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Forgotten technique for eliminating chronic pain- pain relief

for well over 20 years it’s been known
that it’s possible to reduce and eliminate chronic pain from people
without drugs without surgery but with a revolutionary approach developed by dr.
John Sarno in the USA a TV documentary followed dr. Sarno and was aired way back
in the 1990s and it featured many famous celebrities testifying that although
they had had many other interventions that did not work
dr. solo had basically saved their lives with his method of pain-free elimination
the documentary you’re about to watch is the original that was aired on US TV
over 20 years ago and contains all the proof despite everything that you have
been told the proof is there to be seen that it’s possible to eliminate your
chronic pain without drugs and without intervention with the exception of talk
and I know that this goes directly against everything that you may have
seen or heard or been told but the proof is there and over the last twenty years
these techniques have been greatly enhanced and the process greatly speeded
up watch the documentary and then see the information at the end of this video
to see if you can become pain free from your chronic pain dr. John Sarno’s a professor of
rehabilitative medicine at New York University Hospital he’s become a kind
of back pain cult figure Howard Stern talks about him as his Savior Don Imus –
actress Anne Bankroft says she went to lots of doctors but only Sarno helped
how well he doesn’t operate on people he doesn’t give people drugs or exercises
he just talks to them well first he examines them to make sure
they don’t have an obvious injury or a disease Wow okay and then he has them
sit in a room and listen to him lecture for three hours good evening folks
glad to see you all here on time here he tells people that the pain is in your
head well not entirely the pains real he says but the cause is
in your own mind but you have to do two things to get over this syndrome you
have to say I know there’s nothing wrong with my back from my neck or my
shoulders or wait a second how can that be almost all these people have x-rays
where doctors have found some abnormality doctors told Keith his
x-rays shows seven herniated discs an orthopedist saw bone crack in my back on
my x-ray I had real stuff some disk problems a crack yes and they are normal
but they were abnormal crack isn’t normal yes a normal abnormality sounds
odd but in fact scientists have recently discovered that there’s almost no
correlation between pain and what shows up on x-rays and MRIs many people
without back pain have disc bulges and lots of people with pain have no
structural problems even when they do this or know these abnormalities
couldn’t in a million years produce the kind of pain that people get for this
syndrome why not because they’re just puny little
changes and there’s no way that they could affect the nerves to produce the
kind of pain for you people get these things both sides of the back and
they’re paralyzed they can’t move and so on I mean it’s ridiculous to blame that
on a little bulging disc and that’s done all the time furthermore he says isn’t
it odd that it was only after ulcers stopped being a big issue
so many Americans started having so much back trouble and isn’t that odd that the
incidence of back pain is growing at a rate fourteen times faster than the
population now you have to say to yourself is something terrible happened
to the American back in the last twenty or thirty years what kind of nonsense is
this Sarno tells people that they’re causing
their own pain unconsciously of course he says it’s the
brains reaction to stress or anger or fear rather than face the anger the
brain redirects your attention by reducing the blood flow to certain parts
of the body that causes pain and that pain in your back or neck or ankle or
wherever distracts your mind from the rage or unacceptable feelings yes that’s
right this rage is sort of knocking at the door it’s trying to come out now
this is hard to believe so I’m in such a rage about something with I’m making
myself suffer but don’t you see your brain actually thinks it’s doing you a
favor by doing this by distracting me from what I really don’t want to think
about exactly frankly I think this sounds highly unlikely and I wouldn’t
even be telling you about this if 15 years ago
ABC correspondent Arnold Diaz hadn’t talked me into going to cirno with one
lecture Sarno cured me of 20 years of back pain it’s so embarrassing I can’t
believe I’m telling you about this but apparently I didn’t have a back problem
I have a personality problem what do you like to know that’s kind of important
I’m pretty much compulsive or an obsessive about things in my in
Jeanette’s case are no suspects her perfectionism is what’s making her sick
you know really push push push yeah I’m sure yourself like mad yeah
what about he tries to lead his patients to what they might be angry about that
tendency to push oneself to be good push oneself to be perfect actually makes us
