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4 thoughts on “Good Morning San Antonio : Mar 25, 2020

  1. The shields the Grocery clerks have in front of them the shields a half on the other side the customer site how often do they wipe those things down you’re right in front of the 🛡 ok you can contract the virus from the shield what If a person swipes their arm on the shield after somebody has already contaminated the shield on the customer side it should be wiped down after every transaction that’s hard-core I know but that’s what it takes to win been hard-core just ask Michael Jordan asked A. Iverson Ask LeBron James the king ask black mamba the great plate Kobe Bryant ask them what it takes to win don’t tell you dedication will have to learn just a little bit more dedication that’s all it takesask ask ask the best what it takes to be the best if you have to practice like the best to be the best

    God bless America God bless America and Texas , God bless America Jesus all your angels send them send them to America send them help all these families let them show and see your mercy Lord and guide them back to righteous life in a righteous spirit in a righteous mind and grab them the wisdom it takes and the endurance it takes to win to be and to see given ears to hear I love you Lord Jesus Christ feel my spirit with joy love my words to be heard

  2. Can we have live demonstrations on how to sneeze and cough in ur elbow cause i still see people using their hands😷😷😷😷😷

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