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Extreme Pain After Chiropractic Adjustment

– So I get this message from Judy, she is my office manager, about a patient who received
their first adjustment the day before, Shantel. Shantel called the office back to say that after her first adjustment, she had been experiencing extreme pain. I’m always a little disappointed to hear that kind of a dramatic response. In a case like hers, here’s the thing, I really wasn’t surprised. And maybe you’ve heard a
story like this, right? A friend of yours has
gone to see a chiropractor and after their first visit,
they say something like, yeah I went to see a chiropractor
once and I was way worse afterwards and I’ve never, ever been back. Does that sound familiar? It’s one of the common
stories about chiropractors that you hear of that. I’m the first one to admit that chiropractics had really
bad rap, and for many years, and sometimes it’s well deserved, and most of the time, it
isn’t, but sometimes it is. One of the consequences is that people are nervous to come and see us. When they’re nervous to come and see us, there’s a consequence
to that too and that is that it always leads to more
pain and suffering, for you. Here’s how things go usually, People are gonna have some kind of pain, let’s say you got headaches,
you’ve got neck pain, you’ve got sciatica, and
what are your options? Who is it are you going to go in and see? I know personally, 20 odd years
ago when I was a paramedic, I got injured on the job and
I knew about chiropractors but they were not my first choice. Chiropractic was my last choice. I went and I tried everything else. I did physio, I did pills,
anti-inflammatories, pain killers, and it was only
when nothing was working, that I finally went to
see the chiropractor. A lot of those things,
acupuncture, massage, and physio, they’re awesome. I co-managed patients with these other professionals
often, many, many times. The problem occurs when we use it in the wrong order, as I did. In fact, some of my patients, at some point during their care, I said, you know what, John,
right now what you need is some physiotherapy and
they’ll say something like, Paul, you forget I’ve
already done physiotherapy. Also you know what, you’ve
never done physiotherapy after already having started chiropractic. Now things are set. I’m almost certain that when
you go and try physio now, it’s gonna be a lot more
effective, and nine times out of 10 that’s exactly what happens. They’ve done some correction from a structural point of view seeing me, and then when they do
see the physiotherapist, they start to get even more results, and it works when it didn’t in the past. So back to the story of Shantel, she had tried about a million other things before coming to see
me including injections into her joints. When she finally came to see
me is because her whole life really had fallen apart, she
could barely function at work, she couldn’t function at home, she was exhausted all the time, she was on these pills and medications, things were looking really bleak. So there are parts of her spine
that have not seen movement, that have not been unable
to be unlocked for a decade. So enter the chiropractor. Her first chiropractic adjustment, we start to put some movement into some joints for the first time. And in many times, it’s
decades such like Shantel was earlier this week and so
it’s absolutely normal and expected for somebody like
that to, for their body to resist the changes that
I’m gonna bring about. The resistance, what that
feels like, is some increase, a temporary increase in your symptoms. So where this becomes a
story that you hear about, from friends or colleagues
saying, trying to convey their disdain for chiropractic is that, that person was never warned in advance. Shantel’s case, she came
back to the office say, she’s not gonna be part of the
story that gets perpetuated. She came back in because I
told her on her first visit, I said, Shantel this
has been inside of you for at least 15 years,
from what she told me on her new patient exam. I said, you can expect that as I start to perform these adjustments
that some of your symptoms are absolutely likely to get worse before they get better. And she looked at me and
she answered, she goes, “That makes sense”. When she did in fact receive, experience those symptoms,
is that she called my office, and she didn’t call to
cancel her appointments, she called to, what she was really doing was seeking some reassurance
and to let me know in advance that she was in a lot of pain. So here’s how we handled
something, how we handled her case. She came in and what we had to
do, was change the approach. Now, I remember 20 odd years ago, when I first went to see a chiropractor, I had some decent results. And then, very soon after starting care, I actually moved here to
Ottawa to start university, I did my nursing degree at Ottawa U. I was still in a lot of pain
and so I went to see this new chiropractor that my
first guy had referred me to. I was shocked that his
whole office, his tables, his approach, everything he
did was radically different (laughs) than the first guy that
I saw in Mississauga. I thought, in my head I thought, well I thought all chiropractors
did the same thing. I was expecting the twisting,
and crunching, and cracking that I experienced with the first guy and what I learned from
