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Gas Leak Porter Ranch NBC News Dr  Anvar

take a look this gas leak spreading
fumes for months and forcing thousands of people from their homes now state
lawmakers are taking action to protect the people of Porter Ranch nbc4’s
Patrick Healy is live for us tonight with more on the steps they’re planning
to take to help families stay safe Patrick Carolyn and Robert the gas
company figures end of next month at best before the leak can actually be
stopped so the pressing question remains what can be done to minimize the impact
until then I’m definitely noticing it you’re Ben Ephram of Chatsworth thinks
it’s the odors from the massive gas leak from a storage facility that have been
getting to him finding relief only when he left the valley for a few hours last
week my headache was gone and then as soon as I returned home its back so he
made his next trip to the valley urgent care clinic as have dozens of others in
recent weeks some patients are having daily nosebleeds abdominal pain and
unusual dizziness that doesn’t go away md Bardia Anvar told us his medical
staff has been treating the symptoms and offering advice the number one thing is
to hopefully get the situation under control or have the patients leave the
area until the situation is controlled and stopping the leak from aliso canyon
well SS 25 could take some time at the end of next month or march SoCal gas is
still projecting we’re doing our very best to make sure that we start to leak
which is our priority we absolutely have to do something to control the methane
coming out of that site the hearing Saturday in Granada Hills considered a
proposal to try to capture leaking gas and burn it Tim O’Connor says the
Environmental Defense Fund would prefer finding a way to store and reuse the
methane it needs to go to a combustion device or some other device I think we
need to work that out and frankly we haven’t seen the details of the proposal
yet today’s state senators announced a legislative package that would include a
moratorium on storing any additional natural gas at Aliso Canyon the urgency
of this situation cannot be overstated the gas company is covering relocations
have been out from 2800 others and to LAUSD schools that reopen tomorrow
farther away now bear in mind the rate of the leak is slowing down as the gas
is drawn out but it has not yet disappeared live
downtown patrick healy nbc4 news

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