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Earl’s Solo-Bleed Brake Bleeder Screws

Bleeding the brakes on your car or truck normally
requires a friend to help pump the brakes while you bleed the caliper or wheel cylinder. With Earl’s solo bleed brake bleeders, the
process of bleeding your brakes becomes a one-man operation. Earl’s Solo-Bleed brake bleeders are a direct
replacement for the OE bleeder screws on your brakes. Solo-Bleed screws have an internal plunger
that opens and shuts automatically allowing your brakes to be bled while you pump your
brakes. The brake bleeding process can now be done
safely by one person without making a mess and with no chance of getting air into the
system. Just remember to tighten up Solo-Bleed when
you are done so the next time you need to bleed your brakes, remember Earl’s Solo-Bleed
brake bleeders. They’ll make your life just a little bit easier
when you are by yourself. Thanks for watching, for more of Earl’s vast
product line, head on over to Earls.com

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