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Exploding wells in Wyoming County related to methane gas build-up

RILEY: Several wells exploded in Wyoming County over the weekend. Officials say these explosions are due to methane build up. 59 news reporter Claudia Sessa spoke with the Pineville fire chief about the issue. CLAUDIA SESSA/WYOMIN G COUNTY: “this pump house belongs to Wyoming County Resident Chris Bailey. The well blew up on Friday because of methane buildup. You can see how the insulation was burned due to the foot high flame” VO As wells run dry, methane gas builds up and fills the pump house… When the water pump turns on, it can spark, igniting the flamable gases. There are several ways to combat this issue such as leaving the door to your pump house open for ventilation. CHIEF MIKE GOODE/PINEVILL E FIRE DEPARTMENT: “don’t go around the well with a cigarette. Don’t have any kind of electric devices that could cause an arc and just about everything does.” VO Chief Goode suggests investing in methane detectors because a build up can happen at anytime. Methane gas is odorless and colorless which makes it untraceable without a methane detector. CHARLES E. MORGAN/WYOMI NG COUNTY RESIDENT: “i’ve never thought about getting one but it wouldn’t be a bad idea I guess. Maybe put one somewhere where you can get a good check on it.” VO If you notice anything out of the ordinary in your pump house, please contact your local fire department. Reporting in Wyoming County, Claudia Sessa, 59 news. BRANDON: Yesterday kicked off National Fire Prevention week and local firefighters are taking the opportunity to teach students

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