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Gas prices are on the rise

well we are feeling the pinch at the pump and Northeast Florida drivers we could see gas prices hit the $3 a gallon mark in the not-too-distant future gas prices have really skyrocketed jumping eight cents higher than just a week ago I know you’ve noticed it at the pumps we certainly have triple-a has said that the prices this summer are the highest that they have been in four years news for Jax reporter Jennifer Reddy joins us live with the latest numbers and trends from triple-a so you’ve got some refineries shut down along the Gulf and that’s the culprit that’s absolutely right one of the major reasons for this jump is because of refinery issues there are several reports that seven Gulf Coast refineries are dealing with operational issues some of which have been resolved but others could take several weeks to fix on top of that triple-a says that strong summer demand for gas as well as rising crude oil costs are contributing to these rising fuel prices now right now the national average for a gallon of regular gas is two dollars and 88 cents it’s slightly lower in Florida at two dollars and 80 cents and here in Jacksonville it’s about ten cents lower than that national average at two dollars and seventy seven cents now we did get an opportunity to speak with several drivers who say they are ready to see those gas prices drop and they are finding ways to try and save when it comes to gas it’s frustrating yeah we’re paying 329 for the premium so it’s there and it’s frustrating on the trip because you know it takes a tank there a tank back so a lot of money each way yeah whenever I’m driving by and then I have a few apps like Waze that tells me where the lower gas prices are so it helps a little bit now the highest price on record for Florida was back in 2008 about 10 years ago and that came in at about four dollars and seven cents Jennifer ready channel for these local stations

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