mad inside Keith is someone who holds his feelings in it I notice that you’re
in pain but you’re smiling so maybe you are one of those guys who
can’t anybody who knows me says I’m always smiling even if I’m in pain I’m
smiling unconsciously so sir no he’s probably furious about that oh you feel
that feel that a lot the right trapeze he worked very hard he tries to do
everything perfectly and he tries to keep everybody happy
that is enraging to the unconscious life not that you really have to understand
that and change your personality to get better somehow the knowledge has great
therapeutic power the knowledge that what they’re suffering from is stress
factors after the lecture our group said they felt hopeful for the first time in
years it’s my last chance but it’s what’s left
it’s what nobody else has looked at well we wait to see if they’re helped I
should point out that most doctors remain skeptical of cernos claims
orthopedic surgeon dr. Thomas Erica while admitting that medicine hasn’t
found a solution for back pain doesn’t think Sarno’s theory is the answer
either this is not a mainstream theory with regard to back pain though he says
Sarno isn’t hurting anyone once you have eliminated a more serious
diagnosis then quite frankly if you choose the course of physical therapy or
dr. Sarno’s theories or even go into a cemetery and swinging a cat around your
head three times none of these are going to affect you adversely and despite my
good results from Sarno’s technique my own brother would never go to him if
anybody told me this was all in my head my rage would not be repressed
my brother tom is a Harvard Medical School professor for years we’ve spent
time together on our backs like this he still has the same kinds of periodic
back and neck pains I used to have he’ll go months without pain but the week we
taped this he was having such neck pain that an orthopedic surgeon had him
spending 45 minutes a day hanging from this bizarre device this is I think
fairly mainstream for neck problems dr. Sarno’s says neck pain back pain
knees ankles it’s all the same syndrome the pain keeps moving around to distract
your brain doctor Stossel doesn’t buy it we’re talking about something very calm
located and this theory is very simplistic now simple things are
wonderful but I don’t think this cuts it what do you have to lose why not go to
Sarno try it there are a lot of ridiculous things I could do that
probably don’t work that I’m not doing but this worked for me your brother well
as a scientist I have to say anything’s possible
but I’m not convinced my brother the doctor he won’t go to you if they can’t
demonstrate it in the laboratory it doesn’t exist there is no lab test that
could prove Sarno’s theory Yeti claim is a 90% success rate so week after week
these people who’ve seen a dozen doctors to no avail they come to you and they
get better yes that’s what most of them virtually all of them remember there
screamed can we go through your records and check for ourselves oh sure
2020s Deborah runs he went through his file taking patients at random it’s not
a scientific survey but of 20 patients she reach all said they were better or
much better and the patients we followed well three months after Sarno’s lecture
they’re better – much better I’m walking without pain getting out of bed in the
morning with that beign going about most of my activities without even having to
think about any pain it gave me my life back John Collins says Sarno taught him
how to make the pain go away and now when the pain comes you just tell
yourself I’m doing it to me well I say that I know what’s going on
damn boy damn you and down boy damn you uh-huh
oh you’re talking to your brain talk my brain to my back and that makes it go
away yeah just understanding it’s not a
physical process but a mental one is all it takes all free say that now for the
first time they feel they have some control over their pain and that now
when it comes they just go about their business once in a while I get a twinge
yes ignore them go about your business it used to be that I’d panic and say
where is this going is my back gonna go out and now I’m
okay this will be here for a little while and I don’t will go away and it
does for Keith it took about a month John and Janette were pain-free one week
after the lecture I didn’t think it would be as direct one week they made us
go to work on on a Sunday my ankles hurt for three days and I thought that was
really more of a direct correlation than I expected
so now whenever my ankles hurt I just go out I must be testing Jeannette made a
triumphant return to the Rosie show and now she’s upset at how much time and
money she’s wasted on her chiropractors and doctors I’m estimating that I spent
about $20,000 but I have had insurance the entire time which means that it
would really be more like $100,000 for medical treatment for a condition that
was basically all in my head but it feels like a miracle because I had hoped
that someday I would walk again I really had given up that I would ever
run three months later I can run it’s a miracle I think you

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