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FCA Replay: October 11, 2019

All right now on FCA Replay! If visits to the gas pump aren’t your thing,
the 2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel offers welcome relief. New EPA fuel economy numbers rate the half-ton
EcoDiesel at 32 mpg highway and 22 mpg city for 4×2 models, and 29 mpg highway,
21 mpg city for 4×4 models. Technology ‘drives’ today’s vehicles
more than ever before. Some 50 Detroit-area middle school girls took
their tech curiosity to the next level at the annual Girls GET IT Day at FCA. The GET-IT, or Girls Exploring Together Information
Technology, event offered hands-on experiments like building a voice-controlled personal
assistant and learning simple coding circuitry. The GET IT Girls program aims to encourage
girls to pursue a career in Information Technology. Not all collegiate victories are won
in helmets and pads. For the FCA-sponsored 2019 National Black
MBA Association Graduate Student Case Competition, teams from 36 business schools suited up in
business dress, developed a business strategy around an automotive subscription service and presented their business case
to a panel of top business executives for a top prize of $50,000 in scholarships. FCA has sponsored the annual competition for
more than 30 years as a means to help identify, recruit and develop more diversity and business
leaders for the future. And that’s a look at what happened
this week at FCA. Reporting for FCA Digital Media, I’m Betty
Carrier Newman.

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