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Ep121- Are Lyme, Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia the Same Disease?

This video is for John Caudwell and his extended
family – 11 of them in all, I believe – who are suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease. Eleven of them – crazy. Mr. Caudwell is a very successful gentleman
from England who has chronic lyme disease himself, but his son, Rufus, just 22 years
old now I believe, is suffering horribly. Bed ridden, extreme anxiety, gut issues, joint
pains – on and on the list goes. Mr. Caudwell has suggested that chronic lyme
disease may be worse of a problem than health officials are admitting, and in fact, may
be related to many other disorders like Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue syndrome, even multiple sclerosis. I wanted to get this message to him because
that is exactly what I describe is happening in a book I just released called Crooked:Man-Made
Disease Explained. I talk about the very diseases he mentions,
in addition to many others, and show exactly how these illnesses may be just different
manifestations of the same problem. I don’t know if he’ll have time to read
the book, so I thought I would explain what I believe is going on with chronic Lyme disease
and how it relates to these other issues. These are my theories, hypotheses and thoughts. Your mileage may vary, and I’m certain it
will. I believe that Chronic Lyme, Chronic Fatigue,
Fibromyalgia, and a couple of other modern illnesses are all different flavors of the
same thing. Chronic Lyme disease is the label we assign
to people who are very sick that may have or HAVE HAD an infection from specific bacteria
– Borrelia burgdorferi. Most people, but not all of them, pick up
that infection from a tick bite. Many people get a borrelia burgdorferi infection
and don’t develop any problems at all. Other people may have very similar symptoms
to Lyme but don’t show any sign of that specific burgdorferi infection. For these people, they might get diagnosed
with Chronic Fatigue or something else. All of these issues – brain fog, fatigue,
joint pain, anxiety – they all overlap and for many people change from month to month,
sometimes even day to day. Based on what you are experiencing at the
time, you will get a different label – Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid
arthritis. This just confuses people – and their doctors. The Lyme tests are confusing because you may
show antibodies to certain things, but we don’t know if you’re actually fighting
that infection right now, or have in the past at some time. You may be actively fighting that infection
right now, but if it’s early on, you may not have enough antibodies to trigger the
test. I’m glossing over a very complicated subject,
but the end result is the same. If you are suffering from these symptoms,
I believe it’s the result of chronic inflammation due to long running infections your immune
system can’t get rid of. I’ll tell you why in a second, but just
know that many of these different disorders are the result of inflammation in various
parts of your body due to infections your body can’t get rid of. If you have inflammation in the hypothalamus
in your brain, it’s likely to trigger the extreme tiredness of chronic fatigue syndrome. If the infection moves into your thalamus,
which is right next to it, you may experience the crippling pains of fibromyalgia. For some people, this chronic infection starts
in their gut, particularly the terminal ileum in their intestine, and if it gets out of
control, we call it Crohn’s disease. Again, I cover all of this in my book, but
many of these disorders are just the result of chronic, long-running inflammation moving
around your body. A simple concept, but horrible nevertheless. So what’s causing it? Two things – two problems which didn’t
exist until the last 70 or 80 years. For starters, certain antibiotics can make
the spirochete bacteria of Lyme disease do very weird things – things which inadvertently
make them stronger. They can sense the antibiotic and spiral into
tissue, hiding from your immune system. They can form protective cysts around themselves
while the antibiotic is present, but you may feel better for a short while, but once the
antibiotic is gone, the cysts may split into multiple copies, causing you to feel much
worse than before you started the antibiotic. Another problem – a big problem – I believe
that certain metals, particularly aluminum, can cause bacteria to lose their cell wall
and become what we call intracellular. Intracellular bacteria can replicate inside
your white blood cells, rendering your immune system powerless to stop – or even RECOGNIZE
them. They continue to replicate, you feel worse,
and may be given more antibiotics – a mechanism which unfortunately may continue to make the
infection even more horrible. I realize this sounds like a very bad situation
– and it is. But thankfully, there are scientists and physicians
who are beginning to understand this phenomenon and are developing things like the Marshall
Protocol or the program the folks at chronicillnessrecovery.org are running. Regarding Mr. Caudwell – 11 of his family
members have been diagnosed with Lyme. So the obvious question is – Is it contagious? Well, it’s a raging bacterial infection
– spirochetes, specifically. So it should be contagious, possibly not airborne,
but in other ways. Life finds a way, as Malcolm from Jurassic
Park said. But I don’t think that’s the problem. The problem is – borrelia burgdorferi infections
are everywhere. Everyone gets them – usually with no problem. It’s just like the poliovirus many years
ago – everyone got the poliovirus infection in their gut, but no one got paralyzed. Then something changed – a man-made, environmental
factor – that caused this formerly trivial infection to become nasty. Mr. Caudwell and his 10 other family members
may all have Lyme disease – sickness due to the inflammation from a chronic borrelia
burgdorferi infection – but for some of them, it may actually be another bacteria,
while for others, such as his son who seems very sick, it is likely multiple bacterial
infections – including the Lyme bacteria – that are raging in a body with a completely
ineffective immune system ruined by metals and antibiotics. For people that are this sick, it may seem
like there is no hope for recovery. The good news is – if I’m right, these
symptoms are not genetically predetermined suffering, but simply inflammation from long-running
trivial infections. The body is an amazing machine and they should
be able to heal completely. I’m not going to say everyone, always, but
there are many who can – if they can just get these chronic infections under control. And that is my incredible opinion.