this new chiropractor here in Ottawa, is that
not all chiropractors use the same technique; there’s
many different approaches. His method was very, very
subtle; it wasn’t so obvious. It was very light, very gentle,
in fact to the point where I thought nothing really
happened, until of course, very quickly, my symptoms got better and I started to improve. So I was very lucky. I went to a school in the United States, that’s where I went to chiropractic school and I was very lucky
to go to a school that emphasized a lot of different approaches. So what we did with
Shantel when she came in, is we changed the technique
to a very, very subtle, gentle technique that
doesn’t involve any of, what you see on TV, the
crunching and cracking, and the U.S. Army Ranger,
quick movement of the head, there was none of that. She got up from the
table, she smiled at me, and I could see her shoulders drop. She felt better almost instantly. The take-away from this
is if you’re watching this and you’re struggling with your health and you’re really not sure what to do next, what I’d ask you to do is
not to wait another minute. The longer you wait, the more scar tissue, the more chronic inflammation
seeps into all of those joints and the harder it is for this
to ever really get corrected. I know that the people
that walk into my office, because it’s last chance
chiropractic, in many cases, their lives are, maybe not in a shambles, in some cases they’re in a shambles, they’re considering to having
to sell their business, they’re considering having to completely change their careers, their relationships are broken because they’re just not themselves. They can’t function, they’re
exhausted all the time. So if that’s you, this is
what I’d like you to do next. This is a live video
so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put a couple links
in the Comments section when this is done. What that will lead to is an
opportunity for consultation, not an appointment. Not an appointment to come
in and be a new patient but it’s an appointment to ask some questions, perhaps some of the things
that you’re nervous about, that you want to ask about,
but you don’t dare ask, right? I’d like to give you the
opportunity to do just that and ask the questions that
you might find awkward. You can do that in one of two
ways, I’m gonna put two links, and one link is gonna be for
an in-person consultation; those are always better. What you do at in an
in-person consultation, you book the appointment
online, and it’s 15-20 minutes. You come in, you ask your questions, you keep your money in your pocket, there’s no charge for that. You just get a feel for me,
for how I answer questions, and I’m gonna have some
questions for you too. If you feel comfortable, then
we can always do an exam. The other way is even safer for you, it’s even less of a commitment. The other appointment you can book is for an over-the-phone consultation. You can call and you can
leave your information, I’ll call you back and you
can ask any questions you have from the comfort of your own home. Obviously, there’s no charge for that. Give our office a call,
our phone number is, you can click through on
Facebook, you know how to do that, find our office information. I’ll put that in the link as well. Alternatively, you can
go and book that online. So hopefully this was of value to you. If you’re already seeing
a chiropractor, awesome! You know what you should
do is just share this with some of your friends and family who you feel might benefit
from the information. If you’re not seeing a chiropractor, let’s say you’re into Nepean and that’s where I’m streaming this from, I’m on Merivale Road in Nepean. If you’re close by, connect with me. If you’re in New Orleans,
you can connect with me also and what I can do in that case is get you hooked up with
somebody that I would trust, that I would go and see. All right! So thanks for watching! And look in the Comments
section in a couple minutes, you’ll see the links there. Bye now.

4 thoughts on “Extreme Pain After Chiropractic Adjustment

  1. Chiropractor adjusted my calcaneus yesterday and omg I'm in severe pain this morning 😞 just trying to find out if this is normal, I felt this was when he adjusted my SI joint the first time. Your video gave me helpful reassurance

  2. No previous back pain or any pain – never injuried Healthy and very active 28yr old female and 10 weeks pregnant. Chiropractor states need adjustment after assessment. After two days have bad pain in lower back with touching toes, arching back while laying down or standing, and sitting up in bed from a supine position. Should I go back? Is this normal? Any tips?

  3. Thank you for making this video. I've had a constant headache everyday with a whole bunch of other scary symptoms for 8 months straight and I finally decided to go see a chiropractor for my first time a month and a half ago. Got xrays taken and found out my C1 is badly out of alignment. So he adjusted it there the first time, my symptoms diminished a lot! Then a week later, I went back, and again, seemed to be improving. But this last one, a week ago, wasn't the same. This burning headache, with facial pain Is back full force! I'm so scared to go back again this Friday dec 8th. Why would the first two adjustments help, but not the third? Any advice would be appreciated.

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