s the best part
right now, I think. ‘Cause the nipple
is such a sensitive
area. – Oh, no, guys.
– It’s a… It’s a… – …bloop!
– ( screams ) Oh! Sweet
mother of God! – Looks like blood.
– Oh no! – Hold on, let me
smell the nipple.
– ( groaning ) – I have an idea.
– So shocking. I have an idea. Oh, it’s berry-y. – Smells of home.
– Mmm. – Not my home,
– ( laughter ) but it smells
of a home. – Chris: I like this.
– Producer:Okay guys,
here are your choices. – Okay.
– Producer:Is thisRaspberries in Spring Rain?
– ( grunts )Or Cherries on Snow?– ( laughing )
– Cherries on Snow? – Those aren’t things.
– ( laughs ) You’ve never put
cherries on snow? As soon as we leave
here, guys, let’s go
put cherries on snow. Bloop, bloop,
bloop, bloop, bloop. Producer:
Three, two, one.
– Cherries on Snow.
– Raspberries in Spring Rain. – Producer:Guys, this
is Cherries on Snow.
– ( laughs )
– ( screams ) He’s two for two! – Here we are, again.
– I decided to leave
mine…on. – Yes.
– Nice. – What do you think?
– You’ll be on display next week at the Museum of Modern Art. Okay, where are
you gonna choose– – You know what?
Let me do one.
– Yeah, do it. ( parodies Def Leppard )
♪ Pour some candle on me ♪ Well you know, I’ve always
thought of the belly button – as like a little kettle.
– No! ( laughs ) It’s like a little,
hairy bagel. ( screams ) Chris:
So much wax! – Wow! That was a hot one!
– Oh, that was a lot! Ooh, ooh, it’s goin’
on the waistline. Oh and because
of the depth there, that’s not gonna
dry for a long time. – ( laughs )
– Rhett: ( groans ) Ah, jeez!
Aw, got– – I got his nose wet!
– I got belly button, oh ho! I got him!
Got ’em! You don’t have to go
back in for another smell. – ( laughter )
– ( retching ) – Is it that bad?
– You were askin’
for it, Chris. ( wretches ) ( laughter ) Do not let him get
that wax in your beard. Producer:Okay, guys.Is this Cadbury Eggs
or Marshmallow Peeps?
( vomit noise ) – ( laughs )
– ( wretches ) If somebody made
a Cadbury Egg candle, I quit the show. ( laughs ) – Your show or ours?
– Both. I’d never be seen
in public, again. – Okay, I think I know.
I think I know.
– Yep. Producer:Okay,
three, two, one.
– Marshmallow Peeps.
– Cadbury Eggs. – Wow, we’re never agreeing.
– It’s ’cause I’m always right. – Producer:
It’s Marshmallow Peeps.

– Always right! What is wrong with
my nose? Our nose? – You gotta good nose, man.
– You guys suck, man. I couldn’t tell ya what is was
if I was smelling the candle, but you pour it on a man’s
chest, get it every time. – That’s not a chest.
– ( laughs ) – It’s connected to the chest. –
It’s chest adjacent. This one is yellow and
there’s a lot of liquid. There’s a lot
of liquid and that is
a deep belly button. It’s like a hot tub for,
like a bunch of ants. Yeah. Bunch of ants
sittin’ like this. – Resting.
– Watch out, ants. ( moaning and groaning ) – Here comes…
– No. Agh! – Fill it up,
fill it up.
– ( screams ) – Oh! A river runs
through it.
– ( laughter ) Get it to go up more.
Lift the pelvis. – There ya go.
– Chris: Pelvis up.
Suck it in. – Push it out. There you go.
– Chris: There it is. No! That’s the beard!
Not the beard! – There you go.
– Uh, uh, uh! I got it,
I got it. Man, this is like
some new sport. – Like, think about that.
– Ew, that is a weird smell. It’s pretty amazing. – Smell in the hole.
– ( cringes loudly ) – It’s weird.
– I’m feeling a bit handicapped by the adjacency of the last
candle to my smell holes. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Well you’re doing
so great, I’m not
gonna give you any help. Producer:Okay, guys.Is this Urinal Cake
– Ugh!or Janitor’s Delight?( laughter ) – Wh– Janitor’s delight
isa urinal cake.
– Yeah. I would think Janitor’s
Delight would be a vomit thing. I’m not sure if
you’re allowed to
curse on this show, but this particular candle
makes me want to say bad words. ( laughter ) These– These
options, um… – If you need to, just say it. –
That is f king disgusting. ( laughter ) – It is, man.
Here we go.
Three, two, one. – Urinal Cake. Oh gosh!
– ♪ Janitor’s Delight ♪ –It’s urinal cake!
– Yes! – Oh no!
– We did it, Rhett! – We finally got one.
– Handicapped. Handicapped. But what is a
janitor’s delight? Okay, you’ve got
a big lead, Chris. – It’s true.
– A two point lead. So what we’re gonna
do for this last round – is there are no
multiple choices
– Right. and if you get it right,
you get two points. I’m changin’ the
rules so we might tie. Well, I wish you
both the best of luck. And just for that, here
comes a lot of wax. – ( laughter )
– Oh goodness. And we’re gonna
make it a bit of
a modern art piece. – Rhett: Oh gosh.
– Chris: Oh. Oh. Oooh, that’s warm! ( grunts ) Ooh! – Rhett: Oh.
– Oh, it’s clear though. – Yeah, it’s a clear one.
– This is a clear one. – Clearly soy based.
– Oh, okay. –Whoever guesses the
correct thing first,
– Aww, it’s so close.gets the two points, guys.This is
pretty strong. You think– Ew,
I just smelled it. – I-I-I got a guess.
– It’s our first
savory candle. I got a guess,
I got a guess. – Go ahead.
– Curry chicken.Oh. No. That is not–
that is not correct.
– Gaah!
– Keep guessing,
keep guessing. – Somebody’s gotta get it.
– Chicken tikka masala. – Rosemary beef.
– ( laughing ) Rosemary beef. – Is that right?
– No? –No, no, no.
– Vomit. Savory vomit…
Gravy. – NASCAR pit crew.
– ( laughter ) – Body odor.
I think you guys are
overthinking this one.
– Vanilla.
– ( laughs )It is something that you eat.– Uh, fish?
– Yams! – ( laughs )
– ( laughs ) “Yams.” – All right, we
give up. What is it?
It’s something thata lot of people like to eat.– Cheetos.
– Yams! ( laughs ) – Burrito?
– ( laughs )Oh man, you guys are
not close at all. I’m trying
to come up with
some way to give it to you.
– What genre of food?
– Oh god, I can taste it! –It’s a lot of people’s
favorite food.
– Pizza!Yep, that’s correct!– It’s pizza!
– Both: Woo! – It doesn’t smell
anything like pizza.
– No, we tied.Okay guys, that means
you tied so Chase, please
bring out the prize
and they can all split it.It’s a slice of pizza
with Marshmallow Peeps,
fresh cut grass,
cherries, snow,
and a urinal cake.
– ( laughs ) – You know what, Chris?
– Both: You can have it. ( laughs ) All right, Chris is
gonna come back later and we’re gonna
make each other cry. But next, click through.
Our beloved puppers barber and Jay join us to dive into
the world of dog shaming. How is it? You know what?
That candle is pizza. ( laughs ) – I smell it now.
– Mm-hmm. Rhett:We made it
to the top!
The top of Walmart’s best
of the best gift list, that is.
Pick up a copy of
“The Book of Mythicality”
at your local Walmart
to finish up
your holiday shopping.

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