27 thoughts on “Ep121- Are Lyme, Chronic Fatigue & Fibromyalgia the Same Disease?

  1. This woman talks about ME and it sounds like it is caused by Aluminum in the body as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fb3yp4uJhq0

  2. Will you be doing the reading for the audio book?
    If not, Is it something you might consider?
    I would buy the audio book if it was you reading it.

  3. its also the absolute unrestrained proliferation of wireless frequencies…my lyme like symptoms came when smartmeters were deployed.others had theirs come from the new transmitting led streetlight networks ,others from highpowered wifi networks over lapping in their environment from their routers and all their neighbors routers …if you start with vaccine injury to the nervous system ,and heavy metals built up from vaccines taken years ago or metal dental work ,your several times more likely to be destroyed by manmade electromagnetic radiation that is now impossible to avoid …entire cities and states are now blanketed with wireless mesh networks ,sometimes many more than 1 ….wireless radiation grows pathogenic bacterias and molds/fungi …turn off the wifi ,use landline phones ,demand your smartmeters for gas,water,electricity are removed ..if you can

  4. Lyme or another thing? Here is a perspective for lyme….      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbmDqVWZki4

  5. It isn't that simple. My chronic fatigue was caused by multiple factors. My biggest underlying problem is heavy metal poisoning from dental amalgam (mercury) and MRI contrast agent (gadolinium.) Also, the garbage food and water full of fluoride and bromide instead of iodine, filling up the thyroid with inactive garbage. Antibiotics did their damage too, of course. The good news is, I am a great deal better with the help of functional medicine! A ketogenic diet too! Still detoxing metals though.
    (Leaky gut is a common problem too.)

  6. And I wonder how many of these patients diagnosed with these diseases had taken fluoroquinolone antibiotics prior to onset of symptoms, because, as 9000+ members of the facebook group Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Group will tell you, they have all the same symptoms and most of them set in after the 1st or second pill. Many of us are diagnosed with fibro, CFS, RA, many have Crohns or other intestinal issues and brain issues as well. Please, look up the symptoms of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity., it was even acknowledged by the FDA and a warning was issued to NOT use these antibiotics unless there is no other option, and, there is almost always another option.

  7. Look into the nrf2 pathway. It basically starts to shut down after age 25 and in doing so inhibits the bodies ability to make its own antioxidants and that then allows oxidative stress and inflammation to spiral out of control.

  8. A homocysteine test could help in identifying those who can't clear inflammation. There are protocols to reduce homocysteine. https://www.selfhacked.com/blog/optimal-homocysteine-levels-increase-decrease/

  9. UC Davis , MIND institute has done a 10 year MRI study
    on the brains of newborn babies discovering that
    those babies, that are found to have
    excess fluid around their brains at age 6 months, will 99%,
    become autistic by age 4.

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  10. Yea, my fibromyalgia is caused by a Genetic disorder that causes me to dislocate my joints when I move, not by inflammation caused by an infection. ?

  11. The biggest spreader of Lyme CFS, is the fleas and MOSQUITOES from the white footed mouse, not the deer , and deer ticks .

  12. We love you Forrest. Thanks for all you do. I think most of our suffering in mortality is man made. Feast upon the words of Christ(and the vaccine inserts) wherefore the words of Christ (and the vaccine inserts) will tell you all things ye should (or should not) do. Go country line dancing. It's good for the soul.

  13. In America the leading cause of death is heart disease caused by a lack of selenium.
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  14. I figured out decades ago that many diseases are caused by the same pathophysiological processes. They are diagnosed with different labels simply by way of symptoms and testing….which are usually non-specific. I also figured out the reason most people do not get well is because they were never properly diagnosed or given a treatment which would remove the root cause of the problem. Disease naming gives credentials and publications and then makes money for big pharma and on and on and on. To actually find out why a person's health is crashing is to heal them instead of treat symptoms of a "disease." There are of course degenerative diseases but even amongst those there are treatments which can change the course of the disease….especially like cannabis for the neurological diseases…but of course that is illegal so people will not heal.

  15. listen to lectures and interview with Judy Mikovits phd. read her book Plague. could this all be from vaccines that are made with mouse brains ?

  16. Your born with fibromyalgia I have had fibro since birth…….. You can get Lyme disease in the womb from mother so possibly fibro is Lyme but you don't get fibro or Lyme from antibiotics no way………

  17. how do you know all this??? you are really piecing together a huge complex puzzle, I am riveted and love your ideas!!! I feel you are so right on , I just think more scientist need to get behind you I am gna share , also gna order your book,( thank Del for me learning about you)

  18. I found this channel yesterday and have already watched dozens of videos. Very entertaining and educational. Thank you. I'd say though, there are two other things that harm the body besides metals and vaccines. And that would be sugar/heavy carbs and omega 6 seed oils. It's my hope that freeing my diet of these toxin can help me detox from metals etc. I don't know though.

  19. In me/cfs patients, Dr. Ron Davis found that by adding salt to their "sick" white blood cells, we get a big electrical spike with an electrical current.  Aluminium + salt = electrical conductor

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