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Gluten and Nutrient Deficiency

Hello I’m Dr. Farkas I want to talk to
you today about the consequences of ignoring a food sensitivity test,
especially for gluten. Now if you have a sensitivity to gluten it has a terrible
effect on the wall of your intestine which is so important. That wall in the
intestine is the barrier that keeps bad things out of your bloodstream. Gluten
just terrorizes it rips it apart and it makes it so that not only can bad things
then get into the bloodstream and cause havoc and autoimmune problems,
migraines, ADHD, thyroid issues gastrointestinal problems all the 80 to
100 different types of autoimmune disease and not only does that but it
makes it so that your body cannot absorb the nutrients that you’re taking
in just by how much vitamins and minerals and healthy organic food that you eat. This is why testing, so that you don’t guess you test so that testing can
be employed so that you know for sure whether or not you have those types of
food sensitivities especially towards gluten and whether or not you’re
deficient in micronutrients I hope this helps!

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