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Gruesome Autopsy Photo of Travis Alexander’s Gaping Neck Wound — Shown Only in Court (Exhibit 205)

————————————————————– MARTINEZ: You were being asked about how you were aggrieved about the fact that he may have been cheating with the defendant. MARTINEZ: Do you remember about that?
MARTINEZ: And you were asked about, you know, how many times he had been cheating, correct?
ANDREWS: Uh, I’m not… MARTINEZ: You were asked about that, right?
ANDREWS: Ok. MARTINEZ: And that was part of the breakup, right?
ANDREWS: Yes. MARTINEZ: Do you think that it is appropriate given everything that they claim that he put you through, do you think that it is appropriate to take a knife and slash somebody’s throat? WILLMOTT: Objection, relevance. WILLMOTT: Relevance and it goes into her opinion
and her opinion is not relevant.
NURMI: Can we approach? JUDGE STEPHENS: You may approach. MARTINEZ: And ma’am with regard to everything that he
did to you, in how you feel and how you know of the
circumstances and situation that you were in, with regard to exhibit 205, do you think in your mind, because you were the one that’s experiencing, do you think that, WILLMOTT: Objection, your honor. MARTINEZ: what do you, what is it, do you… WILLMOTT: Objection to that being shown judge. That is completely irrelevant. And it’s quite frankly, extremely [inaudible] JUDGE STEPHENS: K, counsel approach. Counsel approach.

100 thoughts on “Gruesome Autopsy Photo of Travis Alexander’s Gaping Neck Wound — Shown Only in Court (Exhibit 205)

  1. So this is why Arias threw in that unnecessary detail during her last statement to the court…"he was still a live when I cut his throat." She saw how much this pic hurt his family and wanted to hurt them some more.

  2. I don't know God bless USA But defense lawyers are such slimeball sometimes??? It's the best we have I don't know what just say….

  3. I still get heartsick seeing this family suffering so much through this terrible time. This monster deserves the needle for what she did.

  4. Even the volume was so disgusted by the photograph it too left the courtroom halfway through this video…..

  5. That's fucking SICK! Who posts shit like this in the first place? It's not like this post provides a lot of context, because it DOESN'T.

  6. I watched this trial and she should have gotten the death penalty. I was upset that she didn't. She played people really well.

  7. that is one psycho little tramp!
    she reminds me of my ex! even looks alike.
    this case made me realize how lucky i was to get away with my life.

  8. it's like this I'm very sorry TA is dead , but if Jody was abused the way she testified then yea I understand her rage against TA I was mentally emotionally and physically abused by a monster for a decade before I could escape, if I'd had the nerve Jody had I'd ripped his evil ass to shreds, did I ever acure to anyone that Jody may have been abused severely by this man ????? let me tell all of you something pushed far enough thru abuse an everyone is capable of killing their abuser!!!!!

  9. Jodi is diagnosed Borderline personality Disordered, very clear she is A psychotic individual. What U witnessed is Borderline Rage. And throughout the trial she is on a borderline smear campaign against Travis & anyone close to him. Borderlines R dangerous dysfunctional ppl. Avoid.

  10. She is clearly a very disturbed person. Very dangerous and scary. There are others out there just like her

  11. You wanna see something crazy, type in "Jodi Arias vagina" on Google search… Be prepared to be amazed. That girls got a hoohah for days!

  12. Fuck with the bull , you get the horns. You can't say what you do or what you wouldn't do. Some people's rivers run deep. You judge from a 2 minute clip. Ass clowns

  13. Sick, sick, sicko! It's really difficult to believe something so violent as that, such psychopathic behavior! That severe of a gash is not a superficial one, it was meant to kill! Her lawyers will plead an Insanity defense, no doubt.

  14. What an idiot what an idiot what the f*** is he doing the family is sitting right there have a little respect you f**** dick

  15. That throat gash shows that there was a LOT of anger and POWER behind that slash, the man was nearly decapitated! She SHOULD get the death penalty for that, since it's pretty obvious that it was not just done in a moment of anger, it was thought out, and that makes it murder one! (A "defensive" cut does NOT look like that.) Anger had been brewing for quite a while and she did finally do what she had thought of doing!)

  16. What's the matter Willmutt?! Is that picture offensive and bad for your client??? Jodi's eyes went black and rolled over transfixing like a shark on her handy work..

  17. Actually I think there is some thing very wrong her I don't know how she was like in the relationship so I can't really comment

  18. I really can't stand the female defense lawyer. She would offer Christ up to the evil judges if she could. She's pathetic

  19. That cut was done with determination and force. She needs to remain sectioned for the rest of her life, she is extremely dangerous.

  20. Jodi Arias was/is the most jealous/insecure/violent woman that I've ever seen. She deserves to be in jail for the remainder of her natural pathetic life!

  21. JA did this and she fucking needs to see what she did!!! She needs her ugly nose rubbed in her shit!

  22. :57 lol Willmutt gets all flustered trying to make an objection ….” Objection to that being shown, it’s completely irrelevant and it’s quite frankly it’s quite frankly extremely unnecessary……” as Nurmi turns to look at the sounds the Alexander family is making at unexpectedly seeing the picture of Travis’ neck… Nurmi then gets up and goes to the Judge to complain about the Alexanders making noise in the gallery….

  23. Oh. My. God. I'd seen other photos of that crime scene, but never this photo. May Arias burn in Hell when her sentence on Earth is up. Who the hell could do something like THAT and not feel the least bit remorseful??? Oh, right……Hodi Arias, that's who. Disgusting. R.I.P, Travis. 🙁

  24. Well he was kinda savage when he suddenly showed everyone the worst photo. But I feel bad for the family, he should have warned them. That was traumatizing for them. What if they didn’t want to see it!

  25. Well if you had been strangled by your boyfriend half to death then fought him off . Then shot him in the forehead and he didn’t die . Your next move would most likely be to fucken make sure . That’s what I call that photo the fucken make sure photo. The fact of the matter is I believe in a heated moment they were both killers . Travis and Jodi . Travis just lacked commitment to his cause where as the fear Jodi was under gave her conviction to follow through. And as far as that comment about jodi having morbid curiosity about looking at photos . You be pretty well interested in every piece of evidence against you in a capital case. Wouldn’t you . I would . You can tell miss arias I’ll take on the puppet strings of her next appeal . But she has to stop lying and own her actions . This I can’t remember bullshit really has to stop . She has to just tell the truth about how afraid she really was . If she actually did tell the truth both emotionally and factually. Perhaps that statement she once said about no jury convicting her may have some merit . On a separate coincidental fact . The Mormon church is very well respected and as I understand it there are quite a few members of that church who are employed by the FBI . That certainly couldn’t of done miss arias any favors at all . This silly little Vegas socialite really doesn’t understand the depth of the shit she’s trodden in . None the less it’s still my opinion she fought for her life when she took life .

  26. Wilmott, shut the fuck up and sit your annoying, ignorant, pathetic ass down!!! Its absolutely relevant due to the fact that your PSYCHOPATH of a client DID that to Travis Alexander!!!

  27. She nearly decapitated him. Those autopsy pics are like watching a horror movie. And i have a strong tolerance for gore. She also stomped his ankles to cripple him so he couldn't run. Never let looks fool you.

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