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Esophageal cancer milestone: patient marks 100th treatment

Bradley Graham came into Dana-Farber
Cancer Institute with a balloon, a pin, and a big smile. “I’ve been teasing
everybody for a couple of months now. I was gonna throw a party.”
Bradley wasn’t celebrating a birthday but rather a milestone in his journey
with metastatic esophageal cancer – his 100th cycle of chemotherapy. “I’m beating
the statistics, let’s just say it that way.”
It was back in 2013 when he learned he was sick and since October 2013 he’s
been traveling to Dana-Farber, making the two-hour drive from Connecticut every
three weeks. When he started treatment he says he and his wife knew the first year
was going to be tough. Beyond that they didn’t know what the future would hold.
“And five years after that I’m still here, so we’re obviously doing okay. Keep going
and now we’re at cycle 100, so triple digits. Hoorah.” Bradley is part of a
clinical trial for metastatic esophageal cancer.
He says within the first few months of his trial his tumors started shrinking
and then stabilized. “Whatever you see on the scans are still there but they’re
about as small as can be measured, if measurable at all and keep going.” So
while chemotherapy is not normally a cause for a celebration, Bradley says he
will gladly keep coming back and credits his wife for his strength on his cancer
journey. He says he’s thankful he’s able to be part of this clinical trial. “If my results and
what they learned can be used to improve the chances for somebody else great, you
know all for it. Happy to be part of it.”

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