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Ethan tries to win back Rhian | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

Ethan proposed to me. I rejected it. It’s funny because
some people dream of nothing else
but to… …find the person
they’ll love or who’ll love
them forever. Maybe if this
was real, Nanay, I’d be very happy. Well, I should be happy now… …but it isn’t real, Nay. I’m not the woman
Ethan loved. The woman he loves… …is Rhian Bonifacio, Nay. And Rhian Bonifacio… …is just someone I created to
make Ethan fall in love with me. But that’s not me. Oh! – Ethan, you’re up.
– Oh, hey, Jessie. What are you doing here? Where’s Claire? She’s getting ready
for school. She said she needed
to finish her paper so I volunteered
to help out here. Excuse me. You cooked
these? Yeah. By the way, I’ve already
ironed your uniform. It’s ready. Wow! You even ironed
my uniform? Thank you so much. It’s nothing, Ethan. Come on, let’s eat before
the food gets cold. I’m sure Claire will be out
in a few. All I want… …is that if I ever
fall in love, I won’t have to hide
who I really am. I don’t want a relationship
that’s part of a pretense. When I finally fall in love, I want to be able to love that
person with everything I’ve got. But I don’t think
that’s possible. You love him that’s why you
couldn’t hurt him. Nay… You can’t always be
trapped in a lie, dear. You’re the only one
who can free yourself. – Ate Jessie!
– Hey! Sorry for the trouble.
Come, let’s eat. – Go ahead. Sit down.
– Okay. Kuya, let’s eat. I have to get changed now. Please excuse me.
I have to get changed. Jessie? Thank you so much
for what you did. Don’t worry. I’ll repay you someday. Rhian! Rhian. Can we talk? I have things to do, Ethan. I’m not leaving. We need to talk about this. Rhian, what happened? I thought we felt the
same way for each other? I didn’t want to hurt
you, Ethan. I just want to know why you
don’t want to get married. Things are better this way. Did I do something wrong? No, Ethan. If I didn’t do anything wrong,
then make me understand. I understand if you aren’t
ready to get married. I’m willing to wait
for you, Rhian. Ethan, I’m not the
woman for you. I love you! That’s the problem. You love me too much. And I can’t love you
the same way. So, it’s best… …that we end this. Let’s break up, Ethan. How could you give
up on us so easily? I’m sorry. Trust me. It’s for the best.

100 thoughts on “Ethan tries to win back Rhian | The General’s Daughter (With Eng Subs)

  1. #mahal mo sya kaya't di mo sya kayang saktan" ——- ms. maricel
    # nga ang problema sobra mo akong mahal… di kayang tapatan" ——- ms. angel
    # bakit ang bilismong bumitaw?" ———– jc
    this are the lines which really affects to someone who really has the experience of REAL LOVE…
    love hurts, love expect, and sometimes it means to set someone free ….. haisttttttt…. na dala na naman ako….

  2. Yung akala ng isa na ang bilis mong bumitaw pero kung sana alam lang na mas nasasaktan yung bumitaw 😭💔

  3. Hahahaha Jessie wag kang mag feeling Asawa ky Ethan ka c dka n Mahal ne Ethan c rhian Na Ang Mahal nya ngaun

  4. bkt ganun huhuhu😂😂😂 pti aq napaluha dn para ky Papa ithan ramdam q yn sakit s knya pero alm q nasasaktan dn c Rhian bkt ang bilis m bumitaw…sodrang nalungkot Naman aq para s knla,,,direct ibalik ninyo n po yn kilig moment Nina Rhian at ithan plsss plss..tatamarin aq manood eh..

  5. Jessie Naman wag m ipagsiksikan yn sarili m ky ithan ksi c Rhian lng Mahal nya,,ky jupet kn lng or ky Franco Kya..pumili k dun s dalawa..hehehe

  6. Pinanood ko uli ito para masaktan 😂😭 Narealize ko na ang ganda ng sagot ni Ethan doon sa sinabi ni Rhian na "hindi ako ang babae para sa'yo". Yung sagot niya na "Mahal kita." Hindi mahalaga kay Ethan kung karapat-dapat si Rhian o hindi. Ang mahalaga kay Ethan ay pinili niyang mahalin si Rhian kahit na ganoon at higit pa sa sapat na rason iyon para ipaglaban niya ito. Sana naman po ay hindi ito ang dulo para sa pares na ito.

  7. Love the irony of Rhian's statement: "Hindi po ako ang babaeng minahal ni Ethan…ang minahal niya ay si Rhian Bonifacio." It's somehow true in a sense that she's living a fake life at the moment. But, ironically, in her process of "faking" it, she tends to show aspects of her true self (including her vulnerabilities) to people like Ethan and Corazon.
    I think the only reason Rhian is able to "fool" them this long is because we know she's not even wholly faking it anymore.

    We see from flashbacks that Rhian is a good and loving person. And we also see this side of her freely when she's with Manang Isabel and the people of Sto. Francisco. What Ethan and Corazon (especially Corazon) see in her might not be the whole her but they somehow are able to see through her façade of a projected good persona and feel that she's truly a good person. Long story short, Ethan does not love a fake person at this point. What he loves about Rhian is the true Rhian/Diana/Arabella. It's just that the true her is currently blurred by the lies that Tiago forced upon her.

  8. Kawawa naman c rhian kelangan nia i sakripisyo ang kaligayahan nia pra lng sa maling paniniwala…😭😭😭

  9. Ramdam kita ethan.kapit lng relate aq dto ganyan ganyan yong samin ng bf ko dati ag sakit sa💔💔💔💔peo TNZ God nalagpasan din namin at now mag asawa na Kami at magkaka baby na😍.

  10. Right love at the wrong time. She can’t afford to love din ksi. Not when she is in a very twisted situation. Sakit sa heart nung sinabi ni Rhian na msyadong siyang mahal ni Ethan at hindi nya kaya tapatan yun. 🙁
    Seems to me na papasok ang conflict ky Ethan once mareveal n anak si Rhian ni Tiago. Mgkaclash ang duty and puso nya when the time comes. He is like the embodiment of the perfect soldier eh but his feelings for Rhian will get in the way.

  11. Jesse nakaka awa ka na. Pls lang! D ka magandang example sa mga babae. Bigyan mo naman ng konting kahihiyan and pride sarili mo. Ano ba tong writer na to

  12. If I were Ethan, I would ask her to look at me in the eyes and answer the question, "tell me the truth, do you love me?"

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