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Franny: Today, It’s RareYellowWUUTBee’s 15th birthday. Franny: I am going to make his ears bleeding for his birthday! Franny: (laughs) Franny: Ah. That was a lot of running. Franny: Yay! I made it to his house. Franny: Now It’s time to go to his house. Franny: Okay. No one here. I’m going to put loudspeaker in the living room by using GoAnimate Logic. Franny: GoAnimate Logic. Activate. Franny: Now play Michael P screaming earape. Franny: I better get out of here before my ear getting bleeding. RareYellowBee: Man. I’m so happy about today is my 15th birthday. RareYellowBee: (screaming) RareYellowBee: (OUCH!) THAT’S SO (X9) EXTREMELY HURT SO BAD (X8) (CRYING) Franny: (laughs) Unhappy Birthday RareYellowWUUTBee! This is your present playing Micheal P screaming earape on a loudspeaker. Franny: That’s why I made your ear bleeding! Franny: I have to go right now. So enjoy your birthday present! RareYellowBee: WAIT A MINUTE! I CAN’T BELIEVE FRANNY PLAY THAT SCREAMS EARAPE ON A LOUDSPEAKER AND MAKE MY EARS BLEEDING FOR MY 15TH BIRTHDAY! RareYellowBee: I’M GOING TO CALL HER GRANDPA RIGHT NOW! Franny’s Grandpa: SHE DID WHAT? OH MY FREAKING GOD! THANKS FOR TELLING ME AND SHE IS GOING SO GROUNDED BIG TIME! Franny’s Grandpa: FRANNY! (X7) GET OVER HERE FREAKING NOW! (X9) Franny: Yes, Grandpa? Franny’s Grandpa: OH, MY, FREAKING, GOD! FRANNY! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU PLAY MICHEAL P SCREAMING EARAPE ON A LOUDSPEAKER AND YOU MADE HIS EARS BLEDDING FOR HIS BIRTHDAY! Franny’s Grandpa: YOU MADE HIM EXTREMELY HURT AND GETTING A HOSPITAL THANKS TO YOU! THAT’S IT! YOU ARE GROUNDED (X7) FOR 800 BILLION YEARS! Franny’s Grandpa: GO UPSTAIRS TO BED RIGHT NOW! YOU ARE A TROUBLEMAKER! Franny: (crying)

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