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Energetic voice makes my stomach rumble! /Thick Pork Bone Ramen 武道家/ 家系・豚骨醤油ラーメン

yeah see you glavin yeah I good yeah thank you brian everybody next to me to you my name is
Gary usually I do a technical deep in Japan but today I mean to change
your default brian hasn’t been a reporter about the wrench up so the girl for me well yeah well there its in his face you can meet around so it’s all good cynics leaving show yes
okay night police you yeah something China Sea the so here when you can’t a wrench and you
can choose there from the men’s and another you
find his hot is no mom of South then your attention
today is the big snake braid and your stronger mom they just me and finally just the I
G one dime I you are just a little bit so well
hopefully today I don’t know this may sound this and
then just take no more do that yeah got spineta top the here said to okay says she’s sorry a and good music no ok guys haha im of Tokyo anyway the grace big yup but sure grab say the show if they send you can read it my
you million grow light yeah its yeah thank you brian money Soomaaliyeed along go all out she’s
going to be Carmichael in the state and upstream here tell grab man’s that in French here especially yeah I go yes and something to try to change
the next time retirement Buffalo of you school saw from you I use that knowledge just somehow sorry like ginger yeah I
don’t know who is this may be something Lyceum they played yes hi a I’m both text see say yeah this anything about 750 yeah it’s nice the high school that lets me it is still great homie government the you know this you know I checked yeah UK everything right glossy low so I sorry she says you arduous to stab where the same sailing you
coming sides not make a choice at the Teen safety
must 7 yeah same you yeah and I the day can you show me like I’m
just trying to show me yeah media stuff I don’t want to do
anything that you did when you got in UK of see yeah that’s right see good yeah I it was good himself on a hot there is any good could make a game
definitely I just wanted to tell you 20 that them and liked said I should like what
time what type of know what I mean if I what
it’s hotter army soft so maturity I’m summary map to determine the calm
and there are you know and I guess you don’t have time to read
easy so the usual here others are calm until goes you know it
Thanks short time to make it so that’s why but
so what we call that could try but actually there is also mom hot so very
hot one that we call buddy cop and so that’s far really really busy guy
who doesn’t have time so they just %uh ready to and so they had is hard to new
data just heater go back to work so them but you ball

22 thoughts on “Energetic voice makes my stomach rumble! /Thick Pork Bone Ramen 武道家/ 家系・豚骨醤油ラーメン

  1. Great videos!  I can live vicariously through you until I can visit Tokyo one day.

  2. Watch out Brian…Florie did a really good job….plus it helps that she's cute too. Miss ya though, can't wait to have u back for another delicious episode!

  3. She's so entertaining! I loved the "barikata" bit at the end, I learned something new 🙂 that ramen looked deliciousssss

  4. 家系はうまいよね。たぶん外国の方は家系の存在を知らないよね。それは可哀相なことです。

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